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Grief & Loss Overview

Grief and Loss Overview

Maurice Turmel PhD

An overview of grief and loss shows us that this is a broad category of life experience. We usually associate it with death and dying, but it can include losing your employment and broken relationships as additional categories that generate grief. Grief and loss comes in a multiplicity of dimensions that affect our daily lives.
Losing a loved one is what we typically associate with grief and loss. But losses of many types can also generate powerful grief reactions. We include here broken relationships, loss of a pet and loss of employment. When the loss experience strikes we immediately want relief and may be ready to seeking some recovery help.
Why do we examine grief and loss from all these points of view? Because at the heart of every crisis is an emotional wound. We feel hurt, depressed and sad. We feel lost and afraid. Something we valued has been taken away. We feel pain associated with any loss and that sometimes elicits anger as a first response. Such reactions are common in every type of grief and loss experience.
Grief and loss, in my personal experience, can emerge in many aspects of our lives. Learning to comfort ourselves in times of stress via relevant grief recovery programs can have far reaching benefits. Regaining our usual bounce and drive is a worthy goal and significant benefit in grief recovery. Whatever we learn about dealing with grief and loss can be applied across the many dimensions of our lives.
Ultimately, losing a loved one is the powerful and devastating experience we usually have to face. No question, this is the most difficult of all losses and we acknowledge that it is hard to see any benefit in it. But losing and gaining are with us everyday in a great variety of forms. Learning to cope with all types of loss will help us when the big ones come crashing into our lives. Finding and utilizing the right resources is essential to managing our grief and loss experience.
In conclusion, dealing with our emotions is central to the recovery process, no matter what type of loss you encounter. Turning to each other for comfort and solace can bring peace and new found friendships. All times of trial have their secret benefits. That is the main lesson from grief and loss. With the right tools you will not only survive your grief experience but grow stronger as a result.

When Angels Call; Coping with Grief & Loss is distilled from my 30 years of experience in the fields or counseling and psychotherapy where I dealt with hundreds of clients dealing with the loss of a loved one through illness, accident, suicide and even murder. My approach is mythological and spiritual designed to get you in touch with those feelings and release them safely. I use this approach myself whenever another loss comes crashing into my life. My most recent loss was my dad - Christmas 2014. Trust me - It works!

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