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The Wrong Body

The Wrong Body

This is a story about a man who found himself trapped inside a body. That is, through some mistaken circumstance, he found that he was occupying a body that he had not intentionally chosen. How did this happen and why a “wrong” body? These are questions we will examine in the following story.

First, you must be willing to consider the proposition that a person chooses their body before entering the Earth Plane. It is not necessary to believe this, just to accept the premise as this tale unfolds. This choosing could take place early in the gestation cycle or moments before the actual birth. For the sake of our story, either method is possible.

Our man David, the subject of this tale, was typically given to dawdling, so his choosing, as expected, was made at the last possible moment before birth. Prior to this very important occasion David had been occupied with some other interests, paying little heed to his impending incarnation. Let us look in on the scene to see what actually happened.

Once there was a man named David who was destined to reincarnate into the world of matter. David was not known for his attentiveness in preparing for such events. He preferred his various distractions overall rather than concerning himself with a future on the Earth Plane again. You see there was a time when all David did was worry. Worry about this, worry about that, worry about anything he could imagine and oftentimes more.

There came a day when David could no longer tolerate his excessive worrying. So he decided to stop by occupying himself with as much trivia as possible. In this effort he became quite successful. He was able to master the art of mind trickery where he kept himself busy with various types of distractions in order to avoid worries. David became so good at this that he forgot about worrying altogether and he became more and more enmeshed this strategy of avoidance. Why he even forgot to attend to the simplest of choices regarding his life and needs as we are about to see.

Now the Congress of Souls who oversaw matters of incarnation were hard at work trying to find David a suitable situation and body. The family circumstance would have to be tailored to his current needs in terms of lessons to be learned. As they were busy toiling over this assignment, David remained distracted in his usual way, oblivious to the huge efforts that were being made on his behalf.

As David continued busying himself with trivial matters, a member of the Congress suggested that they consider installing him in a “wrong” body. Now, what did this mean, actually? How could you in fact put someone in a wrong body, for no matter where a soul was placed, that should be the right place for the lessons they were about to learn? And David, we can assume, had his list of lessons to address, but as usual he remained oblivious to what was before him. The Congress decided to go ahead with this unusual plan. They would find the exact “wrong body” for David and install him there. Then they would step back to watch this unusual Earth Life circumstance unfold.

As David was occupying himself with one of his many diversions an announcement was made:
“Please prepare to incarnate sir, as we have only a few moments before birthing into your new family takes place.”
David lifted his head long enough to try and glimpse what was happening when “swoosh,” there he was exiting the birth canal of his new mother. Before he could fully realize what had happened, he had been wrapped in linens and placed in his mother’s arms. The birthing into the Earth Plane had taken place.

David’s new mother, it turns out, was a very large gorilla that had lived in captivity since her birth. She was so used to humans that she thought herself to be human as well, behaving much as they did, mimicking their every gesture and mode of conduct. Over the years she had acquired an array of human characteristics, having grown so comfortable in that environment. The fact that she now had a new human baby was no surprise to her.

Natalie, our gorilla mother, was highly pleased with her new son whom she promptly named David for some inexplicable reason. Perhaps it was because this name was so common in her environment, or perhaps she was “guided” to do so. At any rate David, the new son, looked up at his mother, gasped in surprise and began to wonder about what had just happened. The last thing he had heard was the call to prepare for incarnation and now he was in the arms of a gorilla mother. “What’s going on here?” he asked himself rather anxiously.

As it was, David’s memory was still intact from prior to this incarnation, even though he was now a tiny human baby again. As a result, he knew he could contact his Higher Self and ask for direction in this unusual set of circumstances. After all, there had to have been an error here, and now he urgently wanted to be on his way into an appropriate human lifetime.

Meanwhile, Natalie, our gorilla mother, was enjoying her new son and displayed him to everyone who visited. The neighboring gorillas came by to see, as did the human caretakers of this home for captive creatures. All were somewhat astonished as to this baby’s unusual appearance for a gorilla, but for some strange reason, no one really questioned what they saw.

David, however, was now frantic for answers. “How could this be that he was born to a mother gorilla?” Just as he was pondering this question again, begging for help, his Higher Self did respond to his desperate queries.

“Well, my dear fellow, I see you are in quite a mess here. You assumed you were being delivered to a human family but here you are with a gorilla mother. How very puzzling.”

“Yes, High Self, I am concerned,” David went on. “How did this happen to me? What can I do?”

“Well, David,” his High Self continued. “As it turns out, prior to this incarnation, you were preoccupied and distracted as has been your pattern lately. So the Congress of Souls decided to play a joke on you. They decided to give you a gorilla mother to see if you would awaken from this pattern of inattentiveness. You see, there are choices to be made prior to an incarnation, choices that will determine the pattern of your existence on the Earth Plane. Since you paid little heed to anything of such consequence it was decided that you needed a wake up call. So here you are.”

“You mean my own inattentiveness to this upcoming event landed me in this circumstance?”

“Yes indeed.” David’s High Self answered. “Sometimes a jolt is needed for those of you who prefer distraction over being focused. And only when that point is properly made can an individual be reassigned to a proper human family.”
“I do believe that the point has been made,” David responded rather sheepishly.

“Good.” David’s High Self went on. “We can see that you have awakened to the fact that you incarnated with a gorilla mother. And now you appear to be quite attentive to the circumstances in which you find yourself. So the question before me and the Congress is: do we reverse the process that brought you here and return you to the world of spirit, or do we leave you to be raised as a gorilla?” This all being stated now with notable humor.

“But High Self,” David pleaded, “should I not be with a human family?”

“Yes, of course,” was the reply. “But you do have a human body that was somehow issued from this creature.”

“Yes, but is that possible under the laws of Nature?” David was frantic at the thought of being left with Natalie.

“You are quite right,” his High Self replied, barely able to contain his amusement. “But then again, here you are, a human baby born of a gorilla mother” he stated flatly.

“I understand the mistake, High Self,” David quickly replied. “And I understand the nature of this particular lesson. What do I do now to have this situation remedied?”

And David’s High Self, now able to contain his giddiness, answered, “I’ll have to confer with the Congress of Souls and return to you shortly.”

David had to wait for an answer to his dilemma. It seems that the original debate about where to place him had not been completely settled when his birth to Natalie took place. The Congress of Souls also had been momentarily distracted. While they were still joking about the consequences of this action, David was born to the gorilla mother. “And somewhere,” one of Them now speculated, “there might be a gorilla baby born to a human mother.” It was at this point in the discussion that David’s High Self came to call on Them for the necessary remedy. So now the Congress of Souls had to come up with a corrective plan to have him transferred to a more appropriate human family.

Yes, a cosmic dilemma was at hand. It seemed that two babies were possibly in the wrong hands; therefore two families would require a corrective remedy. As it turned out, David’s human family was still awaiting him so the second part of the dilemma was not at issue. All that was necessary was for the proper delivery of a baby gorilla to Natalie and the transfer of David to his appropriate human family once birth there was imminent. All being clarified the Congress set about making the necessary adjustments. While she slept, Natalie’s human baby son was quietly substituted with the more appropriate gorilla baby and David was momentarily returned to spirit to await his upcoming incarnation into a human family.

Interestingly enough, after David arrived back on the spirit plane he paid close attention to every detail of the preparations for his impending incarnation. He reviewed the Congress’ plan to have him introduced to a proper human family, the characteristics of his birth parents and the lessons this experience would bring him. When birth finally did occur, it was observed by all present that baby David was very attentive to his surroundings and that he responded well to all forms of stimuli. Some of those present even thought this to be rather exceptional for a newborn.

“This baby,” all agreed, “is extremely alert.”

“Such a pleasure,” the parents reflected, “for this child will indeed be a joy to rear.”

For his part, David had forgotten who he was and why he was here. In his world, all was a symphony of color and sound, taste and smell, sensory experiences that he responded to with glee. It was clear that, even at this early point in his life, this baby was eager to experience it all.

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