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The Little Lamb and Mary

The Little Lamb and Mary

“Mary had a little lamb
Its fleece was white as snow
And everywhere that Mary went
The lamb was sure to go” (from the original)

Now on this day that Mary slept
The lamb was not to be seen
For he had gone off by himself
To see what he could dream

Mary vowed that some day soon
She would surely die
And on that day, she’d fly away
To live her life in the sky

The lamb, we hear, went on to say
He too would fly away
But first he wanted to discover
His life through love and play

Mary, it seems, had done all this
So she prepared to give way
But the lamb wanted to try for himself
So he was determined to stay.

Some time later on, the story goes
The lamb, he returned to God
And there he said “I’m done for now
May I have a rest and a nod?”

And God said “Yes” since He was pleased
While Mary had come Home too
The lamb there now, together they were
And that put a few things into view

The lamb now knew what love had wrought
What life could demand of you
But Mary didn’t, no quite the reverse
She missed her chance to chew

Mary, you see, had avoided the tree
Where Life could have taught her more
She chose instead to lie in her bed
And there, not to worry, oh what for?

The lamb, he ran, to seek and to scan
To discover Life’s greatest role
He did not tarry, much unlike Mary
Who gave up her chance to be whole

The lamb we can see, sought out the Tree
Where life’s challenges there would abound
He chose to try hard, cause that was his charge
And found a way Home that was sound

What about Mary, our friend who did tarry
She could have found her way too
But fear took over and she ran for cover
Her escape more important than being true

The lamb, we understand, rose up and ran
Chomping at the bit to be made new
He had no part of sitting on his heart
He wanted to have all he could chew

So we see an end, to the lamb and his friend
Little Mary who sat down to stew
She fell asleep, while the lamb became a sheep
And he rose up . . . took flight . . . and he flew!

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