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Man's Folly - Religious Abuse

Man’s Folly – Religious Abuse
Maurice Turmel PhD

In the Name of the Father / How can it be? / You lied and cheated / Deceived me, I can see

No more holdouts / No more old scores / Time to return me / To my sweet amore

The one true love / That resides within / Is not without worry / But certainly without sin

The abuse of the Father / Is no folly indeed / It happened to many / Disrupted His creed

His words had been spoken / In the hearts of the All / Lost and forsaken / Left in the Hall

There to be taken / By those who “knew better” / Thought they’d interpret / That unopened letter

Concealed though it was / To be opened by you / Thought they would grab it / And give it a chew

Chew this they did / And badly as well / Hell and damnation / Had cast their spell

Long after the heartache / The evil and rhyme / The words of the Lord / Were turned into slime

Now these are retrievable / Through your own heart / Look in there dear / You’ll find your part

No longer distorted / By those "in the know" / Cause you open your mail / And start your own show

Let it be said / That God knew better / He’d let you find / Your very own letter

He’d let you know / When you had enough / Cause His Heart is Yours / And Yours is so tough

Tougher than lies / Let that be for certain / Look inside your self / Just behind the curtain

The veil they created / With their stories untrue / The nonsense they taught / And said was about you

You know the truth / God set it there / “Take a look dear / Don’t you be scared”

“I placed those words / Inside your heart / I knew you’d find / Your very own part”

“I’m glad you took charge / And set it all straight / No use pretending / I just couldn’t wait”

“Glad you could find / Your way to center / Heaven is right here, dear / Time for you to enter”

“And I love you, I do”

Signed: God within You

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