The Oasis

The oasis thrives within us, friend. Filled with possibility, hungry hearts come here to rest, seek comfort and be inspired.

Grace and Glory

Grace and Glory

Glory belongs to another era when our lives didn’t seem to matter as much as they do now. In Grace we are pointed in a whole new direction where the Self comes to the surface and takes us onto a new path.

We are to be taken on a mission of mercy now, where others’ needs are equal to our own, where all is possible, but not as determined as it once was.

Where we take this Grace is up to us at this juncture. We can beat it to death as we did with Glory in our past. Or we can take a brand new tack and discover something miraculous about ourselves. That we are truly able to help one another, through our respective challenges and, with compassion. That we can open to a whole new way of being, not measured by what used to stand for success.

It is in these new ventures that we can find our Self. That desperate pulse within that calls to us in our dreams, begging us to melt that cold, cold heart.

Yes, we had to have defenses once. But do we need them now? Is it time to let go of outworn postures and make room for the new? Is it still worth pursuing, this Glory trail, or should we abandon it like so many exhausted adventures?

It’s time to open up now, to heal that wounded dove that is our Self. To set it free upon the winds of time and see what Graces are there to be had.

Let’s do that, shall we? Tell the world that we are reborn, made new as the dove was in the story, and serve our fellow man with compassion and Grace. Isn’t it time to have Grace in our lives and be forever grateful? Then, let it be so!

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