The Oasis

The oasis thrives within us, friend. Filled with possibility, hungry hearts come here to rest, seek comfort and be inspired.



What is it about touch that delivers us to Love? We know when we’re being softly touched that it does indeed feel good. A warm caress, a gentle stroke, they serve to awaken us to that Divine presence. Who else is touching us really, but He, since He inhabits us all?

Sure, we believe that we are different from Him, but are we? And are we not capable of the same gentle stroking that occurred in our last story? We can see the benefits, can’t we? Children smile, pets relax, both capable of receiving in kind, without question, without any need for justification. It just feels good and they know it. We adults are the ones who question our deservingness.

What’s that all about anyway? When did we come to that juncture in our lives where we stopped receiving, as if to say “I don’t really need that anymore?” Nonsense! We all need touching. We are visceral. We feel. We respond to these touches. We recoil when blows are struck. We surrender when caresses make their way across our body. Who are we kidding?

It’s sad that we adults do this, that we say “I don’t need it” when touching becomes absent. We’re all concerned with appearances here, aren’t we? In receipt of touch we fear appearing weak, especially to others.

In the reality of life there is no such person as one who needs nothing. There are, however, many who attempt to convince themselves of that fact. When I need touching, I surrender. I ask. I extend my arms. I like it. It feels good. My children touch me and, I, them. This is so with my wife, our dog and our friends. We all enjoy touching and encourage it. Real strength is knowing what you need and then asking for it.

Who’s kidding who? Even the rocks need touching, I’ll bet. So get out there and touch somebody, appropriately of course, and let them touch you. Giving and Receiving – That’s what makes the world go round. So please, do your part.

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