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The oasis thrives within us, friend. Filled with possibility, hungry hearts come here to rest, seek comfort and be inspired.

Answer the Door

Answer the Door

What are those deep dark secrets that we always keep to ourselves? Are they the soundings of some distant past trying to break through to a new reality? The voice of reason perhaps, wanting to cut across the chatter that is our brain feverishly at work? Or, is it something else altogether, so remote and bizarre that we can’t even fathom it with the best of detailed roadmaps?

Is this our heritage knocking at the door? A source of pride perhaps, or a bit of whimsy? All these possibilities exist in one form or another. They are real to those who attend them. But to us who are waking up to something meaningful and deep, is it not possible that He is knocking at the door and we are about to receive a very important message?

“Remember when I sent you here,” He might say. “Remember our agreement. I provide the resources and you provide the commitment. We work together to elevate your life to a new plateau, so that others can see what is possible.”

A formidable calling, is it not? Throughout history there have been claims like this, but so many were false. Soothsayers and prophets asserting they were inside His Mind in one form or another. Yes, we know about these characters and how they were shown the door by their own impatience and claims to fame. We’ve seen them in our own era. No, we’re not talking about that kind of false awakening here. We’re talking about something far more real and tenable. The rise of the Force within us. The birth of Christ through us. The arrival of His Holy Self on a chariot with winged horses.

Yes, we’re talking about the real McCoy here, the kind of revelation that leaves you gasping for air and wondering if you’ve just been electrocuted. “That’s the kind of awakening that’s coming your way now,” He’d say. No small time wake up calls for us. We want the real thing, scary and all.

Well, there it is, a message delivered to us by He-Who-Knows-All. Are we ready for this? You can bet it’s going to be exciting! So hang on tight, because here He comes.

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