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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Declaring Our Freedom from the Fallacy of Religion

Declaring Our Freedom from the Fallacy of Religion
Maurice Turmel PhD

For the longest time people thought they needed someone to tell them what to do.  Why is that? Because that’s the programming they/we came to believe in.  Religion in Western Culture, is at the heart of this travesty. I call it a travesty because it’s a fake claim made by people who thought they could control others for their own benefit.

It’s a lie built upon a mountain of lies orchestrated by people too insecure to have it any other way.  Their belief that controlling people would make them happy and secure is the false paradigm that we’ve all been born into. This paradigm says that the so-called ‘elites’ know best and that the rest of us know little. So, in order to get our lives together, we need ‘them’ to tell ‘us’ what to do.

I repeat, this is the false paradigm and a fallacy.  It’s perpetrators are hard-line negotiators bent on capturing others in their web of lies. That way their web is secure, their fake promises are safe for the moment and their pristine position in life - unassailable.  

Till Now!!!

Why now? Because the false narrative behind the paradigm is under attack from every angle, most particularly within the plethora of Social Media sites and their constituent groups bent on putting the truth out there. The perpetrators of this false narrative myth are at a loss today as to how to keep their house of cards from tumbling down. There’s no way they can stop this because the onslaught of this citizen’s press is growing into a tsunami and their house of cards, built on lies, is doomed to collapse.

The false narrative of Western organized religion is at a crossroads. If they can’t regroup and start telling the truth to people about who we are, why we are here and where we come from, spiritually speaking, they are doomed to fail.  The citizen’s press has declared ‘truth’ as their number one priority and will not be held back.

What is that truth? That at the core of each and every one of us lies a spark, our piece of the Divine fire. No exceptions!  All life forms on this planet are imbued with that spark, and nothing, and I do mean nothing, exists without it!

The perpetrators of the false narrative lies thought they could fool us and separate us from this truth. They cast a spell called ‘Separation” and we bought it, for the longest time. They convinced us we were separate from God and only they knew the way back.We had to accept their methods, their creeds and their little ceremonies, all tied together in a nice bundle for you and I to carry on our backs into eternity.  When the very fact of the matter is - we are God - period!

So we bought into the lie, saw ourselves as separate from Source and gave these would-be controllers what they wanted - access to our inner life, for the installation of guilt and shame buttons. From then on it was easy for them to lead us by our psychological noses, away from the truth. This allowed them to become set up as gatekeepers to the Heavens, peddling their brand of redemption as a way back, while enslaving us via their brand of emotional blackmail. And we, who became the sheeple, have been pleading with them for 2000 years or more to help us get back into Heaven - having lost sight of the fact that we have our own key.  Google ‘religion’  to see the many masks they’ve come to wear. While you’re at it identify your brand of their poison. Mine was Catholic!

Well today we are on the verge of breaking this spell, of identifying the lies for what they are and the false constructs that support them.  The fallacy of religion is being revealed to all who are prepared to see and a steadily growing number of us are no longer turning away from this truth. It’s time to face this monster we allowed to be created to enslave us. It’s time take back our dignity, reclaim our power, and set ourselves free.  It’s time to let go of religion and realize once again that we are Gods, God is us, and we’ve never been separate except in the illusion of the false paradigm.

This false narrative is now failing as is always the case with anything built on lies. And the perpetrators of these fallacies must be called to account.  We don’t need them anymore. In fact they needed us far more than we ever needed them. And now that we are evolving and coming out of the darkness of separation, we are free to be who we truly are - Ourselves incarnate as Gods! 

They, on the other hand, are at a complete loss.  Because their false narrative is collapsing under the weight of their lies.  They needed us duped and subdued to keep the lies alive, because let’s face it, they had to be lying to themselves to keep up their end of the pretence.  Without us as enslaved believers, they have nothing but their false premises to keep them company. What happens when people stop believing you?  They turn their backs and walk away!

Without us, there is no them. And we are done with them!!!

This is an amazing transition we are going through. Learning the lessons we came to engage in, while seeing through the fallacy of false promises, artificial practices and silly costumes designed to impress.  The show is over! We’ve peeked behind the curtain and we’ve seen for ourselves the machinations, the lies and the whole construct of the false narrative.

The Emperor has No Clothes and We Know It!

What did it take to get us here? We had to grow up!  We had to become self-sufficient men and women again, whole and complete unto ourselves. No false pretences! No excuses! And no more lies! Self-responsibility, self-awareness and self-acceptance are our chosen weapons for our return to Freedom.

We have declared ourselves in! “I am the truth” is the only line we utter from here on in. “I am the truth!  I live the truth!  The truth and I are equal in every way!”

That’s my declaration of freedom. And with that the fallacy of religion is plain to see, and of no use to us anymore.  We are free again, as we once were, before this psychological holocaust was put upon us.

We walk through that now, as we come to terms with ourselves and our inner lives. We realize once and for all this televised life we’ve been living is fake - a matrix of illusions. Spun by the powers that were, this fallacy is now coming apart at the seams, as we the people start pulling on its multitude of loose threads.

Wake up friends! We are the answer to our prayers! Our power is within us and our ability to grasp it is in our hands.  The days of external authority figures and their judgements are behind us. We are free to be who we came to be. We are free to be co-creators with God who dwells in us all.

Let’s celebrate that, shall we? We are after all, the Creator’s offspring, and we’re all grown up now, aren’t we? 

Oh yes we are!!!

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