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Look to the North

Look to the North

There once was a young man named Martin who went on a journey to visit his Soul. Martin had always been a quiet man until one day a reindeer crossed his path. This deer had come down from the North where great wise men were said to dwell. The deer was a messenger sent by He-Who-Knows-All to inform certain “sensitive” individuals of His goals. On this day the message was being delivered to Martin so he could awaken to these eternal truths and go out and share this recovered knowledge. Martin had always been so quiet that he rarely experienced any upheaval or pressure for change. However, when this message arrived Martin accepted it, in spite of the potential consequences to his life, and went bravely into the World to carry out his mission.

Martin had been asked by He-Who-Knows-All to deliver a message to all the people of the Earth. The message was a poem which he was to recite at every opportunity during his travels. This message was of a very special nature in that it had been spoken repeatedly since the very dawn of time. It was a message of Peace and Love and it went like this:

Gather ye round my friends and neighbors
For I have news of grave importance
The Great One, God, has contacted me
And asked that I repeat to you this poem

Oh where can you be, you who can see
The Light and Love of God everywhere
There happens to be at this time in our history
A challenge that aims to bring us around

For you see, my good friends, if the truth were known
There are no simple answers to be had
Our Paths are intertwined; we are all connected
And He-Who-Knows-All wishes to be found

Let us see if we can determine what His nature might be
In the systems of planets and stars that abound

We cannot know His story, if we stay bound to the Earth
And do not venture into the further reaches of His mind

Could it be that we, His seed, are too frightened to proceed
And discover what He has left for us to be found?

It is our task, you see, to seek out such truths
To go out and find Him and then return

He sent us forth before, and gave us all we needed
So that we could learn to love and share

When we departed then, it was to return again and again
And each time come back richer for the effort

But soon we forgot our nature; we forgot that we were lost
And we misplaced that most important direction to the North

For up there in the sky, hangs a star that is His eye
And it can lead us back to where we can be found

This eye we see out there is present everywhere
And helps us find our way on this holy ground

We cannot be forsaken, if He simply has taken
All manner of precautions to help us come around

There was a time you see, when we thought we could enjoy
All of His glory in the distances that abound

But soon we learned our nature, that we were easily frightened
And our self-assuredness and curiosity ran aground

As we began to look about for the truth in what we saw
We fell asleep and slipped into our despair

Because the Eye that once guided us, had lost its luster
We wound up wandering aimlessly all around this sphere

Now the message I have to bring, is of good news, I am told
The message is that We can again be found

We have to look inside now, for that Eye in the sky
And there our treasure, I am assured, will be located

The Eye inside is our connection to the Holy Divine Fire
It is our link to all that is eternal and true

We have only to look about to know we are observed
And that our fate is not so random after all

There is a purpose in everything, a pattern to be sure
That sets us upon our true path

This Eye we hold inside is our beacon of Light and Love
It will take us back to Him who is totally aware

We cannot know for certain, if our aim is true or perfect
But we can learn of our purpose through our Soul

This Eye I speak of is the Soul, my friends
It is of Him who incarnates His Love in Us

His dwelling there is forever; let there be no doubt
No life exists without Him; that is for certain

He honors our wishes; our task is to listen
And bring forth that which whispers in the dark

This deeper inward dwelling that hides all kinds of secrets
Is the place where wonderful treasures can be found

For He who dwells within, speaks freely from this chamber
Advising us on our purpose and our path

Why would He be so considerate of all our wishes
If these were not part of His grand design

Nor does He ignore our needs, or deprive us of special benefits
Since all of these have a purpose in the Plan

This Plan He has is certain; but requires us to participate
As He cannot bring it about on His own

He created us to be with Him and bring about His glory
So that all manner of Life and Purpose would abound

There is no other requirement than to be in His service
To ensure that all forms of living are expressed

For without our participation, our Lord has no Nation
And no Life or Love can here be found

So you see, dear friends, your purpose is very important
To Him from Whom all Life is derived

He has no need of service unless you know your purpose
And that purpose is that Home can be regained

Now listen all you people; we have a reason to rejoice
We have laughter, we have purpose and we have a voice

This voice we give back to Him is not to be left quiet
But to shout louder the praises that He is blessed

He gave us His energy and He gave us His love
In so doing, He asked only that it be returned

The great cycle of Life requires there be giving and receiving
So that all could be nurtured and thus served

Let us now sing His praises as we chant our Forever song
Let us shout out so that all can be informed

We have whispered for too long, held back our tones
And our voices have grown weaker with each passing day

We were never lost, only asleep, and now we are awakening
We are part of His great plan and scheme

There is no use pretending that we are alone any longer
This has never been the case, to be sure

Our egos only thought so, because they lived in fear
It was they who believed that we were abandoned

So my friends, in our rejoicing, we can all know for certain
That our Lord has come to take us all Home

He reaches out from Heaven, and up from in our Hearts
To touch us and have us be His own

He is not jealous of our delights, or saddened by our plights
He is only too pleased to have us come Home

So gather your belongings, and point yourselves to the North
For the star up there beckons us to come along

To His Castle in the Sky, to His unwavering Eye
Let us venture out at last, and go Home . . .

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