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Awakening the Army of Light

Awakening the Army of Light

A message from the Brotherhood of Light

Greetings, friends and neighbors. How are you this day? We of the Ethereal realms wish to congratulate you on your efforts thus far at finding your way Home. We can see many of you are opening up now, opening to that brightly lit Divine fire within. How does it feel? Warm, isn’t it? Oh so warm and glowing, it feels like Home, doesn’t it?

Suppose we were to suggest that you extinguish this fire, would you do so? Of course not! Why would a child of God extinguish the Light that burns so brightly within. But many of your brethren show no light at all. Have you noticed this? We have from our vantage point and we find that distressing. “What can be done,” you might ask? Well, we do have some answers if you care to hear them.

Once upon a time there was a great God who sent forth his people to bear witness to his Divine Design. These people were to take his word into their hearts and spread it forth amongst the peoples of their land. This would serve to light the Lights of the many who had slipped into a deep slumber from which they could no longer awaken. Now this Army of Light had been assigned this most illustrious of tasks, because He-Who-Knows-All was aware that they were now ready to undertake this work.

The Lord said to them:

“You are ready my brave ones. Go forth and light the lights of the many who have fallen asleep. They need your help and you need the experience. You see, my friends, there are many lights to light in this world and this task is only a beginning. I have many dark and uncharted regions all over this Universe that need exploration and light. I am assembling now my proper Army of Light as way-showers to pave the way for the future of Earth’s residents. This race of humans is at a threshold now, ready to embark on a journey that will bring them closer to me. But first their inner fire must be re-activated and your task is to help bring this about. ‘How?’ Do you ask. And I will show you how.

First let us determine what is required here. A way-shower has need of three things.
  1. His/Her light which must shine brightly from the Divine fire within.
  2. Her/His love of life, which is where all must begin. Without this love there would be no point in going on.
  3. And the help of all mankind to achieve their ends. That’s right! The help of all mankind, for without it, there would be no path to light and therefore no future to behold.

You see this God pointed out that all Lightworkers and Way-showers require an audience, a given state of receptivity toward which to aim their efforts. Without this their efforts would be for naught. Can you see this now? This is essential to understand. Without them, there is no you; and conversely, without you there is no them. Whatever you do for them, you do for your self. And whatever you do for your self, you do for all. Because you are He and He is you and they are Him and He is they. Shine your light smartly and all will shine as a result.

You see, dear friends, your goals are illustrious in no small measure. To enhance the growth of all is to enhance the growth of your Creator and that is no small feat. God has entrusted you with a most noble task. “Bring forth from the dark, the Light of all Eternity and have it rest in the hearts of every individual here on planet Earth.”

But “Oh” you say, “how can this be? There are many on this earth who refuse the light.” Yes, this is so, we agree. But, we also see a spreading of the light from one soul to the next, and so on, and so on, until all the lights are activated and not a soul remains in the dark. We see this because we have seen it before, what we call “this acceleration of the pulse.” Once the fire is lit, it leaps from soul to soul; and before too long all are aware that they have God residing within.

We call it Graduation when a majority of your species achieves this exalted state. “How may I hole?” you ask. And we answer: “by lighting your own light as brightly as you can, from moment to moment, and sharing what you’ve learned. Those that need your lessons will come to you. They will come because of your glow and its special quality that radiates the light within. In you they will see a reflection of themselves, and their own tiny spark of light as it struggles to grow. They will reach for it hungrily, as a person who’s been starved for so long. They will see that this is the nourishment they’ve been craving all along. They’ve been missing that part of themselves since the Big Sleep took them over millennia ago.

That is when the great travesty occurred, the great clouding of the light, as those humans among you fought over who was right. Your great world religions clamored for attention and competed with each other for converts. It became a game for them. Who could win the most souls? Did it not occur to them that, to God whose light burns the brightest, such competitions meant nothing? Apparently they missed that clue. The lights of those who were awakened belonged only to the Creator, since it was He/She who sent them all forth. This grave contest for souls has been for naught. And that is why you Lightworkers are here. To re-awaken the souls of the lost and to magnify your own progress through the shining of your light.

Yes, you lightworkers and way-showers are waking up now. God’s standing army, as it were, of advanced lights, destined to move the Earth into this millennium of peace, love and true prosperity for all. And beyond that , of course! Time to awaken fellow travelers. Time to come out of your hiding places and show the world that which you are made of. Time to show the Creator that you are ready to enter His/Her service through the activation of your light and the launching of your unique mission. “What’s that?” you say. And we answer: “look to your Hearts on that one.”

Is that agreeable? Can we move on from here? Very well then, let’s do so. We are not here to admonish; we are here to advise. We are here to help with the General Awakening by providing one of God’s first Wake-Up Calls to the Army of Light. Are you there, mighty soldiers? Are you ready to receive and extend God’s light on this plane? It would be wise to answer quickly because delaying this action has no more advantage than hitting the Snooze button on your alarm clock. It will just keep ringing until you wake up and say “yes.”

Do you see how it goes now, this spreading of the light? Do you see your part in it? Leaping from soul to soul, in the twinkling of an eye. Leaping over vast voids to brighten the sky. From your heart to theirs, and then back again. “This spreading the light advances for all, God’s causes and delights. For He/She has awakened the Army of Light.” Are you there brothers and sisters? It’s your turn at bat.

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