The Oasis

The oasis thrives within us, friend. Filled with possibility, hungry hearts come here to rest, seek comfort and be inspired.

Our Grand Escapade

Our Grand Escapade

         Stranger things have happened you say than being found on this plane after years of stardust cleansing and comet chasing.  It’s a rare sight to see from that Cosmic point of view.  Out there everything seems possible and equally amazing.  The gliding of planets, the circling of moons, stars streaking across the inky night, so much motion, so much animation, we can all see it if we try.

How does that relate to what we do here?  Well, those stars and planets are in motion because of what?  Because He set them spinning, of course.  What other explanation can there be.  Random means unpredictable.  Nothing moves out there except in predictable patterns.  Are we so predictable too?  Do we have a direction that is our ideal?  Absolutely so!  

We have a trajectory that is uniquely our own.  It can be measured and predicted if one knows the fundamentals of cosmic space.  All individual life forms move toward a higher order, a disassembly and reassembly at a new altitude.  That is what’s meant by Transformation.  We become something more than we were, be it physically, psychologically or spiritually.  

And what is that “more?”  The God likeness in us, of course.  The Creator’s breath upon our life.  He brought us into being and He urges us forward.  He wants us to expand, to gain and to grow.  He wants this for Himself as much as for us, because we are extensions of His wisdom, and involved in this desire to grow.  
We are at His mercy in that sense, but not so as we cannot choose.  We can always choose.  There are simply better choices available when we understand the dynamics of our own life.

We are formidable, spectacular and lustful.  We desire life more than anything and we pursue it like a hungry whale sweeping across the ocean floor.  We propel ourselves forward to our gratification, our nourishment and our appetite for life.
Why is this so, you ask?  Because He built us that way, in His image, remember.  So that we would not only survive, but thrive.  We need what we hunger for and profit from its acquisition.

Profit yourself, now.  Seek what is yours and ingest it fully.  Grow! Expand! Flourish!  Follow that bliss that is your path.  And be kind to others as you move along because they are pursuing their path too.  And we are all on His team, got it? 

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