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6 - The Real Sin

Religion Doesn’t Have a Prayer - 6
The Real Sin

The word “sin” comes to us from the Greek language and literally means “to miss the mark.” The real sin in Catholicism is their mission to keep God a secret so they can manufacture reasons for the rest of us to come to them for direction. There never was a secret plot to disenfranchise us from our true connection to God until the Catholics invented it. They set the stage for what was to become a mad scramble for the hearts and minds of the uninitiated, the uneducated, the simple and the vulnerable.
Early religions began with sorcery and trickery designed to fool individuals into believing they had some unearthly power and to sign them up as quickly as possible for membership to their exclusive club that promised admission to Heaven if one practiced their creed. All kinds of excuses were used for this type of perversion. They believed they had the right to take God's words and transform them into an arsenal of tools that would beget many followers. They co-opted those words, from scripture of course, and other historical sources to have their way with the peasant population's lust for acceptance and redemption.
First they showed their power by having all kinds of tricks erected and ready to roll whenever potential new recruits came into their lair (church). They had devices, based on the hydraulic technologies of the time that made statues cry, that made sculptures embrace, that made breast milk flow from female statues and that made model chariots fly across the ceilings. They put on quite a show, one that would rival any Los Vegas casino had such a thing existed at the time. They believed it was their job to ensnare the population because these authorities decided that the populace needed saving from themselves. “Thank goodness they were there to help?” Not!
These were all lies and misrepresentations of course, but they worked. An uneducated population was ripe for the picking. Give them a good show; tell them God was at work in this holy structure, and voila! They now belonged to you.
Now you couldn't just put on any old show, it had to be spectacular. It had to be beyond reproach. It had to convince the curious that you had God's power in your hands. This was a very powerful concept, with many aspiring religions looking for a way into the market.
There had been thousands of years of so-called Paganism to be swept away, before you could establish yourself as the new order. Of course, these new churches were built on the sites where pagans previously worshiped and paid tribute to their idea of God. Some of these venues are still with us today. Stonehenge for example, was erected in the so-called pagan era. In fact no one knows for sure when it was first built. Today's explorers of ancient sites have revealed multiple stages of construction finishing with the version we can see today. Since this wasn't a church it was left alone. But most church sites in Europe are built upon former pagan sites. The other site that remains quiet and undisturbed is Machu Picchu in Peru. Because of its high mountain location, no one has tried to usurp it by building something over top.
Paganism has always been associated with ignorance and even devil worship. What is not revealed to a vulnerable population is the insightful directions these sites did provide. An understanding of Astronomy for example that would seem impossible for anyone to master without today's technology. Perfect alignments with key stars and planets. Perfect alignments with the Earth's changes in season and it's rotation around the sun. Perfect alignments with a repository of astrological signs and symbols that would be impossible for the so-called ignorant individuals pagans were supposed to be.
What happened with today's religions was a coup. Disenchantment with current conditions, with the status quo, with the lack of promise for a full redemption ahead, gave rise to modern religion. Some, such as Judaism and Islam, can trace their lineage much further back than 2,000 years ago. We are here talking about the Christian traditions, and Catholicism specifically. Trickery, mind control and the conditioning of new recruits were the rule of the day. Get as many as you can under your umbrella and sell them the keys to their redemption.
That's what set the stage for the Christian Churches of today. They were erected in this Los Vegas atmosphere of “a sucker is born every minute” (P.T. Barnum, Circus Pioneer). To succeed the population had to remain uneducated and uninformed about the many technological advances that had been made and were being used routinely to “shock and awe” a ready group of seekers. Since Paganism was dead there was a huge gap to be filled in the marketing of Spiritual Solace.
The genius inventors of the day were hired by all of these aspiring new religions to create the shows that would keep the peasants coming to church and dropping their gold coins into the appropriate boxes. The use of water hydraulics, heat and steam were the foundations of all the trickery going on at this time. Beginning about 1500 years ago, these were the ready “magic” that genius minds brought forth and sold to the priestly caste who were busy building their empires. Business was good. New churches flourished and the next generation of spiritual supplicants had been taken in.
Christian churches, along with their many competitors, paid top dollar for these “tricks.” And why not? They worked after all and what better way was there to bring in the flock who “needed the church's guidance” as decried by the church leadership. The ends justified the means. So what if there are some simple distortions of the truth, they were saving the heathens from themselves. What better mandate could you have to justify your larceny and deceit?
The Real Sin
Far from being the true representatives of God's own word through Jesus Christ, they were simply the next generation of crowd pleasers and snake oil salesmen to come down the path. With a ready population of spiritually hungry supplicants they turned Jesus' message “The Kingdom lies Within” into “The Kingdom resides in Our Church”. That was the beginning of a wholesale application of lies and deceits designed to turn people away from their inner dimensions. The real sin, which still goes on today, is in teaching individuals not to trust their inner nature, in teaching them not to believe in inner guidance, in teaching them not to pursue inner strength while instilling in them the identity of “Sinner” which would wrap up the matter of their conditioning and keep them enslaved to religion for the foreseeable future. It was simply good business.
The Catholic Church is a Fake
The Catholic church is an offshoot of the “Holy Roman Empire” which, after the latter's decline, became the “Roman Catholic Church.” Since the empire had been disintegrating from within and its armies were beating a retreat everywhere, they had to turn to something different in order to save some aspect of their power. Since the Catholic Christian religion had been growing rapidly, in concert with Rome's many successful exploits into other lands, it made good business sense to consolidate their dwindling holdings under the banner of a now successful religion. The Roman Catholic Church was born as a non-threatening offshoot of the formerly abusive Roman Army, although it didn't stay non-threatening for long.
The Catholic Church still maintained an army because it needed to protect its holding from armies of hedonists who were out there pillaging their way into valuable market share. In the name of God, the Catholic Church could smite whole groups who, by their definitions, were total heathens and of “the Devil”.
So we have Los Vegas style showmanship bringing in the suckers to newly erected churches that were popping up where military forces formerly held sway, coupled with the power of a Holy Army. A winning hand, if there ever was one. And murder was still OK in these heady times, because the heathens had to be gathered up and delivered to a Fierce God.
Murder was fine as this new entity, the Roman Catholic Church, established itself as the premier religious authority of the time. To this day they still maintain an army, mainly for show, because they are no longer in the business of wholesale slaughter given the bad publicity that might generate. But they are in business. And this brief review provides a sampling of its dark underpinnings.
Today the Catholic Church offers a thin veneer of piety and holiness that is represented by their ruling Pope. He and his gang of Cardinals are today's Holy See. Their ascendancy to power rests on the pillaging and wholesale slaughter of countless innocents who had the misfortune of signing up with an unauthorized religion. Talk about “killing the competition.” This is such a travesty, it sickens me when I think about it. As I peel back the layers to expose their “glorious beginnings” I see nothing but rot, poison, murder and trickery. I see nothing that remotely connects them to Jesus' original offerings. I see a religion that was born on the backs of millions of innocent lives and the powerful army that was in the business of coercing them into the new way.
The Catholic Church is a fake. It's thin veneer of piety and propriety is cracking as I speak. Everywhere there are signs of its imminent demise. This organized religion is not long for this world because it lacks integrity, it lacks truthfulness, it lacks God's endorsement of holy representation. It lacks the skills and the knowledge to bring itself forward in this age of instant internet communication. No sooner do they deliver some epistle trying to reaffirm their stately position, then it is met with a deluge of counter missives declaring the whole thing to be a farce.
That is why this church is on its way out. It cannot keep up with the constant flow of challenges and court dates that its many victims have launched. It cannot hide its incessant flowing of unnatural claims that have been superseded by the truth. It cannot lie anymore and it cannot hide. “The Emperor has no Clothes - has now become “The Church has no Mandate.” Why? Because of one simple truth. They have conditioned their parishioners away from inner knowledge, creativity and power. They have sealed off the door that gives everyone access to the Divine within. They have lied and abused their way into authority and that course of action has had its day.
Now they are busy silencing their critics with cash payments designed to keep so many of their dirty little secrets hidden. Nevertheless, the airwaves, newspapers and other sources of public information are regularly treated to another misadventure by someone in the Catholic Church. The claim that every organization has its miscreants is false. What we are seeing is the True Face of the Catholic Religion which is a source of coercion and lies unparalleled in human history. We have been witness to the biggest scam of all, The Claim that they hold the Keys to Heaven.
“It's over Catholic Church. Start packing up the artwork and other spoils of war you have been accumulating over the years. Have yourself a nice garage sale so you can pay off your debtors. Be prepared to hire a good Bankruptcy Lawyer to keep all those “slimy victims” of yours away from the coffers. You know, the people you abused, lied to, and then abused again when they had the temerity to challenge you. We already know about the payoffs. We already know about the movements of church leaders away from the prying eyes of an astute public. We already know about your cowardly rendition of 'how poor are we to be so attacked by those whose suffering we tried to relieve.' We know all your Bullshit. It's on the news everyday.”
When I began this series I worried about how I would feel taking on this entity called the Roman Catholic Church. I felt vulnerable and naked after each session. That has now given way to revulsion, disgust and nausea at what I've uncovered for myself these past few weeks. I'm not re-inventing the wheel here. I'm not breaking new ground. I'm simply aligning myself with the facts that underscore to true nature of this debilitating organization that calls itself the True Representative of God on this Earth.
They don't use that phrase so much anymore because the competition has been successful in claiming their portions of the world's religious pie. And you can't murder the competition anymore because that will cost you recruits. So you have to play the game as it is organized today. You have to compete for the souls of the uneducated and uninformed.
"You, Catholic Church, will find ready recruits in the poorest nations of the world because they are starving and you give them food, in exchange for membership. You may still be able to coerce whole groups of Western children because their parents are well instilled with your ways. But your days are numbered and some in your hierarchy are already aware."
"You will dismiss these worries in much the same fashion as did your Roman Empire leadership before they finally went under. You will hang on to the belief that you are too mighty to be brought down and you will follow in the path of your predecessor. You will not learn from your grossest mistakes because that would be a repudiation of your original false premises. After nearly 2 thousand years of repeating the same lies to keep yourself in power and keep the membership growing you will not give up on this sorry principle. You will stand on your Titanic prow and continue to claim invincibility, while the water laps at your feet. You are too stupid to grow up and see the truth. For those of us who want to see your end, that will be a true blessing. All we have to do is wait."
"You will sink yourselves with your manipulations and lies. You will denigrate those of us who truly form the Army of Light and you will leave yourselves vulnerable to every kind of attack. In order to cover up your lies you will need more lies and these will come at your peril. You have no defense but to come clean and you will not do so because of your arrogance. You still believe you are beyond reproach. You still believe you have the wool over our eyes. You still believe you can rationalize the behavior of your pedophiles as the exception to the rule. You still believe that condemnation of our inner knowing and our inner guidance connecting us to the real truth is simply not possible. You will believe that till your final days, when the last remnants of your mighty ship slips beneath the waves."
The truth is here. God lives within all of us, just as Jesus originally testified. God does not live in the Catholic Church. If She or He did, the church authority wouldn't have a thing to worry about. But the church has sinned. The church has lied. The church has misrepresented the facts. The church has insulated itself from the truth. The church has hidden behind a blanket of rationalizations.
"You, dear church, have lied to yourselves and to all of us about your status in the world. You have beaten, shamed and guilted the world's vulnerable with your absurd claims to victory over the devil. You are the devil that you invented. You are the self-created entity that you constantly proclaim victory over."

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