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Calling Army of Light 1

Calling the Army of Light 1
The Brotherhood of Light

You’ve been wondering how long it would take before we began reaching out to you, to shake you awake at this time. You’ve been successfully negotiating your way through various traumas during this time on Earth and preparing yourself for what’s about to follow. You have found your way here where we can safely assert that hope abounds.
We, The Brotherhood of Light, are calling out to you dear friends. We are saying it is time to wake up, to come to attention and to learn from this series of posts published here at Your Spiritual Oasis Centre.
Who are you to receive this message?” And we answer: “You are the Army of Light that God sent forth to be awakened at this time to the mighty task that lies ahead. You have come to Earth to prepare humanity for its advancement into the 5th dimension of consciousness. As a member of this army, you are about to experience a major call to your Soul from Source which is “The Light”.
The Light is God within each and every human form and God wants to be awakened at this time to be part of this Earth Transition. Since you are God, you are feeling this tug on your Heart Center where your Soul resides. You have been waiting for this signal and it is here. Now Is The Time for your complete awakening. Are You Ready?
This call to the Army of Light will re-light the flame in your Heart Center, and your Soul will know this call is for You! This is the 1st of a new round of such calls announcing that Now Is the Time to come together as One, to begin the process of re-educating the Earth population to the abilities humans possessed before the final Fall of Atlantis. This is in preparation for what is about to come.
The world today is aware that December 2012 marked an important date on the earth’s calendar. You have already been advised by many means that this was the beginning of a new era for mankind. Books, Crop Circles and Ethereal Transmissions have been pouring into your planet for some time. The necessary new consciousness, that is part of this transition, is being placed in your hands. You are The Army of Light come to wake up the earth’s population that a new reality is at hand.
Now that you are alerted, you can rise up and claim your place in the order of events that are coming at you like a runaway freight train. There is no sidestepping this mandate. It is God ordered and written in the stars. It has also been written in your heart and there you will find your own personal answers to such questions as “Why Am I Here?”. Know that no one will be spared. Either you wake up now, or lose a valuable opportunity to be part of an Ascension experience. As always, you have Free Choice. What is written in your heart is for you to uncover and for you to act upon.
It is time to finish up your homework, to complete what you have started in terms of personal growth and spiritual development programs. We need you to step into the realm of leadership soon for that is what you came here to do. It is time to wrap up that personal work you’ve been engaged in and prepare to act on your mission. As a member of The Army of Light, you carry that Light within your Soul. It is now time to let your Light shine and show others how they can do the same.
Our host here at Your Spiritual Oasis Centre, Maurice Turmel, has traveled this path many times before and has once again come to the fore to take a leadership role. His journey is a model for you to compare yourself with and to help you self-identify as a member of The Army of Light. Through his ongoing efforts over the past 4 decades this spiritual awareness group now exists and you are being called to action. Trust your Heart, first and foremost, for there it has been written and you are about to unsubscribe yourself from the earth’s 3D matrix with its many woes and bring yourself back to that original state of bliss where all is understood.
So look around here. Sample the wares and see for yourself if this is where your heart wants to be. Get ready because Ascension is upon the earth and the time for action is now.
Now Is The Time

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