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The oasis thrives within us, friend. Filled with possibility, hungry hearts come here to rest, seek comfort and be inspired.

When No One Listens

When No One Listens

A long time ago, when we were young, we set out to embark on this mission, to announce the coming of the Cosmic Christ. The Army of Light was chosen and sent forth to deliver this most important message.

Reluctant ears heard the words, but refused the message. “Couldn’t be,” they said. “The Lord doesn’t appear that way. He lives ‘out there,’ not where you say.” And on they went, denouncing this travesty as they had come to call it. We said it would be difficult. We said it would be a nuisance. We said we’d try our hardest.

When we arrived for this turn we set out to announce His arrival once again. This time, better prepared, with light in our hearts, we hurried on with our purpose. Because He was at the helm now and we were all ready, with no holds barred, no hesitations and no fear of rejection. “Hungry Times,” they are upon us and we are ready to serve.

Rise up,” He said that day. “Rise up and show them your truth. Theirs will be found in turn.” And there’s our lesson – to show what we’ve learned, not to trade or preach, but to show by example. They can make their own decisions anyway. It works better that way, don’t you think? Yes, I think so too.

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