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Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Process of Self-Awareness

Listen to your self. That's what you need to do. Kneel down and place your ear to the ground so you can hear the rumbling underneath, the rising of those energies from the spirit of the moment as it traces itself through you.

What do you feel?  How do you know? What do you trust? What are your beliefs? Are you ready to let go?

Because the old has to go for the new to be born. You can't go ahead with those old clothes, those old hangups, those old ineffectual visions.

Get a new vision, a new life, a new beginning and see your self anew, stripped of all pretense, fear and plight; stripped of all lies, and aligned only with the truth -  The " I Am" truth, the truth that God is being born through you! How can you not savor that? Of course - you must!

Love yourself!  That's the ticket.  Love yourself enough that you never have to love yourself again. Love yourself to the endth and breadth of your existence.

Every part of you needs love.  Every moment of your life needs love.  You need love, self-acceptance and self-adherence.  Be your own Voice.  Let it dominate all others "To Thine Own Self Be True."

The proof is in the pudding.  Are you acting in alignment with your truth?  Are you acting as a reflection of God's truth?  Discuss!!!


Value added comes later when your are ready to celebrate your Soul, as you have in other areas of your life.  For me personally, that has been music.  It is where I celebrate my soul the most.  Where is your passion?  Where is your truth?  Where is your joy?  Find it and put it on a bumper sticker to your heart.  You can't fail when you follow your bliss.

So how can you trust your self when you keep looking outside for your answers?

And my God Self answers: "I am your God Self and I live inside you.  I am You.  You are Me.  We are One and always have been.  We are reuniting after a long absence, a separation of sorts, where you went away to discover your self and now you are ready to come home again."

So who are you going to trust to guide you?  Those that claim authority and have already ruined the planet, or those that stand up to them and say "Enough!"  Where do you want to spend your energy? Do not spend your time appealing to those who don't care; take your message to those who do, to those who already live from the inside out.  They are your peers and loved ones.  They are already forming the New Earth.


Time for all of us to pay attention again, at the risk of learning something new.  We are going to learn how to answer our own questions.  The trick is to trust the Source, the inner voice, that is our truest self.  That means turning off the outside world for a while, as they keep marching to that old 3D drummer and those sounds just keep repeating the same old refrain.  "We know better than you". That comes from religion and government mainly, but more insidiously, comes from our corporations and employers.  They are selling what's  best for them, not for you, or for the betterment of mankind or the planet as a whole.

We need to learn to listen, put our ear to the ground, interpret those energetic rumblings and rush to give them creedance for whatever purpose they serve.  They are calling to us.  They are saying "wait a minute, we've got incoming mail for you".  Open your Heart Center and that's where they deposit the latest offerings from the Giant Cosmos that is ready and willing to serve us. 

Are you with me?  Are you ready to hear your own truth?  I know I am because this message came to me last night as I was once again groping with "what to do next".  All I heard in return was "Publish, Publish, Publish - tell your own truth - that will inspire others to reveal their truth."  And in this sharing will we come together as One, because no secrets implies we are alert to one another and Love paves the way for our redress to each other.

Yes, we've heard it all before.  Your life purpose lies within. Of course it does.  Where else can it be?  And when we listen, with our ear to the ground, to our Heart Center, we hear the truth He/She has been broadcasting since day 1 - "You are Love!  You are Powerful!  You are Me incarnate! And I need you by My side as of this moment, this Now moment.  Capiche?"

So then I was instructed to take pen in hand and write the following:  "I am the author of this posting, this article, this piece of my life that is determined to shake me loose from those old mourings called "public".  My "private" is my "public".  That's who I am!"

This particular shakeup is about me coming to terms with who I am.  It's autobiographical in that sense.  It's an open journal.  It's a part of me on paper.  That's where this is going. But it's your story as well.  In my profession there's a saying: "We are as sick as our Secrets".  Guess what?  Revealing ourselves is the cure.

"Do you get it?" I am being asked. Self-Disclosure!!!  It's who we are, in case you were wondering.  What else is there?  There is nothing else.  We are God. She/He works through us.  All else is irrelevant.  The more we disclose of ourselves, the stronger God becomes and we too.

Are you prepared to tell people who you are?  I am!  This is who I am and more will be coming.  I declare myself "In".  I am part of the solution, of the changes, of the shift to New World Consciousness.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!


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