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A Lesson on Love

A Lesson on Love

Greetings my dear ones. How are you this day? That is good; that is good; that is very good. I am Hector and I will be your host for today. My place in all this is a simple one. I come to the fore when a certain lesson is required and I teach it. He who guides us forth requires this of me and I am only too happy to respond in the affirmative.

Today’s lesson will be about love. No, not the kind of love you see on television, or in the movies, but the kind of love that rests in people’s hearts and blesses them with the vast riches of the Universe. Now, how do we access this love, you ask? A very good question really. A) Does one simply choose it? B) Does one order it up from some universal store? C) Or, does one grow it from within? “Well if C is the correct answer then how do we do that Hector,” you may ask? And I answer thus:

In the beginning there was No-Thing, a void, a vast emptiness that needed to be filled as voids are want to be. Now the Lord, in His/Her wisdom, saw fit to fill this void with an eternal substance. And this substance the Creator called Love. This substance, as you know, has been with us throughout time. But we did not know where it originated from really, until we took it upon ourselves to begin to know our Master. The Great Creator would have us learn all His/Her tricks, but we were shy about this at first.

For a long time, you see, we believed we were unworthy and so we avoided such questions. But now our confidence is growing, and with it, our curiosity to know God. “For He is of Thee, and We are of Him/Her.” That is how it is and from where it all began. When we set forth on our various missions, it was to be armed with a series of questions, and these questions were to take us to where we wanted to go. On the matter of love, where we need go is to Source, which is Him/Her.

Now God filled the void you see, with all manner of distractions – stars, planets, constellations and more – but He/She glued them all together with love. Nothing is merely suspended out there without any relation to another celestial body. All of these are interrelated, as are we. And we too are bound together with this love.

Is love merely an idea, or a substance? It is both. As an idea, love generates its own power and seeking. As a substance, it binds us together in lovers’ arms which are of God. Does that answer your question, my dear ones? Very well then, I shall proceed to other matters.

Many years ago, when you were young, you held this love in your heart. As your life progressed and your heart swelled in response, pain entered your life and you started closing this door to all this feeling activity. Once the door was fully closed you forgot about love, at least in the sense you knew it at the beginning. Then when the media began hammering out its definition of love, you lost your way even more.

To find your way back to this original love you have to open again, and yes, that brings back the pain. Oh yes, indeed it does. For none of us down here on planet Earth has escaped unscathed and we all have garnered sorrows that need to be healed. But behind these open wounds lies the love of our Lord, in its primal pristine form, waiting for our return. It awaits us, as strong as it ever was, as powerful too, ready to glue us back together again.

It is love that heals all wounds. It is love that makes us strong. It is love that emerges once we are cleansed and ready to open again.

Like the sap in a tree, love rises up and fills every branch with its destiny, a group of new leaves to be enjoyed by all. This is how a tree expresses itself, by bursting forth with that which lies within. After a long Winter of sleep, the tree springs forth with its ardent splendour and perfumes the air with its version of Love.

Each of us has this task and capability as well. The sap in our veins is love unrestrained, prepared to spring forth when we are ready to blossom. With mild perfumes, and pungent odors as well, we each spread forward that which we are made of and our love shines forth as a result.

No one can give you love in the strictest sense. But each of us can help the other activate the love within, so that all can come to fruition. For the love we feel for another is the love we feel for God in us. And He/She is now inviting us all to participate in this wonderful burst of Spring. Let your love shine through now and see what it brings forward for you.

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