The Oasis

The oasis thrives within us, friend. Filled with possibility, hungry hearts come here to rest, seek comfort and be inspired.

Rise Up Oh Army of Light

Rise Up Oh Army of Light

Say it loudly and boldly. Speak your truth as a son of God. State your purpose. Be clear, concise and to the point. Hesitate not and you will meet your goal. You are here for a purpose and a mission and you are about to embark on that path, only you must declare it. So say it.

I am a son of God and I am here for a purpose. To announce the arrival of a new age. To herald in the Army of Light.”

I call to you all, Light bearers.
Rise up, rise up.
The time of the Lord has arrived.

Rise up oh fevered ones, oh sacred ones, oh sleeping giants.
The light of the Eternal wants you now.

Go to your windows and greet Him. He is here for certain. To be among us, to rise within us. At last He is here to stay.

Rise up, Oh Giants, rise up
The Lord be with you in your prayers, standard bearers that you are.
Army of Light that you are.

Take your place now among the many who have survived to rue this day, to cheer for their loved ones, for their purposes and delights.

Rise up, rise up
The world lies among you. Your voice is its breath. Let it speak through you now, oh bearers of Light. Let the world seek its place In all of His great glory.

Awake yourselves; shake loose the cobwebs; your time is at hand.
Have a bath and greet the day.
Time to do your signing as you promised you would.

Look to your hearts now for that signature you made when you set out to be part of this mission. You chose this, remember?

Look in your hearts now for that signature you made, co-signed by Him on the day you agreed to partake of this pleasure, planning your circumstances as it were.

Here we all are now, time to rise up and shine. Time to do what we came to do. Listen to His Voice and speak His truth as it rises from within.

No use pretending, we knew it all along. Sooner or later the signal would be sounded for all to rise up – the Army of Light awakens.
There is a new tomorrow coming and it is here now.


We do. We who sent you forth on this mission of mercy
We remember and so will you as soon as you look into your own souls. You’ll see it there, the imprint wrote, a long time ago, signed by you and He.

You placed it there before setting out. Now you are here, ready to awaken. We are eager to help. Are you ready to rise?

Then rise up. Rise up oh great ones, oh Nation of Light.
Rise up and meet the day. Your Lord awaits your call. Hold back no longer. Time to come out and play.

Be brave; let your hearts glow; speak softly; love yourselves and your neighbors. Let no one tear you asunder. And make God your reason for living. We wish you well. We wish you good fortune.

Rise up now, Oh Army of Light.
Rise up and take your place with Me. I am here waiting for you.
Rise up and see Me among you.

I love you dearly, rise up. Oh great ones rise up.

The world needs your light now. So come out and play!

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