The Oasis

The oasis thrives within us, friend. Filled with possibility, hungry hearts come here to rest, seek comfort and be inspired.

With An Open Heart

With An Open Heart

What is it with this Open Heart business? Isn’t that a tough requirement for us humans? Oh yes, we can easily say: “open your Heart and you will receive the best Life has to offer.” But doesn’t that include pain too? Well yes it does. We all know that one, don’t we? So why ascribe such importance to this Open Heart concept? Isn’t that a prescription for danger?

“Oh no.” He says, answering our call. “Not at all. I never meant to harm you with this Open Heart idea, only to alert you that Earth school requires it if you’re going to be successful.”

And of course we don’t know what that means, so He explains further.

“I sent you here on a mission, to learn all that you can, and to notice that those of you with “open hearts” enjoyed the greatest success with their life experience. Yes, they did feel pain along with their joy and other satisfactions. But they felt Life completely and that is My measure of success.

For those of you who block their pain you are at a disadvantage. Those things you block and fail to feel are there anyway, only locked up in some vault that you created within yourself. They appear lost, but actually remain present like an untreated infection, which won’t go away until you squeeze the hurts out.

That’s when a heart is truly open, after it’s healed from every blow thrown in its direction. Life becomes safer then, because you’ve developed tolerance. And tolerance breeds openness, as I’ve described to you before.

So take a good look at yourself before you close that vault door. Make sure that all your hurts are out. Then you’ll be able to proceed fully charged and ready for the challenges ahead. That’s why you need an Open Heart; and that’s where you get to access Me in the bargain.

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