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Atlantis Rising Spirit 1

Atlantis Rising Spirit 1

There's a saying in the Ancient World that one immediately counters with a saying of their own. It goes like this: How many Atlanteans does it take to change the world? And the answer is: "None of them can change the world. Only you can change your world."

What does it mean to change the world? It means moving from one level of awareness and thought to another entirely different level of perception where the parameters are entirely different.  In other words, you have to be there, at the new level, in order to know it. You cannot assess a 5th dimensional view of life with a 3D viewpoint. You have to ascend!

A 3D individual is not going to know about the 5D world because you simply cannot see 5D from a 3D point of view.  It is impossible.  The 3D mind cannot grasp this higher reality and will chafe at the very thought of it, calling it unrealistic and impossible, and calling you a fool for believing in it.  Because 3D perception is governed by fear, and fear is very capable of negating large portions of reality.  In this case, it is the fear of having one's world view shattered by the realities of the higher dimensions.

For the citizens of 3D, places like Atlantis must remain a myth, something made up by older generations that we don't have to pay attention to today.  Even though Plato, one of the West's most famous and well read philosophers, wrote extensively about Atlantis, drawing from very reliable information available to him at the time, the 3D mind rejects it. For them, Atlantis is a myth, a story, a fiction fostered by generations of illiterate people who were not nearly as smart as we are today. So one can forget about such references and continue with their dull uninspired life.

But Atlantis did exist and physical evidence of its presence in the Azores region has already been brought to the surface. It's overwhelming impact on the entire world is amply evident in Egypt and Central America with pyramids, statues, calendars (including the Mayan) and accurate astronomical representations of our planetary system, with even Pluto clearly visible in their glyphs. These charts date back 6,000 years to the Sumerians, who in turn received them from older cultures going back another 6 thousand years.  It is only arrogance, petty egos, and the need to see ourselves as the highest of cultural achievers that prevents the world from acknowledging these truths.

Near the end of their time as a viable culture and maritime power Atlanteans presented themselves in one of two forms. The late arrival was the form that instituted greed and power as driving forces, while the original Atlantean consciousness was spiritual, highly advanced and peace loving.  It was the power mongers who ultimately took over and then brought about the annihilation of their homeland.

The earlier version of Atlantis is what we are returning to, ergo Atlantis Rising Spirit, preparing for 2012. The spiritual nature of the original Atlanteans is what we are moving towards. Connection to Source, interaction with angels and spirits and a peaceful, loving and respectful attitude is what we're after. In actual fact, this spirit is rushing towards us as much as we are reaching for it. We will be living vastly different lives then, no longer governed by competition and warring, but by cooperation and steadfast acknowledgement of our Creator and our place in the world as God's Official Offspring.

Those early Atlanteans lived a spiritual life fully in tune with nature, mother earth, and all the spheres of the Cosmos. God's word and presence was available to all.  Just like in my book "The Voice", God spoke to each and everyone through their heart center and delivered to them the messages they needed to hear for their own progress forward. An informed life! A spiritual life! A life filled with pleasure and joy!  The joy of creating, of cooperating, of celebrating and of expanding God's consciousness into the furthest reaches of the known Universe.

It was a wonderful time and it is being resurrected right now by Lightworkers and Starseeds such as you and I. We are spread across the globe, and as each of our individual lights turn on, we shine our truth on to others eagerly awaiting their own turn at the Cosmic Wheel of Life.

So many of us have been waiting for our turn at the helm.  Each of us will take over some portion of the journey to advance this eternal light and make our individual contributions to the whole.  We are picking up where we left off before Atlantis was destroyed by the very same greed, corruption and competition we see all around us today. It is the end of days for those forces of the dark that prey upon the innocent and use the Earth's resources for their own feeble gain. You see, when you live in fear, accumulation of earthly goods, power and resources seems like the only answer. 

But there is never enough. Never! And greed runs rampant and brings us to where we are right now, the doorstep of disintegration of the whole capitalist system. What have we witnessed in the past 2 years, but the implosion of the capitalist system, beginning with Wall Street in the US and sweeping around the world with every major Western Country drowning in uncontrollable debt. Just like in the last phases of the mighty Atlantean empire, today's power mongers are reaping the rewards of their unquenchable desires - implosion and total annihilation.

Those of us who have been rising in spiritual awareness are now on the brink of taking over.  We know what needs to be done. And all we have to do is commit ourselves to this grander purpose. Really now, what other choice to we have? But you and I volunteered for this.  You are likely awakening to that fact yourself. It is said that we all signed an agreement before incarnating this time around and we are now becoming aware of the extent of that agreement and what we have to do to live up to our end of the bargain.  Starseeds and Lightworkers Unite! We are all here for a purpose and that purpose is NOW!

Our turn at the helm is here. It is time to activate that purpose. It is time to reach down inside and pull it out, expose it to the light of day, dust it off, polish it and make it our own.  We were sidetracked by the forces of the dark that last time around in the final days of Atlantis. They have had their way for far too long and have only succeeded in wreaking havoc and destruction on this beautiful planet we all call Home. Their cycle at the helm is over. It is finished. They are realizing it for themselves and fighting fiercely to hold on, which makes the insanity of their views even more clear to those of us paying attention.  They have nothing left to hold onto.  All of their greed and power based mechanisms have turned on them. They have paved the way to their own destruction. Bank failures! Money fraud! Pollution! War! All of these side effects have taken their toll on the planet.

The next round for Earth will be completely free of these toxic influences. When that alignment occurs on December 21, 2012, there will be a major re-shuffling of the deck, in terms of control and influence.  The dark will leave in droves, literally, their carbon-based bodies unable to contain the forces of the light coming in at an accelerated and astounding pace. What follows then is a mighty task for all of us who have committed themselves to correcting this untenable situation. I am only too happy to be part of it. I hope that bodes well for you too.

God sent us forth on this mission of mercy and asked us to do Him/Her one great big favour:

"Bring back the Light to this wonderful planet. Help Me rescue it from the clutches of those who would try and destroy it once again."  

We are all here as planned and we are all working together on this mighty adventure.

They say that in sailing you wish for favorable winds, strong currents and a united will to move into the best possible direction.  The more we meditate and pray on this matter of the transition, the more we are helping to steer this planet onto its rightful course, the one the Creator laid out in the first place.

This transition from one world to another will not be easy.  There will be times of major convulsion. It will clear to us as it arrives.  The right wing conservatives will chafe at the idea that they were wrong all along.  They will turn tail and run, hoping that their former privileges will carry them a little longer.  They won't!  And we will all be witnesses to this dying culture of greed, false abundance, character assassination and warmongering.

Already these conservative cowards are being unmasked in droves as their empires collapse, their litany of lies are exposed, and their false pretence at being spiritual is shattered.  This is happening to ensure that anyone who wants to survive and successfully navigate this transition will NOT turn to them for guidance.  They have nothing to offer.  Stick a fork in them, they are done!

God says:

"Keep yourselves alert and alive.  Keep yourselves well prepared for the wreaking of havoc that is about to take place.  We of the Ethereal promise you that you will make it if you follow the guidelines already placed in your heart. Yes, you have to open to your heart and feeling center to get these all important messages.  You've already heard plenty about opening up and going within that we do not need to explain that here again.

Your very own personalized instructions are there waiting for you.  Be prepared to receive even more as this whole process unfolds. Read Maurice's book "The Voice" to get a clearer picture of this whole process and what it holds for you at an individual level.  The clock is ticking down since 2012.  There will be a physical Armageddon for those who remain unprepared. Acknowledge Me, your Creator and Source, then tend to your own business as I have instructed you from the git go."

Starseeds and Lightworkers everywhere are preparing for this transition. They are sharing with others what they have learned and what they know within their hearts. The Internet has provided the best avenue for a meeting of faces, for all of us embracing the coming New Age.  We are here to support it.  We are here to accelerate it.  We are here to live it and be an example for those still waiting.  We are The Army of Light and our time is Now!

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