The Oasis

The oasis thrives within us, friend. Filled with possibility, hungry hearts come here to rest, seek comfort and be inspired.

Soul Searching

Soul Searching

You are embarking on an Ocean Voyage. The seas are calm; the sky is blue; a gentle breeze is blowing in off the water. Your small ship is fully provisioned. You are ready for the journey ahead.

As you prepare to leave, news comes of a far-off disaster. You are alarmed and concerned. A song comes to mind, a song that you may remember from before, a song that once soothed you, touched your Soul and alerted you to potential hazards within and without.

The song is a “Call to Arms,” to awaken to your True Self. This song is a beacon for you to follow on your journey Home. Yes, Home, where you wish to be now. The news of the far-off disaster reminds you of this and forewarns of potential difficulties if you don’t get on with the melody of your life.

You sit on the shore by your small vessel and try to recall the words. Slowly they begin to float into your mind, and then you remember as the song comes forth from your very own Soul.

Oh Great One who sees all and knows all
Can you please help me on this journey Home?
I have lost my way, you see, please help?
I beseech You to guide me back once again

I have floundered many times on my journey outward
I look to You now for solace and comfort
You are my Beacon of Light that guides me back
To that special place where I was born

As the clouds roll in from the distant horizon
And make their way over to this shore
I look upwards to You, my dear one
For without You there is no direction or hope

I know that I’ve missed you, my Soul sublime
My highest Self gone aground inside of me
I look to You now to take me out of this place
Where shattered dreams came to fall

Now that You are near I feel free again
From those worries that frightened me before
I can see my way clearer, looking at You
My Self, my True Self, my Soul sublime

I welcome You and give thanks for your return
Your connection with me is so precious
I feel at home again, comfortable and sure
And hopeful that this is permanent and true

As I look out to sea, I contemplate my future
And once again realize that fate is at hand
I must remain still and not run anymore
For only in the moment can I be found and set free

So let’s unpack all of my belongings
And I’ll do now what I failed to in the past
Yes, be certain that this time I will stay
For my life and purpose are here at last

I take refuge in the knowledge that You are near
And I can call You when I have need of Your grace
This is comforting you know
For so long I tried to do it on my own

This never works and I end up tired and drained
Sometimes the effort required is just too much
But with You at my side I feel hopeful and strong
I feel assured the whole day long

Thank you dear Soul for coming to my aid
Thank you for your presence and love
Thank you for the lessons, guidance and support
Thank you for seeing me through

I need to move along now as the tide is setting in
I want to take advantage of its height
You are in my heart now, my awakening Soul
I feel happy; I feel joyful; I feel light

On this day of challenges and journeys to be taken
Where am I to go if not to my true Home?
For that’s where I belong, inside my Self
So I can explore, gather and express who I am

This deepest part of me knows no bounds
Sees no limitations and carries no fear
It reaches out to the Light of “All That Is”
And rejoices in the essence of Its sound

That special chord that rings for you, friend
Is your gift of Light to be expressed
And this vibration from deep in your Soul
Is a gift that the world needs at this time

As we say “adieu” to this experience in thought
Where travels are so gentle and sublime
We take into our hearts God’s greatest gift
Our sweet Soul, ours till the end of time

With these words ringing in your ear, something stirs
A part of you that previously remained quiet
But this song It knows; this song calls It forth
And in response, your Soul rises . . .
. . . Yes, . . . to take you Home

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