The Oasis

The oasis thrives within us, friend. Filled with possibility, hungry hearts come here to rest, seek comfort and be inspired.

Set Yourself Free

Set Yourself Free

A long time ago, in another land, at another time and place, lived a prince. He had been sent forth by his Father to free a population of slaves that had been held captive by an evil slave maker. This man had evil in his heart and no sympathy for those he captured. He only wanted power and so he ravaged all he could to gain that end.

One day he met the prince and the prince said: “I have come to free you.” “Free me!” the slave maker replied. “I am the most powerful man in this nation.” And to this the prince responded: “You are not powerful, nor are you free, for you have fear in your heart and that is why you control all these people.” “Is that so?” replied the slave maker. “I can take you into slavery right now if I wish.” “You may well have my body,” answered the prince, “but you can never have my mind, for my spirit soars beyond this plane into all corners of the Universe and I can do this freely and without reservation. You can have my body if you wish. I give it freely. I’ll keep my mind however, for that is mine to do with as I please.”

And he left the slave maker gazing, with his mouth ajar and astonishment on his face. How could he make a slave of one who gave himself freely? And, how could he enslave a mind whose spirit soared beyond the bounds of the physical? He was distraught and perplexed at this realization. He had lost all sense of himself in that single encounter. Power was real if others gave it to you. But if they freely chose their own way, then no power could be gained there.

The slave maker gave up his power seeking ways and followed the prince. He wanted peace too, and everlasting love. This new love was only beginning to grow in the shadow of the Great One who had crossed his path. How fortunate an encounter this was, lest he be enslaved to himself forever after!

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