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Occupy Your Heart – 1

Occupy Your Heart – 1

A lot of what I’m reading these days resonates well with what I feel intuitively and what I've come to believe and understand through my explorations of Mythology, Psychology and Spirituality. We've been telling each other these stories for eons. Religion and other special interests co-opted these stories, and re-fabricated them to meet their own ends of controlling others and manipulating mankind so they could enslave them and feed their own insecurities with the illusion of power and addiction to greed. Mind control! Still goes on today. Hollywood is the West's mind control machine and the actors there all know it. The head of this worldwide snake is the Vatican; we all know that now. And this “head” is about to be lobbed off by the rising truth in our emerging individual consciousnesses.

The back door of our rising consciousness is the Heart. We've learned about that particular key now and we’re using it as Heaven originally intended. We look to our Hearts where "Home" truly is (Heaven if you prefer) and we can see for ourselves the absurdity of the present mess mankind is in - all the artificially induced false flag events and their support through lies, lies, and yes, more lies as the official story is desperately promulgated through the lame-stream media.

Because lies don't work anymore and the "powers that were" can’t, don't or won’t learn from past mistakes, they just keep throwing more lies at us - bigger lies, more outrageous lies and they support these with their False Flag Events to punctuate the story. That's how desperate they are. "Insanity - is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result" Yes, the “powers that were” are insane, verifiably so. I can say this as a person observing their shenanigans over the past 20 years and as a Trained Psychologist with over 4 decades of experience. For example, America's Republican Party has literally gone off their meds and are in the throes of their most vociferous psychotic break ever. This insane right wing agenda that is visible around the world is following suit. The human population is rising up and no amount of trying to silence them with bullets bombs or otherwise is going to stop us. The beast has been mortally wounded and their end is in sight.

Just like when a Dinosaur was fatally wounded in battle millions of years ago, it is advisable to stay as far away as possible until the beast finally lies down and dies. Until then, that giant tail of theirs will keep sweeping about knocking over everything in its path. These instinctive biological actions are the death throes of the beast until it literally topples over and expires. A wounded and crazed animal, denied its usual sense of power and mastery over others, doesn't know anything except lashing out at this point. And when that doesn't work, lash out louder and harder. You see this in the mainstream products from Hollywood these days. If you thought last year's disaster movies were epic, wait till you see this year's - bigger explosions, more stupendous car crashes, and more bodies flying through the air than ever before. Same menu again and again - because that's all they know and that’s what their masters want.

Insanity: keep doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result

Old religion’s Lucifer may still be in the house but not for long. We Lightworkers are the Game-Changer. We are the Light-Bearers and the Rejuvenators of Truth. Stay focused friends, on your Heart, which is your Heaven sent GPS. Stay vigilant and alert. Watch out for that Tail as the beast finishes drawing its final breaths. It's all over but the dancing. Stay Tuned. Mother Earth is getting a Makeover and We Are It! Yes, We are the Answer to our Prayers

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