The Oasis

The oasis thrives within us, friend. Filled with possibility, hungry hearts come here to rest, seek comfort and be inspired.



Receiving” is a generous gift to ourselves. Our Soul says “Open up and I will pour Love through you.” Love from God, it appears, which is abundant and most satisfying.

It is said that only animals and small children know how to receive. It’s a natural state for them, completely instinctual perhaps. So what happens to us then on our way to adulthood? How do we learn to shut out that ever flowing fountain from God the Creator?

Something happens when we become obsessed with “making it” ourselves and trying to control the flow of good into our lives. This is fear at work. Fear says “you have to do it all by yourself.” Love says “Come back to Me and I will show you how to reopen that heart.” So we can once again receive. But now it has to be a choice.

Perhaps the lesson is this. We are naturally capable of receiving and enjoying the bounty that God and Life have to offer. To deny ourselves these benefits we actually have to “learn” to close up. And there is the essence of the “Fall.” We fall from God’s grace into turmoil by believing that all suffering is bad and we must close ourselves off from these feelings in order to be safe. Closed off from suffering means we are closed off from our source of supply as well.
Redemption comes through surrender. By surrendering, that is by opening up and releasing those so-called safety defenses, we regain that capacity to receive. Sure, we must suffer at times. In this Life there are losses and heartaches to grieve alongside receiving the good stuff. Bitter and Sweet. Only by accepting this and surrendering to God’s grace do we return to that primal reality where all was blissful and without concern.

But now we are adults, you see, not children anymore. And we know Life can be bittersweet in spite of that loving connection to the Great Creator. We accept that reality at this juncture because we have grown. We know what it’s like to be without His love and we’d rather be in His arms than not. The suffering will pass. It always does. While the reign of Love remains constant. Reach out and grab some, won’t you? That’s the Spirit. 

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