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Humpty Dumpty Banksters

Humpty Dumpty Banksters: 

"Have a Great Fall"

Maurice Turmel PhD 

Hegemony –Smedgemony – Helter Skelter – Pell Mell – It all smells like Hell! The world is in chaos right now, uproarious, unprecedented and disintegrative chaos.

The powers that 'be/were' are worried. Their plans for world domination are collapsing all around them. How do we know? Because every day they are ramping up their rhetoric and showing the folly of their ways = Ebola, Schmebola = Isis, What Crisis = and nobody is believing them any more – Nobody!

The world awaits a better outcome than that pathetic bankster run worldview which they have been promoting. The planet has collectively taken in a huge breath and is holding, in anticipation of the changes that are filtering through the smoke and mirrors and, in some cases, are already here. (e.g. Who now owns the US Federal Reserve? China, that's who) We will soon breathe out our collective sigh of relief as Humpty Dumpty heads for the pavement.

You can’t keep killing your own bankers without people noticing. We are all aware now of the giant uptick in banker “suicide” rates. (e.g. one banker “took his life” by shooting himself with a nail-gun 6 times!)

You can’t keep invading countries with no more success than your last dismal failure without people noticing – Iraq, Afghanistan & Libya - Failure! Failure! Failure! “Hey, I know, let's go for Syria now?”

You can’t keep demonizing one nation over others at the expense of your own credibility without people noticing. Who any more believes Obama's pronouncements on Russia and Vladimir Putin? We all know it was America's CIA henchmen who were the architects of Ukraine's so-called coup by paying an army of hired protesters 200 dollars a day to hang out in Kiev, complain and whine, whipping up feigned dissent, as per their script, until it resulted in the removal of a legitimately elected democratic government.

You can’t keep doing what you are doing to the ecology of this earth with your airborne poisons = chemtrails and toxic emissions = global warming, without people noticing.

Just ask the residents of Florida and the Keys about the ocean waters now lapping at their front doors as ice caps North & South accelerate their melting? Just ask Californians where the rain has gone for the past many months? = Weather warfare! Just ask the Gulf Coast states who murdered the Gulf of Mexico with their drilling stupidity, exploding platform and fire that killed 11 workers? We now know we can thank BP and Halliburton for leaving this once pristine gulf with a giant, gooey toxic bathtub ring that's killed off those states seafood income.

You can’t keep silencing the voices of dissent by spying on your friends without making the whole world aware of your insidious practices. But you sure can piss them off = Occupy Movement, German protests against Fed banking practices, Brics Nations at 188 and growing, EU collapsing, Fed dollar dead, America's 18 trillion dollar debt and rejected worldwide hegemony. Add it all up and it equals = O credibility.

You can’t keep preaching fear about Ebola and Isis in contradiction to the opinions of real experts on these matters without raising red flags and reaping internal consequences from those you would try to suffocate with your lies = Truth Movement. Sierra Leone confirms that Nano Silver cures Ebola!

Nobody believes you any more – Nobody! And when nobody believes you – you are Done!

That’s the way of the world right now. That’s been the grand plan for the Western powers, and specifically for America, as we now watch it collapse with ricocheting effects on its shrinking collection of satellite allies which sadly still includes my own country – Canada! Up here we just had our first clearly visible false-flag / Manchurian Candidate type of events with the murder of two soldiers and a suicidal extremist attack on our Parliament. The phrase “Isis Inspired Terrorism” was on the government's lips before the gunfire stopped and the legitimate investigative authorities had a say.

What does this all add up to? Looks like the end-game to me. So I say “Bring It On!” Let the markets collapse. Let the banks fail. Let the roundup of these murderous hoards begin. It’s time for the big cleanup. It’s time to rid this planet of all this filth and the cabal's litany of lies. It’s time to say goodbye to those worn out oligarchs and their destructive ways and start anew.

We desperately need a fresh start here on planet Earth. So bring on the collapse. Bring it on because only then can we stop pretending that the repetitive, unipolar, false promises of the cabal's ways will ever save us. Only then can we start rebuilding on a foundation of Truth - something the powers-that-are-finished have no concept of.

Only then can we bring on the changes that will help us revive our genuine self-worth and god-given sense of merit that this planet of spiritual gold and cosmic treasure ready to deliver us. Let's look to the real powers of this earth, the angels and archangels, the ascended masters and prophets of old, to those truly wealthy sources of spirituality, wisdom and wellness for our happiness and well-being. Let's most certainly learn to love and appreciate ourselves as the gods and goddesses that we are so we can be prepared to receive this bounty that is ours. Then let us invite those honorable keepers of the world's real physical treasures, those who were entrusted with these gifts, to bring on the RV and Prosperity Funds and release those for all of humanity so we can start fresh and build something equitable for every human being on this sphere.

Let’s bring it on. Let’s end this charade. Let’s say goodbye forever to this nonsensical existence that they, the cabal, parlayed into being with their lies, half-truths, manipulations, wars and outright tyranny. Let’s end this travesty right now!

It’s time to bring on a valid world order, based on principles of justice, love, sharing and genuine abundance, and call an end to the cabal's versions of religious caliphates and new world orders filled with their multiple generations of incestuously poisoned ideas, flagrant contradictions and clearly visible outright lies.

Their aberrant vision of this world cannot and will not hold sway, for one simple reason. Their foundation of lies holds no truth and is rotten to the core. And for that reason, it is collapsing before their eyes. We can all see it now and are ready to say those fateful words: “The Emperor Has No Clothes!” End of story.

All meritous foundations are based in Truth and the Light of Lights that animates us all and shows us the Truth in our Hearts. The cabal's era is done. Ours is just beginning.

Let there be no chagrin as we watch this world filled with reptilian oligarchs and their nefarious enterprises collapse before our very eyes. I will shed no tears for them. They are the architects of their own demise. I am, however, willing to speed that consequence along through my sharing of truth as it is transmitted to me through my Heart Center via Spiritual Guidance and my Higher Self. I am, I now realize, a Spiritual Psychologist and this is my mission in this lifetime.

We, the legitimate inheritors of this world, will rebuild. Be assured of that. But they, the oligarchs that once controlled us - those parasites will be gone.

That flea-bitten hoard of fools that hallucinated themselves into believing they were in control, are finished. In their insanely self-aggrandized ideas of wanting control over others, they actually thought they could outsmart God – the real God, the One that lives inside each and every one of us. This is delusion at its core and the very portrait of an insanity diagnosis.

That God is Us, pure and simple. And our connection to that one true Source is what brings us to this point. We are God incarnate, waking up to our destiny at this evolutionary juncture – this conscious evolutionary juncture - and we are taking charge of our lives once again.

So bring on the inevitable collapse, because we, the true inheritors of this Earth are ready to roll up our sleeves and start anew.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

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