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10 - Religious Abuse Victim Profile

Religion Doesn’t Have A Prayer - 10
Religious Abuse Victim Profile

It's a wonder anyone makes it through a religious education these days with all the perversions and abuses being revealed to us by the media. Suffice it to say that not all abusers are religious abusers, and not all religious authorities are abusers either. There are many good people within these organizations that feel as trapped as you do. You cannot gather recruits unless you convince them you are right about your religious stance, so self-deception is a necessary requirement to become a leader in this organization. You need to see that this whole institution, the Catholic religion specifically, has entranced the population of worker bees within the organization as well as its everyday recruits who attend mass and put money into their coffers.
Organized religions, such as the Roman Catholic religion, have swallowed up the masses, most especially those who serve them as foot soldiers and emissaries, like their priests and nuns. They are all ingrained with the same conflicted psychology that in turn is then delivered to the masses. For this slate of conflict-producing double-binds they can only offer prayer. First they mess you up with their prescribed methods of brainwashing and then, for the enduring self-doubts they create as a consequence, they offer you the remedy of prayer.
We are going to take a different view of this process. We are going to look at the consequences of abuse, the devices that religious abusers have used to control their victims and the consequences of having been abused by a religious authority.
First, let's list out the types of abuses that are commonly delivered to us by religious abusers:
  1. Verbal Abuse: Involves berating others through name calling, diminishing statements about one's worth and value and the whole list of judgmental remarks, put-downs and mocking of your person-hood or being.
  2. Physical Abuse: Beatings, with or without weapons, slaps in the face, kicks, punches, wrestling holds, broken bones, physically demeaning put-downs and even death.
  3. Sexual Abuse: Inappropriate use of religious authority to coerce sexual relations out of an unwilling partner, usually a child minor, or woman. Includes rape of both males and females. Includes the use of physical intimidation, threats of physical harm and threats of death. Shaming and brainwashing the victim into believing that they have to comply, and/or, it's their fault they are being sexually abused. This latter part is usually applied exclusively to children and adolescent minors, at school, at church and at home.
  4. Spousal Abuse: Beatings and physical intimidation, usually applied at home to female spouses married to religious leaders.
  5. Mental and Emotional Abuse: Constant name calling and shaming. Belittling remarks designed to diminish or even crush self-esteem and self-value. Use of religious terms to control and manipulate others. Use of double-binds (self-conflicting demands) to confuse, coerce and blame for the abuses victims are suffering.
  6. Religious Abuse: The sum total of all the above forms. Physical abuse is commonly present. Sexual abuse now viewed as all too common. Mental and emotional abuse - always present in the form of put-downs, condemnations, shaming and coercion. Using God's name, or some alleged religious authority, for shaming victims into complying with demands for sex. Sexual abuse of children. Assault and killing of children in residential schools.
These are the broad strokes of what constitutes abuse within any strata of society, most certainly within religious organizations. Now we will delve into the specifics on how one becomes a victim of religious abuse during childhood and/or adolescence.
The Victim
Victims of religious abuse are usually children. Their indoctrination into the system begins at an early age. If the parents of the child are avid practitioners of the religion then they will gladly give their children over to the church authorities to do with as they please.
Priests and nuns are always installed in positions of authority, as leading members of a local parish, or as teachers in an associated religious school. Conditioning to the ways the religion functions has already begun in the home. This is now being carried forward by the religious education system in which they will be immersed. Children are immediately taught the parameters of Sin and how they are already sinners from the day they were born, because of Original Sin. This is the beginning of the devolution into a state of complete co-dependence on the institution at hand, exactly what the leading religious authorities want.
Children are told that Jesus died on the cross for their sins. Children barely understand what sin is, yet are being told that a great man, some 2000 years ago, was crucified to expiate their sins today! And there we have the beginnings of the Greatest Lie Ever Told. Children would like to refute this accusation, but when they go home and complain to their parents, the lie is reinforced.
So now the damage is done. You, as a child, are a sinner. The Church says you are and your parents agree. This becomes a child's first significant experience of Abandonment.
In a letter received recently, from a man steeped in Santeria practices, he related how his father beat and humiliated him in the home for the sole purpose of ridding him of sin. He was physically abused and humiliated, by first being stripped of his clothing, and then beaten for physical purification. Of course, this was done in secret. Because if local social authorities knew about it, the children would be removed from the home. This type of abuse and indoctrination is not so common in Western cultures, but still common enough in 3rd world countries where Church authorities are most likely aware, but choose to look the other way. A recruit is a recruit!
In my day, being given the strap or demeaned verbally using some aspect of the holy hammer of God, was commonplace. Let me state here that verbal abuse, affecting you both mentally and emotionally, can be far more insidious and damaging than physical abuse by itself. This is true for one simple reason. Our society allows us to differentiate between the overuse of physical intimidation which is condemned by every legal authority.
But verbal abuse and shaming turns into an invisible affliction which grows deeper and more toxic with every application. In my case, although there were occasions where physical punishment was applied, the most far reaching damage came from what the nuns and priests issued verbally on a daily basis.
This is a simple sketch of how the damaging effects are applied. We haven't detailed sexual abuse just yet because that damage operates on a whole other level.
Incremental Damage
Now the worse damage comes after all these abuse practices have been applied and the young child victim becomes conditioned enough to start abusing him or herself. This is when the religious poison has truly taken hold and now the victim abuses themselves for every little mistake reminiscent of what they've been taught was sinful.
Having been conditioned to believe they are sinners and loathsome creatures, children soon learn to take on the task of condemning themselves. In adulthood this results in damaged relationships, unfulfilled lives and outright self-destruction through various addictions and even suicide. Shaming an individual's being, as opposed to their behavior, is the single most damaging effect a religion can deliver. This type of conditioning, which the Catholic authorities and teachers are very adept at, is responsible for reducing your self-esteem to nothing.
Shame is applied vociferously in religious institutions, especially those that house children, like residential schools. The horrors occurring in these places have yet to be revealed in full measure. All we have seen and heard about so far constitutes the tiniest tip of the whole abuse iceberg. Under what has been made visible are countless cases of religious abuse in all its forms, including physical, sexual, mental and emotional abuse, along with physical injury requiring medical help, and murder. These have only begun to be revealed to the wider public because the religious authorities have been busy behind the scenes, paying off its countless victims and buying their silence.
If someone wanted to design a program that would completely demolish the psyche of an innocent individual, one would have to look no further that the insane practices developed and applied by senior members of the Catholic Authority. Talk about Weapons of Mass Destruction!
Phony Salvation
Religious authorities keep their parishioners wallowing in fear, while promising them absolution through confession or the lighting of a candle. These authorities no longer have a clue about what they are doing. They just continue the practices because it's always been that way. Their methods of bringing in worker bees to do the dirty work are no different than those successfully applied to military recruits with the big stick of patriotism.
To be a patriotic Christian, especially a Catholic Christian, you have to accept what military recruits are served up everyday: "You are a maggot". Your redemption, which you didn't know you needed, can only come through serving your country, or your religion, while giving up your life. First you are taught that you are a maggot, I mean Sinner. Then you are offered redemption through total allegiance to the religious system that just reduced you to the status of maggot.
Lucky for you they showed you just what kind of terrible sinner you already were, so you could get on with the business of seeking redemption through their methods. You poor sap - what would you do with all that naturally garnered self-esteem in the first place? Isn't it better that you have to work for your salvation and, oh lucky day, they just happen to have a system for you to follow?
This is how you create automatons, emotionally and psychologically disabled subjects, who will dance your dance and jump at your every whim. Conditioning! Conditioning! Conditioning! Works for the Army. Works for Organized Religion.
The Bottom Line
Here is the bottom line of this current scenario and the Mortal Sin of your Religious Abuser's program. You are conditioned to believe that You Can Never Trust Your Self!!! Instead, trust us, the religious authority only, and without question. Psychologically speaking this is a Crime against Humanity, no different than any of the genocides being applied to various ethnic groups across the world today. Victims of genocidal assaults are made to believe that they are valueless and need to be eradicated. Their beingness is worthless. This is what abuse victims within the Catholic framework are also being taught - that they are useless, unless they give themselves over to the system.
Oddly enough the above defines Dictatorship and its partner, Co-dependence. "We will do the thinking for you and tell you what to do and what to contemplate. Everything will go well, as long as you play along." If you don't comply, then watch the condemnations fly.
Today's Catholic Pope is just the latest incarnation in a long line of Male Religious Dictators.
When you grow into an adult, riddled with doubts and inner conflicts, because of their teachings, their answer is prayer. When you become an abuser yourself, they can say: "we told you that you were flawed, and here's the proof." The answer, once again, is salvation through prayer.
When you fall into depression, addiction and hopelessness because of their abusive teachings, the answer once again is prayer.
When you are victimized by one of their clergy, they will want to know how you brought this upon yourself and became a tempter or temptress. After you've swallowed that line of Crap, their salvation answer to you, of course, is prayer.
Your Prayers Have Been Answered
With the help of our Guidance, our Higher Self, and numerous Multi-Dimensional Sources working tirelessly to rid this planet of this religious toxicity, we have created a tailor-made:
Religious Abuse Recovery Program

This is a 12 Step Recovery Program that will help you regain your Mental and Emotional Health by healing all the Wounds you've suffered at the hands of your Religious Abusers, while helping you make a True and Lasting Connection with The God Source inside of you. How does that Sound?
Who You Are Right Now!
What you are is a Victim of Religious Abuse. But Religious Abuse is not Who You Are. Religious Abuse is What Happened to You. Who You Really Are has yet to be determined, and will emerge as you Heal the Effects of Your Religious Abuse.
Being a victim of Religious Abuse is like being the victim of a car accident. Until the broken bones and lacerations resulting from the accident (read - what happened to you at the hands of religious authorities and their representatives) are healed and you can get on with your life, that is your identity - Car Accident Victim.
So far, you've only been able to see yourself as a Victim of Religious Abuse. And you've been ashamed to admit that. When that very real damage caused by your abusers, which was never your fault to begin with, is addressed and healed, you will discover who you are outside of that definition. Then you can let go of "what they said about you" and hear "what God wants you to know about your True Self", who you are at that most fundamental level.
Car accident victims receive treatment and help from various sources, until the effects of their injuries have been healed or controlled. As a Religious Abuse Victim you need help in the form of counseling, therapy and/or a well developed Religious Abuse Recovery Program which we are presenting here.
Getting On With Your Life
Your life has yet to start because you have been consumed with your religious abuse identity since day one. This self-view stands as an undercurrent to all that you do, including all your fruitless attempts to obtain redemption through your abuser's religious parameters. This is a classic Double Bind. They taught you that you were worthless, and then, after condemning you, they offer a way out that is guaranteed to fail. They have total control over you now and you have become the proverbial Donkey chasing that carrot that is always just out of reach.
Because the effects of your religious abuse experiences have not been healed, they show up in everything you try and do for yourself. So your gifts and talents, that you cannot enjoy, are totally subverted by this very powerful idea that you are "defective", by your religion's own teachings and standards.
This comes back to Original Sin and as a direct result of the conditioning you received that taught you to believe you were defective. When the only place you have to swim in, psychologically speaking, is a toxic waste dump, then all you can relate to is slime. And yes, dear religious abuse victim, you have been slimmed.
The Rocket's Red Glare
Very soon now, you are going to get mad - very mad - explosively mad, because your inner self, your abused and damaged self is going to agree with this presentation and shout out: Shit! He is Right! I have been Abused!!!" "Those bastards abused me!" Then watch the anger rockets flare off you like a National Holiday Celebration.
This will be good news. Because when that happens, the conditioning they used to keep you from looking at them, while they were busy reducing you to rubble, will have worn off, and you will feel angry enough to take up arms.
Don't do that! Wait until you've moved further along your healing path before you take any physical action. You do not want to respond to them in the same callous manner they have treated you. To fully heal, you have to be better than that. But don't dismiss your anger either. You are fully entitled to whatever feelings begin erupting once that lid of deception has been blown off. In our program you will be directed to Journal about all these effects. It is through the act of Journaling that you will begin to heal those wounds.
Yes, you have been conditioned by being condemned. You have been taught that you are a sinner and that you are basically worthless, unless you commit to your religion's program. This belief was reinforced by all the players in your religious abuse drama. The priests and nuns that came into your life in those early years, were your abusers. The delivered the indoctrination and brainwashing methods that have been tried and tested over centuries of taking people into your religion's psychological custody.
Your parents, their parents, and of course, your peer group, all suffered the same forms of indoctrination. Your abusers relieved their stress by blaming you for their woes, and passed on to you their own legacy of abuse. These are the sources of your psychological and emotional wounds, your accident of birth into a religion that has no real followers, just an unending list of prisoners.
The Shame and Guilt that were put on you and later caused you to hate your self came from them. The effects of all this conditioning and condemnation that has led to your own self-abuse, and even your abuse of others, all came from them. They are the source of your psychological and emotional damage. They caused the accident. And they need to be held accountable for the damage they have done.
The manner in which you learned to treat yourself while moving into your adult years, was taught to you by morally corrupt and mentally sick individuals. These individuals were never comfortable with their own being and have used religion as a place to hide. They reduced their stress by abusing you, and they claimed to have the religious justification to do so. Good thing many of these abuses are branded as illegal and are being treated as such by the courts.
It does not matter that your abusers were also victims of religious abuse. You came into the world long after they had made their decision to become abusers themselves, rather than heal their own wounds. You are not responsible for your parents' abuses at their hands, and you are not responsible for your abusers' abuses when they were younger. They were the adults in your life. They abused you. You are Not Responsible for Their Behavior. Period!!!
After you have undergone some healing, you may choose to apologize to persons you have abused. That will constitute a giant leap forward for you. And you can forgive yourself for those errors as you take responsibility for them and set about to make things right. Just don't wait for any of your abusers to come to you. If they do, that will be a wonderful gift. Just don't hold your breath.
Consequences of Religious Abuse - An Example
For the longest time I could never look at a baby picture of myself without seeing something defective. I could not see the innocent person in that photograph who was later to be transformed into a psychological mess by his parents' religion. When I was in practice I would have my abuse victims bring in pictures of themselves from those years they were being damaged, but especially from the time they first arrived, and perhaps taking their first steps. At the beginning of our work not one of them could look at their baby picture without cringing. At the end of our work, they had learned to love and accept the innocent child they once were, before the religious corruption had been applied.
Here's an experiment for you. Try looking at any baby picture, not your own, but someone you do not know. Then start condemning that baby. Tell that baby everything you were told about your sinfulness as you were growing up.
Can't do it, can you? I never met anyone who could. Yet somehow you remain convinced of your own defectiveness, going back to before you even knew you were alive. How's that for conditioning?
Where This Will Take You
The above is just a glimpse at what has been done to you. You are a Victim of Religious Abuse and that carries all kinds of consequences, all of them negative where your adult life is concerned. If this is your first look at your religious abuse experiences, you probably cannot even conceive of the idea of loving yourself. That would seem so far away as to be utterly unimaginable.
This is the grossest consequence of this disease known as the Catholic Religion, a sick and morally corrupt organization that has gone unchallenged for centuries. The Catholic Church is a completely fabricated institution. Its claims to Divine rights and Divine Inspiration and the unchallengeable Word of God in their texts are pure fiction. There is not one iota of truth in any of their claims, including the claim that this is Jesus Christ's religion.
With today's information explosion, we can see and hear this religion's death knell echoing not far off into the future. Many of us alive today will witness its final collapse. As fast as they patch up one of their priest's or nun's indiscretions, 10 more make the news. As fast as they can pay off one victim, another 100 start a blog about their religious abuse experiences.
Just as this religious organization successfully used disinformation to create an empire filled with religious zombies, we recovering victims are using the Internet to deliver the truth about what they did to us and what damage that caused our souls.
What to Expect
The Catholic Church has no counter for this. With this program, we are leading you to Your Heart Centre, your source of truth and wisdom, to your God Self who is ready and waiting with open arms to receive you and love you and bring you all the joy you are soon going to believe you deserve. No religious organization today can ever make this claim.
Your emancipation is at hand. Because there has been no alternative to speak of, the Catholic Church has had its way. But long before they took power and started raping our psyches, we humans had mythology to guide us through our lives and this source comprised the Wisdom of the Ages. It remained mostly uncorrupted by religions in general, but since the advent of the Catholic Church and the many alternative Christian faiths that it spawned, mythology has been characterized as wholly false, the product of pagan teachings, and therefore bashed into uselessness, which is what the Catholic church did to all its competitors.
I have been guided to revive the Hero Myth from Mythology, to merge it with modern Psychology, which is derived from Mythology, and envelop both with today's emerging Spirituality which has aimed to remain uncorrupted by existing religions. This unique combination is simply a resurrection of Mythology's age old wisdom, which has guided generations upon generations of spiritually attuned individuals toward connecting with their Inner Divine Authority.
As we teach you to trust Your Heart, Your Self and Your Soul, you will come to see what extraordinary value you have as a creation of God. You will come to trust yourself and to recognize that Voice from within as your true Source of Inspiration and Wellness, the only Source you need to adhere to for your life to succeed. Through this program you will find a way Home that is uniquely your own. And you will know, in no uncertain terms, that Home is where the Heart is. You will never be able to swallow another religious lie again.
And here's another promise that no religion would dare ever make. Once you have completed our program and made all the important connections through your heart that are your just due, you will Not Need Us Anymore. You may choose to remain a member of our site, and perhaps begin to contribute from your own repertoire of growing wisdom, but you will never feel bound to do so. You will know Freedom from the Inside Out, and that treasure will be yours to keep.
This is a One Off Healing Adventure. You will not need to keep coming back here in perpetuity to have your Spiritual needs met. Through your connection with Source, you will have a permanent mentorship arrangement with your Higher Self. You will hear God's Voice as your own. And you will know in your Heart and Feeling Centre what is right for you.
You have been drinking and drugging and running away from life to try and mitigate the pain and suffering delivered to you by your religion. With this program you can and will undo all of that damage and set yourself Free as you were always meant to be. Then you can share your experience to help others whose grip on reality is shaky because of their association with organized religion.

Now Is The Time!

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