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Ascension Is for Lovers

Ascension is for Lovers:
Maurice Turmel PhD

Being self-reliant is everything these days. It's the ultimate in expressing self-confidence, and it is the epitomy of self-love. Yes, I see it happening everywhere now. More and more of us are tuning into the Self and accessing those deep reserves of wisdom and knowledge. Whatever we need on the Ascension Path is there for us to garner.

Like you, I have my own inner store now; it may even be a warehouse. Perhaps it's the "big" warehouse where all of us Seekers and Lighworkers go when we are ready to begin showing ourselves and need certain supplies to support our new life purpose.

It could be like one of those movies where a bunch of robots laying dormant in a warehouse are suddenly awakened by some pre-defined signal that turns on their energies and activates their purpose. As each of them awakens, they begin moving around the storehouse and start gathering supplies.

Most of what we need, as sleeping lightworkers who are now awakening, comes in the form of downloads. Some of these downloads are already present within and need to be activated in concert with our growing self-awareness. Additional downloads come from the big Cosmic Server that exists for all of us. This Source has everything we need as we move inward to find our way to it.

This waking part is easy enough; it's the activation part that appears to be the hardest. It means getting in front of whatever has been coming at your being - good, bad or indifferent - so you can accept it and move on past. This is what it means to become self-aware and engage the practice of self-forgiveness.

Oh yes, we are being called to do a lot of that these days - self-forgiveness - because everything we resent stands in the way of our Ascension. Whatever comes up for us, in terms of issues, regrets and past failings, have to be accepted, loved even, so we can finally be done with them.

Surrender - yes, surrender - another word for acceptance - which is another word for self-forgiveness - which means the end of our war with ourselves.

This is the ultimate destination - the Ascension peak - for this final round of involvement with 3D Earth. We are going to ascend without our troubles, faulty life prescriptions, karma, missed opportunities, regrets and whatever else we've been whipping ourselves with once we commit to our personal ascension. My friends, this is The Tunnel of Love that we have been approaching, and all of those old encumbrances are to be left at the entrance.

At the end of this process we arrive at 5D Earth (fifth dimension), beautiful, lovely earth, with all of us aboard as her caretakers, guardians and lovers.

5D Earth is for lovers. Come one, come all, but come as a Lover and you can leave your sorrows behind once and for all.

I can't believe it when I say it, but I say it again and again until it comes true for me. I create my own reality after all, so a little preparation can help the process along and smooth out the bumps along the way. Ascension is upon us like a great grey whale seeking its next meal. We are that meal for the One who sent us out, and now we are Her/His nutrients as Ascension overtakes us.

So I stay on this path and feel protected. I feel guided and nurtured by those unseen forces who coach me along, always encouraging, always loving, always supporting the cause of Ascension.

My friends, this the Cause Celebre du Jour. It is here - Ascension.

Ascension is for Lovers
Are You Ready to be a Lover?

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