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Calling Army of Light 3

Calling The Army of Light – 3
The Brotherhood of Light

First off we would like to comment on the Wiki Leaks installments and Snowden revelations. These revelations have led to very defensive moves by the dark cabal who are trying their best to upright their overturned apple cart. It’s too late! The proverbial cat is out of the bag, and a new slew of formerly secretive and damning information is spilling out into the mainstream. Their attempts to control this growing onslaught will be in vain.
This spilled apple cart is a one stop shopping experience for those who relish and trade on leaked information that governments are so frightened of having made public. Like in the Wizard of Oz, the veil has been lifted and the man behind the curtain who has been pulling those levers and twisting those knobs is revealed as a sham.
The whole disproportionate alliance between reigning government officials and their offspring at the state, provincial and local levels are being revealed for what they are – manipulators, perpetrators of false information, and huge investors in the sham that has the whole world duped into believing things are running on an even keel; when in fact, all their major institutions are floundering.
The rich are scared silly, building bomb shelters, hiding their dollars and francs, and getting ready to withdraw into the mountain tunnels and underground bunkers they’ve been building to survive the upcoming earth changes and subsequent world catastrophes. What they don’t realize is that these very hiding places will ultimately entomb them and they will not be rising from the dead.
This is their future and what they are fighting to continue suppressing. They've been hiding long enough, these forces of the dark. They are the Darth Vader’s of your world community. They are the pestilence that has been hiding behind walls of secrecy; pulling the financial knobs and making humanity tremble with one false prediction after another. The latest of these are Ebola and Isis, invented threats put together in their secretive backrooms Their trademark weapon has always been fear, and the more truth is revealed, the less that emotion can be applied to control you.
Now they are about to be revealed for the cowards that they truly are and for their unending appetite to accumulate more, which is their drug of choice. They are finished! They are dying as we speak. They are holding conferences, like Davos in Switzerland, where they quake in their shoes. They have been masquerading as humanity's friends and cohorts, while secretly despising the majority of humans and viewing you as expendable.
They are like Hitler’s S.S. The majority of humans are just a number and entry in their ledgers. To balance their books and regain control of the world’s resources they need masses of humans to disappear. So prescribed events like Ebola and the threat posed by Isis are part of their current attempts to cull humanity back into what they deem as manageable proportions.
But it’s too late! The cat is out of the bag, as we said earlier, and these so-called elites are already losing on a grand scale. And what is the worst thing that can happen to them? - Their artificial Net Worth collapses beneath their feet. World markets begin to tumble - like oil prices. Wiki Leaks delivers another blow of unfiltered information. And their whole house of cards, suspended by eons of lies, comes crashing to the ground. They are finished and We, You, as The Army of Light, have just begun!
We, dear Lightworkers are the ones taking over the world. We, dear Starseeds, are the ones stepping to the fore. We, dear Spiritual Seekers, are the ones moving into prominence, with our Hearts wide open, with our Love spilling over, and with our complete embrace of the Truth.
We are the ones moving into the ranks of management, or more precisely, positions as coordinators of the years to come and the Golden Age that is pressing itself upon us. We are the architects, designers and builders of The New Earth that is now manifesting at an unprecedented clip, moving faster than a runaway freight train, coming down a mountain, with the wind at its back.
We, The Army of Light, are preparing to take over and are already stepping into the many breaches vacated by the dark forces of the world. We are the Shock Troops known as The Army of Light and we fight with our hearts, minds and souls - never with swords.
There is going to be a New World Order, but not what the forces of the dark wanted to create. These elites from the world’s wealthiest families who for years, controlled governments, the world’s Bankers and the major religions will no longer be at the helm. Like today’s Pope, they are all scurrying about, trying to be relevant, trying to get our attention, trying once again to scare us into submission, while we are busy pouring over the latest feast served up by Wiki Leaks and the current lineup of whistle-blowers who are here to serve us.
So here we are, my dear troops, ready to take on the elites and corrupt nations of the world with their vast deposits of hatred and acrimony which is now being delivered to the One True Source to be washed away for good.
Celebrate that, dear Army of Light. Celebrate your spiritual achievements and be done with the dark. That is our urging to you. The Spiritual Flow that is washing over the Earth at this time will take care of the rest.

The Brotherhood of Light

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