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Calling The Army of Light 4

Calling The Army of Light 4
The Brotherhood of Light

Good times, bad times, they are all happening as we speak. Somewhere in the world there’s a war going on. We of the Ethereal Realms notice with dismay that so many people are still scurrying about wondering what they should wear, where they are traveling to next, and how all their investments are doing. Such simple, yet unimportant considerations when the world at large is in fact headed for a major revolution in thought and application.

This “business as usual” model is their so-called fail-safe alternative where they can pretend that the mighty and the rich still rule the world. The fact is these folks are at their wits end trying to hide their wealth and prepare for the Armageddon they all know is coming.

Your lot in life is of no concern to these so-called elites. They only worry about their place in the grand scheme and will their wealth be protected. A simple cull in the earth’s population is of no concern at all. They firmly believe that their mountain caves and carefully constructed bunkers are a fail-safe option from which they will arise after Armageddon has passed. They feel assured of this because their scientists have said so.

So what’s to become of “you”, our fair haired friends who do not have such options, given your limited wealth and opportunity? What’s to become of you?

The elites, as mentioned, are not concerned about your well being. They have been told that a cull in the human population is necessary for their long term survival and profitability. Your departure will only be felt in their pocket books temporarily and they firmly believe those losses will be recoverable after the New World Order is established.

This New World Order they are counting on is a manufactured belief that their so-called experts have been counting on as a “fait accomplis”. They all swim in the same soup so their belief systems are congruent with each other. They will survive. Of that they are certain.

Meanwhile, The Army of Light prepares its own offensive in anticipation of coming events. By going to seminars, reading books, attending workshops and engaging in meditation practices, The Army of Light has secured its own position in the Ascendency of Mother Earth and all her inhabitants. They will remain on board and not one of them will hide, knowing full well that their investment in Spiritual Security and Ascendency was well placed and about to reap great benefits.

The Army of Light and all whom they influence, will survive this transition. The cave dwellers will not! The latter’s fate is a “fait accomplis”. They will die in their holes as the world above struggles to adjust to all the geographical shifts, weather adjustments to be followed by the re-connection of long dormant DNA strands left unattended since the final Fall of Atlantis.

This is our message today. You who are members of The Army of Light have heard your call. You have felt it rise from within your hearts. You are waking up to the fact that this transition means spiritual growth and every step you take on your personal journey guarantees your Ascension to the 5th dimension of consciousness and the crystalline based body that is required to survive there.

By the time the earth’s calamities have ended on the surface of our dear mother, those cave dwellers will have already perished. There will be no need of them after this shift because the New World Order is being dictated by God and not their selfish pocket books.

So be prepared friends. Perform your due diligence. Stay on track where your Heart guides you and come to Your Spiritual Oasis Centre often. Because, instructions for your survival and the transmutation of your bodies from carbon-based to crystalline-based, are to be released here. Everything you need for your upcoming Ascension will be provided in due course. That you can count on.

There are numerous sources of trust and confluence available to you now. You are at Your Spiritual Oasis Centre because you feel grounded here and highly regarded for your special purpose on this God-Given Mission. Stay true to yourselves and your Inner Guidance. You will be well rewarded for having done your part and "The Light" wishes it to be so.

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