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12 - The Emperor Has No Clothes

Religion Doesn’t Have A Prayer - 12

The Emperor Has No Clothes

In my most recent missive on this subject of bringing down the Catholic Church I broke through my “vortex of shame” to share with you how I really feel about this criminal organization. I let it all out, so to speak and what a message it turned out to be. You see, I never know where my deepest feelings will take me until I start putting them on the page. That’s how these posts begin. I never know where they are going once we hit second and then third gear. I’m just amazed at all that surfaces and needs to be said. Since I am committed to my personal cleansing at this time, “let er rip” is what I say.

I realize of course that this is me coming to terms with those old issues of abuse at the hands of those Catholic monks, nuns and priests throughout my formative years. That’s why I became a therapist I’m proud to say, to get that garbage out of my system. With these New Millenium energies pouring in on us, the pressure for inner cleansing has mounted. It is no longer possible to ignore these wounds in our soul, these places where we still suffer from the judgments the church impressed upon us.

I could have treated that first missive as a personal message from Guidance and left it for my private journal; but my heart said “No!” This material has to be said Out Loud and as many times as necessary to bring home the point. I’ve come to realize that the Catholic Church is a vile and destructive entity, interested only in serving its own ends. It is part of the Global Elite Community, who collectively have controlled world affairs, banking in particular, and have brought the world to its current state of impending collapse. In other words, this isn’t just about me. It’s about all of us who have suffered at the hands of this archaic, paternalistic, fascist organization as it applied its torturous psychological techniques to enslave us to their ways. We became fragile and weak, and totally dependent on this conspiratorial enslavement machine. “Destroy them psychologically, and you Own them” has been their motto.

Of all the things that have to change in the face of Mankind's Ascension, religion and its shame-based assault machine has to be stopped. And we can do it. We can say No to their tyranny! No to their guilt trips! And No, to their using us as psychological slaves to fill the holes in their empty souls. Yes we can!

Just like today’s Syrians, Egyptians, Libyans and Tunisians, we ex-Catholics have to stand up and say: “ENOUGH! We’ve had enough of your Psychological Barbarism! We’ve had enough of your Child Abuse! We’ve had enough of your Murderous Practices in your sweatshops and institutional schools! And we’ve had enough of your pretense that only You cans Save Us. We have had ENOUGH!”

I know I’ve had enough. I’m sure most of you reading this have had enough as well. Coming to this site, on purpose, or by accident, must have surely caught you by surprise, because I am sure surprised at what is pouring out of my soul here.

I am calling for the outright dismantling of the Catholic Church with a re-distribution of its ill-gotten wealth back to the people they stole it from, back to all the nations of the world where their fascist policies guaranteed that poverty would never end so they could continue to offer themselves up as God’s heavenly emissaries, which clearly they are Not!

The God in my heart has answered. He/She wants this done, the dismantling of this lecherous culprit and its removal from the face of the Earth. This self-appointed guardian of all things sacred has been decimating God’s good character and name by profiting off the backs of the world’s most vulnerable citizens. How can we, people of good conscience, allow this criminal immoral entity to continue with its lecherous ways? How can we stand by and watch millions more of our human brothers and sisters die at the hands of this Fascist Oligarchy? It cannot be allowed to go any further. We must stand up now and shout it out: “NO!” And “NO” means “NO! Period.

No more lies or policies of deceit! No more physical, sexual and emotional abuse! No more passes on any issue, especially those involving the sexual and physical abuse of minors! No more extortion of our hard-earned money under the pretence of charity and Christian kindness! No more believing their litany of lies, half-truths and double-speak on the issue of who God is and who We are in relation to God! No more support to this godless entity whose only purpose is to raise its status and garner wealth for a leadership suffering the grand delusion of entitlement. No more excuses for the Catholic Church’s many Crimes against Humanity, across the world and across the centuries. Their Tyrannical Reign ends Now!

What kind of sick organization offers itself up as God’s Way Station, yet practices every form of criminal activity known to man, including Murder and Genocide? Such an entity must be stopped. It has become a runaway train, careening down a mountainside, smashing and running over everything and everyone in its path. The Roman Catholic Church is Out Of Control, criminal in orientation, and guilty of every sin it purports to remedy through their add-on service of confession. “Come and tell daddy what you did wrong and we’ll find a penance for you to make it right.”

Let this Fascist Oligarchic Entity begin its own confession of centuries of sin, crimes against humanity and murder, yes murder! Let this ‘holier than thou’ entity apologize to the many cultures and first nations peoples whose sacred ways of life it set out to demean and then destroy. Let this now Dying Entity take responsibility for its Crimes against Humanity and make financial restitution to all whom it has harmed. Let these acts of contrition and regret be its final accounting to the New Global Community that has now begun to emerge. And let this be the Death Knell of an institution whose only hope for survival was to tell the truth, a requirement it has never been able to meet.

This is the beginning of a New Age for all of humanity. We, who have undergone various forms of recovery, are its foot soldiers and creators. We are of God and we know it. There is no need for a pseudo self-appointed gatekeeper anymore. And there is no room for any such criminal entity in the New World that is being born through us.

The Catholic Church must fall by the wayside, like so many of our current organizations and institutions that have been shown to be aberrant in their behavior and devoid of truth in any of their pronouncements. Let us place the Roman Catholic Church alongside its fellow criminal conspirators, those banks and financial institutions, run by Illuminati Families that have robbed our governments of their true mission, stolen our democracies and turned this planet into Casino Earth, which till now, they owned and operated.

Non-Violent Withdrawal of Support

We must do this individually. Just as we can initiate a “run on the banks” by withdrawing our funds and need for their services, so too can we launch a run on this religion by simply withdrawing our participation and support. But that is only a first step. Many of us made that move years ago when we stopped attending church and ceased letting that institution’s rules of conduct determine our life path and personal value.

We did withdraw a lot at that time. Certainly our active participation went flying out the window. But that is not the end of the deed. We are now faced with a dying monster that still wants to consume many of our brethren and we have to step in again to offer assistance. But most importantly, and this is crucial, we must release our need to have a “pseudo parent” in the wings just in case we want to run back. That is our chore here - to let go of our co-dependent relationship with this abusive and coercive partner. This is where the rubber meets the road. And I can tell you from personal experience, it hurts down there when you begin dismantling this part of their program.

Why We Need to Grieve

I’ve been dismantling this church in my own mind for years now, and they have been retaliating through previously installed mechanisms that automatically elicit guilt and shame as soon as they are challenged. Since my psychological training has made me aware of this, I forge on, knowing I will get through this uncomfortable part and release their grip on me until the job is done. I do find fear arising as I take them on, making the process quite uncomfortable. That slows me down somewhat, but not for long. As soon as I see another news article on priest pedophiles or the Catholic Church’s stance on birth control, I find my resolve becoming fierce and away I go, right back up to full recovery speed.

Yes, you and I are capable of handling this process, and retaliating if we wish. I am just illustrating how difficult our psychological emancipation can be. It’s hard breaking free of this toxic influence, but just like with a boil, we must work through the pain, and the grief, to extract the core of that puss filled foreign entity. At the Heart level we know this is poison, and the reason you are reading this is because your heart wants to be free of this Alien Influence. And by Alien, I mean, not belonging to you. Capiche?

My Mission

It has become my mission of late to expose this rotten organization and to say, for myself at least, Enough is Enough. Each time I take a stand in opposition to this iconic figure, I have to work through the repercussions of what I’ve said. The scared part of me reacts whenever that guilt button is pushed, and “that part of me” has to be listened to and reassured over and over again. The scared part of me acts up because he knows we are killing the toxic parent figure of the church that still lives inside. Since my parents were completely brainwashed by this insidious force, the church defaulted into an all powerful parental figure which gave it even more power to control me and my generation. But I press on. This work must be done. The poison has to be removed once and for all.

What I am after ultimately, is a personal and intimate relationship with God, my God Self, my Divinity as granted to me by All-That-Is. If there is an ultimate power figure in our lives, it has to be our Divine Source. That means the Catholic Church with all its hoopla about who’s right and who’s wrong has to be dismantled. They, and all their toxic influences, have to be exorcised from my body completely.

That is why I am calling for the complete ouster of the Roman Catholic Church from my life, and from the lives of all who have been damaged by their Criminal Psychological Methods. News reports everyday are telling us that they are guilty of Crimes against Humanity. Millions of Google references on key search terms such as Catholic Religious Abuse tell us that a growing majority of Catholics, and former Catholics, are looking to free themselves at this time. Their worst crime of course, was to mentally, emotionally and physically brow beat us into believing we were “defective”, “unworthy” and “broken” and only they had the remedies to set us back on track. We are now aware that they set up the poisonous pedagogy in the first place.

The Catholic Church is simply a continuation of the ruling Oligarchies that existed in the time of Christ. They jumped on the bandwagon and hijacked what was to be a True Road to Freedom and a Recovery of our Lost Spiritual capabilities. Instead they set out to enslave as many as they could, using the more sophisticated methods of psychological tyranny to pound us into submission while installing themselves as humanity’s gatekeepers to redemption. This has kept us in a state of Perpetual Remorse, sad and broken, looking to them for redemption and relief from crushed self-esteem and the perpetual reminders of being “unworthy.”

This is the Catholic Religion at work. Grotesque in all its actions, abusive in its dispensation of so-called religious guidance, and laughing all the way to the bank, in a full-fledged alliance with all the banksters of the world. They are criminals who destroyed the beautiful nascent spirituality of ancient Ireland. They are liars who lord their false piety over the rest of us. They are the pedophiles who abuse and rape our children. They are murderers who have buried the bodies of their victims in unmarked graves all over this planet, bodies that are being uncovered to this day.

The Catholic Church is the paternalistic Oligarchy who tells women what to do with their bodies, who made birth control a sin; when the truth is, they are just ensuring that their numbers remain high. Why are there families of 10 to 20 children in Quebec? My father’s oldest brother had 18 children. My grandfather was the youngest of 20. My mother went through 8 pregnancies and brought 6 of us to into the world. The priests in Quebec would visit their parishioners and ask the women when the next baby was due. “What, no baby this year, Mrs .....?” In my view, the Catholic Church is far and wide, the most insidious and toxic organization on this planet. They are Spiritual Fascists whose methods and practices have nothing to do with bringing you or I to God, and everything to do with covering up their criminal tracks and keeping their floating crap game going.

Project Full Emancipation

For those of you who thought you were done with them, I have sad news. It’s not over just yet, but this resolution brings us to the final phase. This action of repatriating our Spiritual Relationship with God will happen with our commitment to make it so. But we do have to grieve. We do have to break the back of that toxic parent. And we do have to nurture that scared little part of us who still believes they are all powerful. It’s no small thing to stand up to your abuser. Ask any woman who has left an abusive partner! But it’s the most gratifying and freeing endeavor you will ever undertake. By our own hand do we set ourselves free! By our own will do we dismantle their perverse hold on our psychology! By our own commitment to True Love do we activate our deepest Self?

All the time we thought we were done with it, the church kept on needling away at us on the inside, reminding us of our unworthiness, well taught in those early childhood classes, pushing the guilt and shame buttons which they co carefully installed, and keeping us as children, in their minds’ eye at least, a feat we bought into at some level and have yet to fully relinquish.

If we are to meet God Head On, No Holds Barred, then we must let go of this negative parental influence. We must break the bonds of our co-dependence with this Abusive Partner. We must consciously choose to let go; and we must suffer the hurt of letting go. The fear of feeling abandoned again is all too intimidating. But that is our Leap to Faith and that is our Salvation. Yes we can achieve a Direct Connection with Source, one that is Free of Charge, and certainly free of the guilt-laden tyranny of a fascist religion. It will be like pulling the bandage off a stitched up wound; it’s going to smart a bit. But fresh truthful air will finally get at it and we will be okay after that.

We, the human nation of today, are growing up and getting ready to take our place alongside our more technologically and spiritually advanced Galactic Brothers and Sisters. They are waiting for us to tear that bandage off. They are waiting for us to step forward and Claim our Power. They will cheer for us as we overthrow all of these fascist entities, from the banks, to major religions.

Because they know we will find ourselves at the end of the process. We will find out how great and powerful we really are; a fact the Roman Catholic Church and its minions had a hand in suppressing for nearly 2,000 years. When a majority of us fully realize how we have been cheated out of our Spiritual Destiny we are going to be pissed. Some of us already are. I know I am! But we shall move through that as well.

Our Freedom comes from a quiet revolution, one that does not seek revenge, but pure, unadulterated Freedom. We will know our work is done when we feel “Indifferent” to the Catholic Church. That’s when you know you are done with an abuser. Not hate! Not anger! And Not the Desire for Revenge! But Indifference! That’s where freedom lies where such a vile entity is concerned.

Let’s begin our march toward freedom with a dismantling of the Roman Catholic Church in our own minds. Let’s tell it like it is, for our own sakes, and for those generations to come. Let’s say NO to Religious Tyranny and No all the Fascist Oligarchies of the World. Let’s have our own Arab Spring where religion is concerned. Let’s simply say: 


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