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On Having a Mission

On Having a Mission

Once upon a time there was a young man named Maury. He came to Earth to serve his Lord who had sent him on a mission. The Lord had asked that Maury join with the world in order to learn its ways. Then he could be expected to serve in the highest manner possible. Maury agreed, knowing that the Lord always had a plan that went beyond the obvious in any situation of service. In this case, the Lord entrusted Maury with a duty that had to unfold in portions. Each of these would be revealed at key points in his Earthly life. Along the way he was to be aware only of what everyone else knew at similar stages in life. But once Maury reached a certain age and stage of growth, he was to know all that the Lord required of him.

When the critical time arrived, the Lord wanted Maury to be awakened to his one true purpose. He would need to know this in order to adjust his life direction if necessary and to avoid becoming discouraged. When the time arrived the Lord told Maury that He loved him and that he appreciated all his hard work. By this time Maury had become quite knowledgeable in human affairs and adept in its required practices. He never left a task undone and always went to the limit on anything requested of him. All that the Lord had wished for was there realized at this time. An instrument so finely tuned that anyone would have been proud. And the Lord was, and very pleased as well.

Now it was time to tell Maury of his mission. He was destined, you see, to help bring about a radical shift in human consciousness. And only by knowing that shift himself, through hard earned experience, could he teach it to others. Maury knew little of this type of shift at the beginning of his Earthly life. He behaved as others did and shared values much like their own. But as he grew, he questioned, because he wanted to learn, and soon he was questioning everything. Then one day he realized that, in order to obtain really good answers, he had to go directly to God.

So Maury did just that. He started talking to God on a regular basis and soon he was receiving the best possible answers to all his questions. God always answered as best He could because He knew that, in order to keep Maury’s interest, He would have to talk to him directly. Maury would not be satisfied with any old answer. He wanted it straight. “Tell me what you want Lord and I’ll do it.” That was his motto.

So the story God told him was that this new task was to be a formidable one. It involved awakening the “Army of Light,” by touching all the Souls who had been bitten by the “big sleep.” On Earth this was often referred to as “The Fall” or, the “Secret Separation” that had hypnotized so many into believing they were here alone. “So many lost Souls,” the Lord would say. “How could I have lost so many beautiful Souls?” Maury listened and knew this was so, because God always spoke from His heart. And Maury knew what was in God’s heart because he now knew his own and he understood that his was God’s heart as well.

It was during the process of healing his own wounds that Maury learned to listen to himself, and of course, that helped him to hear God more clearly. Maury became accustomed to listening to his heart, digesting every thought, feeling every nudge and grasping every whisper. Sometimes God whispered, you see, so he had to listen carefully. And he did, and his ability to hear continued to improve. God, you see, was right there, behind all those feelings, all those hurts, all those losses. By getting to know his feelings Maury learned what God wanted from him, because the messages came through easily.

“Go listen to your heart,” God would say, and Maury did.

“I hear it Lord,” he would answer. “I hear that pulse within. It is growing stronger now. I can feel it in my bones.”

“Yes, it is,” God would say, “a very strong pulse indeed.”

“Thank You, Lord. I am glad You approve. I have done my very best. All that you asked for, and more, if You like.”

“I know,” the Lord would respond. “You are doing amazing things already.”

“Thank You, Lord. All because of You and what You have taught me.”

“Say your prayers, son,” the Lord would say. “Say your prayers and listen to My Voice; it is there beside your own. And I know you can hear that one now, so very well indeed.

I hear your whispers Dear, as You sing softly in my ear
I hear your poetry, when you say “Come to Me”
I hear You all aglow, as You announce “time to go”
I hear it all out there, “take on every dare”

I hear You at times quietly, standing by a tree
I hear you in my heart, “time to let it start”
I hear You everywhere, “do not fear the bear
Trust your heart in Me, for you are soon to see
My life yours to bare, when you take on every dare”

“Dare to be with Me, inside every tree
Dare to be alone, there’s no need to groan
All life comes to pass, by My song at last
So be true to Me, then you can really see
That your life out there, is also Mine to bare”

Then the Lord came to live inside Maury’s heart
So they could be together as had been the plan all along
But this time, consciously, is what we all can see
With Maury placed in there, there was no need to fear

The Lord, He is here now, do not fear His brow
Though furrowed it may be, there is no heed for thee
Lest you are afraid, or sorry that you stayed

Otherwise go out there, and take on every dare
Then you’ll soon discover, who it is your “lover”
That He resides in thee, as in every tree

Maury was pleased with this song. It kept coming into his mind. A word here, a phrase there, together they were singing the praises of his Lord. And singing his own as well it seems. Because now Maury knew “for whom the bell tolled.” It tolled for all those Souls that were yet to be awakened, for all those still hypnotized and asleep. For those still unable to choose their own direction and to feel their cosmic pulse within.

When Maury agreed to undertake this task, he knew there would be risks involved. However, the Lord would never forsake him and would keep him informed every day. Maury had no difficulty following His mind, once he understood it was his also.

Then the time came to put the plan into action. And that’s when Maury knew he had a new path ahead of him. No longer lulled by his past and his own sleepiness, Maury undertook to move the plan ahead by publishing the Lord’s messages in a series of books designed to awaken people’s minds. And these were to be accompanied by music as well. All of it would say:
“Wake up soldiers, the time of the Lord is upon us. He needs us now. Let us go forward and do as required. That song written in your heart is His goal for you at this time. Release it and let it play, for it is your part in His forever song.”

At the end of this tale we see that Maury’s new life was just getting started, as was the case with all who heard this message of hope and new beginnings. You see, Maury’s is just one example of the many similar awakenings taking place around the world. He is but one partner in this grand undertaking to which all have been invited. Are you ready to do yours? Then let it be so.

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