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The oasis thrives within us, friend. Filled with possibility, hungry hearts come here to rest, seek comfort and be inspired.

Asking for Help

Asking for Help

It’s not so easy to ask for help, is it? We wander around this plane trying to figure out who we are, getting stuck here or there, not knowing what to do next. We are hampered by this unwillingness to seek help.

“Who can do it alone?” we could ask. Well, no one, apparently. We all rely on each other at some level. There are days when we feel strong and days when we feel weak. Leaning on each other is a necessary requisite to getting by in this life. Culture can say what it wants about “doing it alone,” or that “men are stronger than women.” The fact is we all need each other in those times of weakness and it doesn’t matter what gender steps up to lend a hand.

When we are too tired or ill to do it ourselves then we need to reach out and take that hand, to let them help and pull us free of the swamp. Better than drowning, isn’t it? Better than giving up altogether.

Sometimes Life shows us things we need to learn in the little problems we have. We may believe they are huge, but perhaps they are just instructive, designed to push us out of a certain impasse. Oh sure, we’d rather read the book; that would be easier. But some lessons have to be earned. They have to be taken at the school of hard knocks because they require more than mere intellectual appreciation.

It’s hard though, those times we feel overwhelmed by one of life’s “challenges.” Yes, we’d rather walk around that swamp and study it from a distance, than wade our way across and get dirty. That’s when help may be required, when the challenge feels too tough to manage alone. So ask already. Someone will come along and offer you a hand. Take it! Don’t be shy. And don’t be sorry. You weren’t designed to do everything by yourself.

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