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7 - Reclaiming Our Lives

Religion Doesn’t Have A Prayer - 7
Reclaiming Our Lives

This is a travesty of major proportions. The Catholic religion has stolen their adherents’ spiritual release. They have indoctrinated them into this artificial system that has nothing to do with God’s truth within. God’s truth needs no artificial support. It just is! And when you have connected to that inner source, you know. You just know!

Here’s a few questions for you the reader. What do you know about the religion you were born into or chose as an adult? What do you really know? Does your religion have dirty secrets such as those involving the theft of spiritual release?

We have it made these days, don’t we? We have Psychology to take us through these rough shoals. We have the brainchild of many astute contributors, from Freud to Adler to Carl Jung. More recently we have many contributions from authors in the Recovery Movement such as John Bradshaw and Melodie Beattie and Spiritual Essayists such as Eckhart Tolle and Gary Zukav.

We have years of good clinical writing under our collective belts, where the question of “man’s place in the world” has been taken up and intelligently dealt with in Existential Philosophy and Phenomenological Research. Many of us have been down this road, those of us who took up the “cause”. We read about The Authoritarian Personality from the German schools of thought, and all the materials proffered by those early giants and those mentioned above.

The public has access to all of this information so we can categorically reject the ruling religious authorities’ defensive claims of ineptitude on our parts, as these relate to our challenges and criticisms of them. This is an old trick simply designed to put us at odds with ourselves. They have no defense for their lies. They can only sidestep the criticisms by manufacturing contradictions within our ranks. If we fall prey, as we have in the past, they, the religious authorities, are once again off the hook.

The church authorities have no doubt in their minds that we complainers are crazy, in spite of the fact that they live inside the insane asylum they created. They are its architects and residents who have swallowed whole their manufactured half-truths about who and what they represent. What Bullshit! What pure, unfettered B.S.! What are these religious authorities truly about?

There’s an information explosion going on right now that the church authorities seem to be oblivious to. The world is waking up at a steady pace with each day while the Internet propagates the latest ideas, thoughts and research on every topic imaginable, including, yes of course, religion and its imminent demise. Slowly but surely, and I predict within our current lifetime, we will see the end of religion as a major force in our lives.

Organized religion is like a slow moving freight train whose tracks run straight to the edge of a cliff. Since most religions are based on half-truths and/or outright lies, they can no longer sustain themselves. The Catholic Church is one example of an entity that has grown weary with the weight of its gross misrepresentations. It is already in a sorry state as a result of one of its main principles – “don’t ask, don’t tell.” Which means “you, our adherent, will not challenge us, and we, the church authority, will not crush your fantasy about a rewarding afterlife as long as you follow our rules.”

This doesn’t make much sense does it? But that slow moving train cannot, or will not, make a turn; it can only move in one direction and that is straight to the edge of that cliff. It doesn’t matter that their stance is now seen as an abject failure based on a litany of lies. Stay the course is their determination, and just like Thelma and Louise, to the cliff they continue to go.

Just look at the history of religion, especially the Catholic Church, and see for yourself. No progress! No growth! No movement in their thinking! Just full and complete opposition to anything that makes scientific or psychological sense. “Damn the torpedoes of reality, just full turtle speed ahead.”

Ladies and gentlemen, this is our opportunity to take back what is ours by nature and return to the church authorities what they gave to us by default. Let us say “No” to their recurring tyranny and let us say “Yes” to the Truth in our Souls, the unbridled truth that needs to be asserted at this stage in our evolution.

In terms of this evolution, we’ve just had the giant retrenchment that precedes a full fledged advance. When a shift is about to occur there is a determined mad rush to the old ways. It is a last gasp. Fundamentalist religions the world over are seeing the writing on the wall. Let us, through our awakening, ensure that these religious authorities have quarried their last soul on this good earth and let us be determined in our rendering them benign.

All we have to do is say “No” to their B.S. and take on the charge of bringing ourselves in line with the messages delivered to us through Jesus, Buddha, Mohamed and all the other prophets who came in their wake. Let us be these prophets’ brethren, rather than continuing our association with the religious storm troopers who plagiarized these messages and distorted them for their own gain.

Let us say goodbye to the hijacking of Jesus and company by those perverts and promoters of our current unfathomable status quo. They cannot hold us hostage any longer if we say “No” to their collective insanity. They cannot control us without our consent. They cannot extract anything from us with their empty promises. The Catholic Church is devoid of ideas and bankrupt in its policies and thinking. There is no move they can make now without ushering in a quicker end to their monopoly. We, who are non-religious and Christians alike, have had it with them! We, who have not just faith, but a palpable connection to the God within, are done with these hijackers.

"We have saved you for last, Catholic Church, because you will be the final resting place for the many other absurd religions that will fall in your wake. As the largest of these black holes, you will take them with you into the underworld where your collective soul is going to receive a very powerful and timely cleansing."

"It is not within your rights to hold us hostage anymore. And who needs you? You are nothing but a pile of festering B.S. exposed to the Sun and rotting away as well you should. We stand by and watch as your self-created grave opens and swallows you up. We applaud as you release that final gasp."

"We simply do not need abusers anymore so your job, as part of our ongoing evolution, is done. On to the next one, right? Oh wait! No one wants your religious pollution anymore."

"You killed the Golden Goose, through your own volition and naivete. You were wrong about us, your so-called easy to manipulate supplicants. We are much smarter than you thought and now we can see right through you."

I’m OK with all of this. I can now actually imagine a world without the Catholic Church. I can now see a gleaming light in the night which I surmise is the birth of a new era, one that is devoid of religious influence. One that says:

Welcome! You are free! I will show you the way. By the way, the name is Christ, Jesus Christ. I’m the one who lives in everybody’s heart, unless you are closed off to me as is the case with organized religion. I am the one that visits with each of you and gives you clues about who and what you are, about why you are here on this Earth.”

How does that sound? You won’t hear that voice in church! Too many phony distractions.

This monstrosity called the Catholic Church is fast becoming a relic that belongs to our dark past. It is the last of the enslavers. It belongs to an era we are leaving behind. Why? Because we re-discovered the truth of being whole, of being connected to the sacred and divine within, of living our lives from the inside out, uncontaminated by religious pollution.

We are FREE now to give what we can to this Earth. We, you and I, are truly FREE. How does that sound? 

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