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Calling Army of Light 2

Calling the Army of Light 2
The Brotherhood of Light

On days like today you may wonder why you came to this planet in the first place. That story is well told in Maurice’s book “The Voice – A Mythological Guide to Lightworker Service”.
In this story, several volunteers attend a school located in the Pleiades on a planet that sits among the stars of the Orion Belt. These students are there to learn about spiritual activation, about heart-centered methodology, about self-acceptance and about the Divine within.
We, your Lightworker instructors, are there to teach them. We are the architects of this program that removes people from Earth and takes them to that Galactic Training Centre. It is a place where souls travel to during their sleep periods, and whenever they are being called to an important mission like the dimensional transition Earth is engaged in right now.
You and they are Lightworkers, members of the Lightworker network. Here on Earth you are called The Army of Light and right now, you are being activated and called to action.
The Earth is starved for affection. It is suffering a major love-deficiency. In other words, starving for the necessities of life. We say “love-starved” because that important ingredient is absolutely necessary for mankind to set sail toward the higher dimensions of being.
When you visit Your Spiritual Oasis Centre listen to the posted songs and count the ways in which Love can be part of your life and the Life of Mother Earth. We say to you “Now is the Time to Awaken; Now is the Time to be alerted; Now is the time to take your place on the World Stage; Now is the Time to activate your mission."
We of the Ethereal realms have been waiting for you, as you have been waiting for us. We are eager to get started, in order to pull this Army together and get focused on the same target, which is Ascension into the 5th dimension of consciousness. What is essential to get you there is this missing ingredient called Love, an appreciation of all life, and an essential ingredient to self-acceptance and personal honour.
Honour yourselves first and foremost, as agents of God’s Mighty Army. The members of the Dark have no hope when you are present and fully activated. Their plans for world domination are evaporating like so much steam off a putrid waste dump. They are in a tailspin and there is only one outlet left for them. They must vacate the Earth and be reborn elsewhere so they can learn the lessons about love from the very beginning. In other words, they are being held back, until they get it.
These are the very lessons that you, our troops, and our fictional characters in “The Voice” are learning right now. The trainees in the book are discovering for themselves their own God nature, and the necessity to release all psychological elements related to ego. Egos have no place in the New World that is fast approaching. There will be no ego domination in the 5th dimension of consciousness.
The spiritual enlightenment that you are all to achieve has to do with the higher dimensions of conscious awareness, and the removal of that artificial veil that blocks you from seeing us. These heightened energy frequencies were too much for your carbon based bodies which is why you are now ascending. That issue has been addressed and you are already on a path of converting to a crystalline based body which will allow you to continue absorbing, digesting and exhibiting these higher frequencies.
These necessary energies are arriving on your planet’s shores every day. They come to you from the Sun, the Moon, the Stars and your own Soul Nature which is God’s energy speaking to you from within.
Remember, you are a Soul, first and foremost, and you are on a journey to enlighten that Soul. Do not be afraid of what’s ahead. It will only compliment what you already know and help you move further in your spiritual evolution.
There will be more information on these subjects in future posts. Please bring your friends to Your Spiritual Oasis Centre and help one another with your progress toward wholeness and union with the Divine. We, the Brotherhood of Light, will be broadcasting through this venue until that climactic change is completed. Please be advised and share what you know with all whom you identify as receptive. Your heart will tell you who they are.
Until Next Time
The Brotherhood of Light

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