The Oasis

The oasis thrives within us, friend. Filled with possibility, hungry hearts come here to rest, seek comfort and be inspired.

On Finding Your Purpose

On Finding Your Purpose

The Lord God travels in the highest of places. He informs all of His Life and Purpose. Then He chooses from among those listening, a vast array of soldiers and emissaries that He needs to advance His causes and awakenings.

Those who do listen are drawn by His word. They are stirred by these vibrations deep within. This wellspring of truth drives them forward on their quest. Where they journey is where they live and why they share.

Share all that you have, let that be for certain. For in so doing you advance His causes and delights. Let no one tell you different about your goals and purpose, especially if this conflicts with your pulse within.

This is, after all, your personal guiding beacon, to all that’s alive and well and truly matters on your quest. You were sent here for a purpose, not merely a test. Unless you see this life as a simple chord or turn, rather than the symphony your Soul wants to play.

Let it not be forgotten that He Who sees All and Knows All sent you forth on this Mission of Mercy, sent you out to awaken that Divine spark within, and to ignite the flame in others if that is your calling.

It is there to be your wellspring of desired activity. Its range is to reach out to where it All began. Let this spark be your guide to His Heavenly Purpose, and let it be a beacon from His Eyes to yours.

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