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Atlantis Rising Spirit 2

Atlantis Rising Spirit 2

Atlantis provides the fundamental framework for where we are today versus where we are going in terms of our spiritual quest. We are leaving Old Atlantis behind, that is its second phase that morphed into greed, competition and annihilation of others who were not like us at the time.

We are returning to the original Atlantis before the Fall. That was a time of serenity and peace where all were concerned with celebrating creation and the abundance the Earth provided.

We were silicon based at that time, crystalline, like those old radios from the 1950’s. In other words, we could receive abundant energy and transform it into light. We could create with such ease then. All we had to do was visualize and within moments, there it was before us, the object of our manifestation.

We created through our mind’s eye which sent out information into the ethers, to have it returned as the fully formed product or service we desired. We created voraciously then because we were on a mission to populate the Earth will all manner of life forms, including ourselves.

We refined the products of our manifestations until they were just so. Flowers and plants, animals and insects, all that we could conceive of was brought to the fore. It was like having a Fairy Godmother. Whatever we wanted, she would deliver.

But it wasn’t about possessions then. It was about the sheer joy of creativity, the very same joy the Great Creator experienced when She/He created us. We were born and evolved into God’s likeness then. And we were capable of recognizing that fact as we went about our daily lives.

Many of us today avow that reincarnation is a fact. As souls we have reincarnated many times. This is also true of Advanced Souls and some Ascended Masters. Take Jesus Christ for example. He was also there in Atlantean Times as a teacher and healer, along with his beloved Mary Magdalene. They were demonstrating then what was possible in terms of DNA restructuring and advancing the light of creativity.

There is only one reason for creativity and that is growth. God wants to grow. She needs us to grow. He needs us to keep expanding and reaching further into the atmosphere of life, here on Earth, and everywhere else in the Universe. There is no end to this function. It just is. Creativity is an ongoing process, moving steadily forward, like a river flowing across a grassy plain.

We are God’s creators who create again and again. We send out messages into the Universe, messages of love and abundance, and God returns that which applies best to the situation at hand. It happens often that what is returned far surpasses what one originally conceived. You may be shaking an apple tree with the hopes of getting plenty of apples and instead, you get an avalanche of oranges because that’s what you truly need. She who knows best sent you oranges because you had a vitamin C deficiency that caused you to crave apples. Who knew? Well somebody did!

The Great Creator works in mysterious ways and that’s OK by me. I’m here to do my best and deliver my best. If God wants to help me make my contributions even better, so be it. I like surprises and I like unexpected windfalls. Don’t you?

Well of course you do, we all do. That is the nature of creativity. It is one of the most rewarding aspects of our Divinity and willingness to share. We get to see each other’s creations emerge; and we get to watch each other flower. Isn’t that amazing? Can’t beat that now, can you?

Imagine this. An earth where all of us cooperate with each other, help each other and support each other while standing our ground within our own identity. No competition! No envy! Just relaxed observation and integration, for only one purpose, to help the Great Creator grow. Can you believe that we have been given the privilege to do that? That’s like getting to hang out with your favorite movie star or musical artist. You keep company with the very best and no one is short-changed.

That’s the world we are moving into as we ascend into the 5th dimension of consciousness, or rather, return to the state of consciousness we enjoyed prior to the Fall of Atlantis. This shift will no doubt be convulsive at times, even frightening I would guess. But we who are engaged in the process will move forward with the knowledge that we are protected and guided by good spirits assigned to ensure our well-being during this period of transition.

The more we align with Divine sources of energy and light, the more we are in tune with our individual destinies and life mission. That is our purpose here at this time, to see this transition through, to be part of it and integrate ourselves within it. This transition is a passing phase whose convulsiveness will end once we reach the other side. It’s like giving birth to ourselves, our true selves, only this time we can see everything that was promised as we work our way through the process.

All major life changes are convulsive. There are steps taken forward, and occasional retreats. But the overall movement is consciousness moving forward, always forward, into a wider and more comprehensive view of the earth and our place aboard this most wonderful planet.

We are on this Earth, but not of it. We were born in the stars and the Master saw to it that we had all the experiences we needed to become the loving individuals we were destined to be. What else is there to do here on this splendid planet, but to grow and prosper?

We have seen banking fraud. We have witnessed illegal wars. We have seen Catholic priests abuse children. We have observed pharmaceutical companies invest millions into products we don’t need, except by their say so. We have witnessed mad men on Wall Street prey upon the public and each other with their self-serving lies, all in the name of greed. We have seen public figures and corporations abuse each other in a manner that seemed unimaginable just a few decades ago.

We have seen where egos and power politics lead. We have witnessed the lies and the fatal results. Someone always gets hurt under the guise of Free Enterprise. Right now, during this housing market meltdown, we have seen families financially and spiritually crushed, then thrown into the street.

So where are we to go now? There’s nothing out there that we can truly believe in or trust. There’s no unblemished religion that we can stake a claim with. There’s no public institution that can save us from the crazies who just brought on the global economic meltdown. There is no individual who can wave a magic wand and make all our perils go away. We are each responsible for ourselves. The lesson from the Fall of Atlantis is simply this. “Listen to Your Heart and stay connected to Source.” This is the framework of spiritual success.

For those of us involved in therapy, healing and personal growth, this has been a hard won set of circumstances, sufficient to bring us to our knees. We have a choice. We can continue to squander our rich personal resources, or, we can turn them over to God as was the original plan.

That plan was being gloriously played out in the first phases of Atlantis, which was an absolute jewel in the Atlantic Ocean and a breeding ground for creativity unparalleled since those times. It truly was a magical place, populated with people like us who interacted daily with the angels and cherubim who also occupied that 5th dimensional space. This was the Garden of Eden because we lived in union with all dimensions of life and treated our Earth home with dignity and respect.

As a species, we were happier then, filled with hope and promise. As the Fall approached we became aware that certain cosmic forces were beginning to experiment with the Dark, with Control, with Competition and with Greed.

We could see the approaching demise of our light-filled lives and our lighter-than-air bodies. We could see the beginnings of 3rd dimensional matter swirling all about us. We felt the clutches of density consciousness envelop us and take us downward.

Those of us who could, held onto the light and preserved that glorious knowledge for this time in our history. We can each access that light more readily now as we move into this new future and take advantage of this Cosmic opportunity to return to our true place in the Sun.

We will become ephemeral again. We will float among the stars and we will return to the course the Great Creator set out for us in the beginning, the path we abandoned when we slid into the Fall. We will transition back to the 5th dimension and pick up where we left off, benefiting from all these lessons accumulated since our spiritual ship ran aground. The new age of consciousness is here and available to all who seek it. It is your Free Choice to do so.

We will soon be remembering who we were back then and who we truly are today. We will surrender to that inner pulse that guides us like a beacon in the night. Because we are now looking inward and managing our lives from the inside out, we will no longer be savaged by others’ conceptions of 3rd dimensional material reality. We will know the truth for ourselves and have no more excuses for running our lives into the ditch.

Can you believe we’ve come this far? Can you believe that Lightworkers, Starseeds, Wayshowers and Walkins all over the world are united on this front? Can you believe we are finally moving in the right direction and we all know it? How long have we laid in the dark anyway? Too long I’m afraid. But that’s over for me now. How about you?

Today’s humanity is Atlantis’ Rising Spirit returned, that indomitable spirit we once enjoyed. And with it will come all of our life memories intact.

We will know who we were back when Jesus Christ walked the Earth the last time around. We will remember what we stood for and what we did during those heady days in Atlantis when creativity was our sole purpose. We will resume our trust in the Savior of Mankind, that inner Divinity that is us at our core.

We are God incarnate! We knew it before and will remember it soon. This false trail we’ve been on has run its course. There is no other way to live than through the Divine Template we were created from.

This is what it means to have Atlantis Return. This is what it means to be part of Atlantis’s Rising Spirit. Are you ready for more? Then get on board and fill your heart with the new directions, coming at us from every angle possible, including those marvelous crop circles that speak directly to our soul. Treasure Island is to be found within and your heart already knows the way.

Home is where the Heart is, remember?

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