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Where Eagles Fly

Where Eagles Fly

Sometimes it is difficult to imagine what the meaning of one’s life is, or what one’s place may be in the larger scheme. With the Universe being so vast and seemingly complex, it is easy for one to feel lost and insignificant. And yet, when we look more closely at any aspect of life, we begin to see how all its great and varied forms are intertwined, how even the tiniest of these rely on each other and provide influence in some imperceptible way. From this perspective all expressions of life and energy become meaningful and, without a doubt, even necessary as we witness this final story.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, there lived a beautiful golden eagle who loved to soar high in the heavens. This eagle felt he was master over all he could view. His vision was sharp and clear and, while soaring in the bright blue sky, he felt he could see into forever.

And then, sadly, the day came when this beautiful golden eagle could no longer fly. There would be no more soaring high in the heavens above, no more viewing the spectacular landscapes that had once spread out beneath him. He had grown old and weary and no longer had the strength to try.

Our beautiful golden eagle had become sad. He felt he had lost his purpose in life. To do what eagles do naturally, in the prime of their life, had been his purpose; and now, it was no longer possible. Our eagle felt lost and afraid.

While he sat there, desolate and alone, a rabbit scurried by. Normally a desirable meal for a healthy eagle, but not so this time. He could only watch as the rabbit hopped along out of harm’s way. Other creatures came and went, and again the eagle could only watch. He was sad because he no longer had a place in the larger scheme. His purpose had been to soar and hunt, which he could no longer do. It was only a matter of time before he would perish.

And it happened; the eagle died and his Soul went to Heaven. There he was greeted by other eagles that had passed on before him.

“Why are you so sad?” they asked.

“Because in my final days I could no longer do what eagles do. I could no longer soar and hunt and that greatly distressed me.”

“We understand,” they replied. “We too were filled with regret in our final days.

We mourned the fact that we could no longer fly or hunt as once we did so easily.”

All the eagles nodded in agreement as they acknowledged this truth to one another. And now, they too looked sad and forlorn.

“But is that not life?’ asked a voice from far in the rear of the group. “Is that not the nature of being an eagle? You are born, you learn to fly, you soar in the heavens and you hunt. Is that not the essence of an eagle’s existence? And when you no longer can do this, when your time to soar and hunt is over, you pass out of that realm and come here. Is that not the nature of any life cycle?”

All the eagles began to mumble amongst themselves, discussing what had just been shared, and then they looked around to see who had spoken. There, in the back of the group, stood a proud and powerful figure, an eagle of unusual proportions and stature, more beautiful than any of them had ever seen. She had a glow all around her that seemed to sparkle when she moved and spoke.

“Who are you? They asked in unison.

“I am the Master Eagle from Heaven,” She answered. “I am the Eagle of eagles. I am the one who guided you on the Earth plane when you flew and when you were on the hunt. I am your guardian, your protector and your source of inspiration for eagle life serving you while you were there. And it is I who bid you to return to Me when your time was at an end. Do you not recall hearing my voice as you soared in the heavens, directing you, nudging you along, encouraging you to try your very best? Do you not remember my whispers in the night as you slept away that day’s fatigue? I have been your friend and your guide throughout your life. I have always been with you.”

All the eagles nodded in agreement. They truly had heard and felt these things, but did not know at the time from where these sensations came. They had all assumed it was simply part of being an eagle and never questioned the source of their inspiration and guidance.

“We see,” one of them stated. “You are the one who guided us throughout our lives then.”

“That is correct,” she replied, “I am the One.”

The newest arrival in the group stepped forward and exclaimed, “You are that voice I heard in my head and felt in my heart. You taught me to fly and to hunt. You taught me how to be an eagle. I recognize you now. How wonderful to finally meet you.”

“Thank you,” the Master Eagle responded. “That is indeed who I am.”

“So, it is not such a sad thing to be called to Heaven?” the new arrival went on.

“Of course not,” the Master Eagle continued. “You have done what you were expected to do. You learned to fly and you learned to hunt. That’s what eagles do and you did it well.”

“Well thank you,” he replied. “Thank you for helping me understand that my life was truly meaningful after all.”

“You are most welcome,” she answered. And then she proceeded to move away from the center of the group.

All the eagles gathered around to continue the discussion. They talked at length about eagle life and eagle purpose. They began to realize that they too had done well, much like their new arrival. Each of them, in their own way, had learned important lessons and made a valuable contribution to eagle life. It seemed impossible to notice this earlier but it was plainly evident now. Each of their lives, while on the Earth plane, contributed to all life at the time, and to future generations of eagles as well. Now they were able to look back and smile. No one’s life was ever wasted.

The group of eagles seemed quite happy with this realization, much to the pleasure of the new arrival. He was prepared now to accept his fate and appreciate there was value in his life right to the very end. He too had made that same valuable contribution. No more tears, no more sorrow, he had done his very best.
“Now on to other things,” the Master Eagle announced as she stepped back up to the group. Toward some new horizon, it seemed, that somehow just came into view. “You have new worlds to conquer, new lessons to learn, new spaces in which to soar. Rejoice and be pleased with yourselves. And know that what I have said to you is true.”

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