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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Insanity of Our Times

The Insanity of Our Times
Maurice Turmel PhD & Higher Self

Who would have thought it would be this way as we come to a close on this chapter of human history?

Who would have thought that such insanity would prevail at an all inclusive level with those who purport to be our leaders?

Drunk with power, with the levers of control, with greed unabated, and never fulfilled, they have proven to us all that ‘more is never enough!’

How could it be that such a trusted level of society would be revealed as the callous indifference of a select few elites who thought their money gave them rights far beyond their innate capabilities to do good by society’s general standings?

It boggles the mind that such insane levels of thinking occupy the vast majority of the world’s elites whose machinations and agendas of control have driven the world to the brink of self-destruction.

It’s over for them! It’s finished, by the simple fact that God, The Great Creator, All-That-Is, the superlative Energy of the Universe wills it so.

He/She musters a vast army of Lightworkers, Wayshowers and Empaths and says to them:

“Go down there and fix that mess. Put those so-called elites out of work.  Take them away from their positions of power and lock them up if they cannot be reformed.  I’ve had enough of this abuse and I want it ended now!”

That’s how my Higher Self speaks to me in my heart, no different I am sure, than with you and yours.

We are all in this together, assigned by our own volition to this Mission of Mercy, to take care of this great unravelling so we can restore sanity to Mother Earth. It cannot be helped and must be done now before further damage is done to all us inhabitants of this great majestic planet we call Home.

The key to this Ascension Cycle is to awaken to and recognize, the truly deplorable insanity that has prevailed on this planet for eons already.

It’s time to move them over, those so-called elites.  How can they be so stupid as to believe that they hold more sway over matter than the Eternal Loving Energy that created them? This is insanity at its most pronounced!  

And the Creator says:

“You are here because I sent you and you wouldn’t have it any other way.  It had to be done from above and below, through the hardship you have all suffered, so you could see first hand the enmity in these so-called ‘powers-that-be’ and recognize for yourselves the insanity that drives them.

“This is a test for all of you, but most especially for you Lightworkers, Starseeds and Empaths who have come forth to do this service for the greater good of all mankind.

“Your sacrifice will be recognized and long remembered after this. You will be declared the Winners in this Shift of the Ages.  And you will be renowned throughout the history of this upcoming Millennium of Peace. This challenging period will be noted in your Annals and Historical Records.” 

In the future this will be known as the time the world called Planet Earth was turned on its ear.  This is the era where Lightworkers from all over the Starseeded Universe came to the aid of a planet and people in dire need of strength and fortitude. It had to be done in this manner to bring about the changes necessary that put an end to what had become a chaotic existence - unfit for even the lowliest of creatures, let alone Creation’s very own offspring called Mankind.

Let this be a lesson to all others looking in on this earthly scene and revelling in the magnitude of such an undertaking. Let there can be no doubt that the God of Love has prevailed.  Let there be no doubt that we, the inhabitants of Mother Earth, are all God incarnate.

And finally, let there be no doubt that to not know this and to disrespect it as an intentional purpose is the very definition of Insanity.

The Insanity ends Now!  Let It Be So!

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