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A Roadmap for Ascension

A Roadmap for Ascension
MauriceTurmel PhD

We begin with the end goal. What is that goal? Ascension!

Yes, but more than that. The end goal is to elevate the Self within the human frame as the true center of the personality. Not the ego, but the Self!

Why the Self?

As noted in previous writings, the Self is the human side of the Self/Soul equation that we are. We are representatives of the Divine (souls) anchored in a human body that is to be directed by the Self as an extension of its divine purpose. Self and soul inform each other so that the Self guides our human representation while being informed and nourished by the Soul, its Divine counterpart.

The Soul ascends as the Self grows and expands on this plane. The Self is our grounding in the Earth realm. The Soul is our link to the Divine. The Divine is All-That-Is and includes the Soul, that is every individual Soul on this Earth.

To bring Self in line with Soul and the Divine we need a Bridge. The Path of the Hero is the sacred representation of that Bridge to the Divine. We use the Hero Path as a model for building our bridge and then crossing it. We call this Our Bridge to Hope. Hope being the Divine and Bridge being the link form Self to Soul. This bridge is an essential part of your path and you will construct it.

What are the tools of bridge building that will help us connect Self to Soul? Inner communication, to be precise! Communicating with Self, that is “listening” to Self via Journaling is the bridge to Soul. Self always leads to Soul. Ego always leads away from Soul. Since you are reading this material, you are at a point in your development where you have to choose. Choose Self and you are on your way to Soul. Choose ego and you remain in 3rd dimensional consciousness.

When we forego ego we step onto the Self side of the bridge. The Bridge to Hope, which then becomes the Bridge to Soul and Divinity.

You may have heard those claims that the Divine is right there where we left it. That may satisfy a few people, but not many. Knowledge is not experience. But experience is true knowledge. Knowing at a felt experiential level is the key, because this opens the heart (feeling center) which transcends the ego.

The Ego:

The ego is a bump on the road that has to be negotiated. It has to be seen for what it is – a frightened part of us hungry for power. The ego has become an error in our evolutionary process, a sticking point where so many have come to flounder. The ego represents the ultimate aspect of 3rd dimensional thinking. It repeatedly attempts to control fate, which is futile. Runaway egos always lead to addiction or suicide.

At some level, the ego knows it is going to die. But it doesn’t really believe it because it has no experience with dying. Remember, only experience is true knowledge. “Dying happens to others and not to me” says ego. So the ego directs you toward achieving greatness or accumulating money as a way of insulating itself against the truth of its finiteness. Some of us pursue greatness through education, as I did with my PhD. Others pursue money as a way of personal validation. Often times these pursuits are about vindication, rather that a true calling. They are usually propelled by feelings of negative self-worth.

In my case I blew everyone away with my education, especially my parents, who I thought believed me to be inadequate. It was my own self-judgment at work here and not theirs. As mentioned above many individuals do the grandiosity trip with money, like Madoff and his Wall Street cronies. Some pursue scientific greatness. I pursued degrees, 3 of them to be exact.

These are cases where wonderful talents are used in the service of the ego and its need for self-aggrandizement. That’s the state of the ego. It always wants to dominate. So, no matter what you achieve, or accumulate, it is never enough. Like a drunken sailor, the ego always wants more.

Our Self wants to comply with the Grandeur Purpose that life has to offer. Our Self wants the true glory of self-sufficiency and divine inheritance as part of the larger matrix. Self, in the beginning, knows at an unconscious level, that it belongs to God. Self becomes aware of its Divinity through our efforts at self-development and personal growth. Self communicates with Soul. Soul helps elevate Self until Self can see its true nature as part of the Divine matrix.

This is when our evolution becomes conscious. Conscious evolution is our purpose at this time and the royal road to Ascension. We have to rise above the petty circumstances of glory seeking and other side trips perpetrated by ego. These are only distractions designed to keep the ego in power. What truly matters is our being and connection to All-That-Is. We need Self and Soul working together for the Glory of God on this earth plane. A Divine Earth Plane is what we are all seeking.

To come out of our morass of pettiness and simplicity we need to engage psychology, sociology, morality and mythology. We need all of these influences working together to help us move past ego, so we can begin the work of healing and releasing the early dysfunctional influences that propped ego up. Taking our personal healing seriously means taking our lives seriously. And moving from ego domination to self-acceptance and self-affirmation is the revolution necessary to fully engage the process of Conscious Evolution.

This doesn’t happen until we reach that point where we know enough about ourselves to take the proverbial bull by the horns, by which we mean, consciously choosing our destiny as it is informed by our Soul. This is the process I have been engaged in for the past fifteen years, since I wrote the first draft of my novel The Voice. I have completed a process of connection, which is the felt experience of the Divine in my life.

This has been a hard won struggle because my ego would not let go easily. On the other hand, I would not let go of my ego because until it felt safe to do so. Letting go of ego by stepping on the bridge that leads from self to soul is the proverbial “Leap of Faith”. It is scary to finally let go but that is necessary to begin your process of Ascension. The ego is an anchor that must be released. It goes when You Let It Go and not before. You cannot wish it away; you must evict it.

In the process of “receiving” over the years I learned to release my ego’s influence bit by bit. I was always scared to let go completely. This is the Hero’s Journey par excellence. Each of us has to take that step with our heart in our throat. As long as you stay focused on your goal of “connecting” (self to soul) you will arrive eventually.

Your ego knows that and will throw every scary situation it can at you to keep you reliant upon it. Only by remaining focused and persevering with your personal and spiritual Growth efforts will you conquer that attachment.

What You Need to Know:

Y our ego is simply the frightened child within you, the part of that was abused or frightened in early life and chose to stay hidden for survival’s sake. Your anger, or rage, is the protective part of the ego alliance and analogous to mythology’s guard dog Cerberus. Once your ego finds itself at the mercy of your continuous efforts to grow, it begins to see its end on the horizon. Your ego will fight tooth and nail because it views its descent from power as a death. Once you understand these dynamics, you will find it easier to let it go.

Your ego may kick up a fuss now and then from its new position on the perimeter of your being, but it will reveal itself as the frightened child it has always been. Your Self, now properly placed at the center of your life, will pat it on the head, let it speak through your journal, but never let it dominate again. Once you have broken the spell of the ego there is no going back. Conscious Evolution is fully engaged and you are ascending at an accelerated pace.

Your Self, directed by Soul, will be your guardian and director from this point forward. Your Self will become more consciously aware of its Divine heritage. You will begin allowing your decisions to be informed by Source. That is you will consult with that part of you more often and your life will move forward more gracefully from that point on.

You will know that God (your Higher Self) is with you at all times, that He does not live out there where Religion wants to place Him, but actually lives in your heart (feeling center) as has always been the case. Feeling that connection is the knowledge that you seek. That felt embrace is the reality of who you are on this plane, at this moment, on this plane. There are no other explanations. This is it. You are God; and God is You.

Building Our Bridge:

Can you see this pattern we are talking about? We build our Bridge to Hope by our conscious choice. We align ourselves with All-That-Is by making Source the main focus and influence in our lives. We get to this point by relinquishing ego as the center of our life. Ego is always frightened. Ego goes to war because it is frightened. Ego accumulates wealth because it is frightened. Ego is driven by fear. Self is motivated by Love. Which of these paths do you want to affirm in your life right now? The ego’s path of fear, or the Self’s path of Love? Decide!

Ascension is about bringing the Divine into material form while moving up the consciousness ladder to meet with Source. We and Source are reaching for each other. As mentioned at the beginning, ego dominates in 3rd dimensional consciousness. Self and Soul dominate in 5th dimensional consciousness. Ascension is the process of moving from the 3rd dimension to the 5th by entering and negotiating the transitional healing and clearing stage of the 4th dimension. The 4th dimension is our Spiritual Adolescence. The 5th dimension is Adult Spirituality.

I will be using myself as a reference point as we document this process and show you exactly what you are up against every step of the way. It won’t make your journey any less painful, but it will give you the courage to stay on track. You have nothing to lose but the pettiness of your ego and everything to gain from the gifts and talents available through Self. You will express all that you are because Self, no longer repressed by ego, is free to explore and create. You will want to create because the Divine is your co-pilot and creating is what God and we are all about.

Our foundation for this process is Spiritual Psychology as described in the Hero Myth at the beginning of this book.

We will need a linking mechanism to pull all of this together. That mechanism is inner communication via Journaling. We will be consulting with Soul at every opportunity through conscious journaling.

To start off we will write a brief summary of our life story, identifying key experiences along the way that shaped subsequent decisions. This will give us a view of our path through life to this point. Again, I will be illustrating with my own life path.

Then we will begin to ask the tough questions.
How you came to this Earth / Your Life Lessons / Your Parents / Your church or religion of influence / Your pursuit of self-help and personal growth / Your arrival here at the doorstep of Ascension.

In my case I will be dealing with blue collar parents who used physical discipline and sometimes violence to deal with their children.
I will address the Catholic Church, its influence on me, and my ultimate rejection of it as a crippling entity that actualizes denies access to the Divine. My early pursuits with self-help, my commitment to Psychology as a way out, my years as a therapist, my early beginnings connecting with Guidance, my letting go of ego and full embracing Self, Soul and Source, my understanding of why I came to be here, my chosen circumstances, my chosen parents, my life path in general and my undying commitment to Source every step of the way.

I am going to breathe life into this process with the help of my guidance of course.

Are You Ready?       

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