The Oasis

The oasis thrives within us, friend. Filled with possibility, hungry hearts come here to rest, seek comfort and be inspired.

Send Me A Postcard

Send Me A Postcard

Stranger things have happened you say, than merely being found on this plane, searching about for a meaning or tune, something to guide us around. Where did it come from this purpose of ours that sees us chasing about, looking for love in all the wrong places, drinking from empty cups?

The Earth is upon us like a great grey whale sweeping across the ocean in search of its next meal. The Earth is our Mother and giver of life, expressing our longing for Him who sent us down here on this two-week vacation from stardust cleansing and comet chasing.

“Have a break” He said that day. “Try a little Earth time. Send Me a postcard. Don’t forget to write. Or, at least, come back happy.”

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