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8 - Religious Abuse Recovery

Religion Doesn’t Have A Prayer - 8
Religious Abuse Recovery

There seems to be a lot going on in the area of Religious Abuse Recovery at this time. The most recent letter I received came from a man who had suffered at the hands of Santeria practitioners in his native Cuba. Even when the family migrated to the US, these heinous abusive practices continued in the home. Over the years this man has suffered with many major addictions, all designed to numb out those early abuse experiences.
His letter to me provides a glimpse into the horrific nature of Santeria practices which included unheard of physical abuses applied to children no less, to rid them of sin. What he has described makes my own experiences of religious abuse seem trite by comparison. But as this gentleman insists, no one's experiences of religious abuse can ever be deemed trite. And he is absolutely right on that point.
I am being pushed by my Guidance to act on this latest offering and open the door to discussion and revelation on this matter. I invite all sufferers of religious abuse to provide your stories and share your experiences of religious abuse. Also, tell us what you feel you need to help you with your recovery.
Something has been nagging at me since replying to that last letter. It has to do with the on-going abuse that is still being perpetuated by religions across the globe as they work feverishly to keep members enslaved to their organizations. The Roman Catholic Church, my abuser, is only one such enslaver of people's minds. Many religions make use of similar applications of strategic religious doctrine, most of which they made up themselves. At this time, there are many religions whose underbellies are being exposed to show their own litany of abusive religious practices.
It's time to rid ourselves of these insidious purveyors of religious brainwashing and heal our abuse wounds. It is time to connect with Source directly and bypass, once and for all, this steady stream of religious interference and pollution. There is nothing spiritual about religion. It is as insidious in its practices as Hitler's SS.
This is a bold step I am calling for. It means the outright rejection of religion as we know it, in favor of the full embrace of our personal spiritual and God-Like nature. We do not need anyone to force feed us their brand of religion when we can make our own connections to the Divine and reclaim a heritage that has always been ours. The God Voice that speaks through me is disgusted with the current turn of events and wants this religious blight erased from the Earth once and for all.
In my book "The Voice - A Mythological Guide to Mankind's Ascension" a group of student trainees go through this very revolution in thought and application to come to terms with their own Divinity. They are removed from their home environments and taken to a Cosmic Training Centre to be taught how to make their personal connections with Source. Source in this case is "The Voice" and all these students learn to hear it for themselves.
That "Voice" lives inside each and every one of us. That Voice has been buried under the rubble of Religious Abuse for centuries now. That Voice is calling to us because it wants to rise through each and every one of us. Those who would reject this, such as most of today's religions, will be set aside as this new wave of Conscious Evolution takes the planet by storm.
These changes are as inevitable as the Sun rising tomorrow. This Voice will rise, make no mistake about that. This New Age we have entered has signaled the beginning of a New Program for the Human Race. Ascension to higher levels of consciousness is a must. And what is required is for each of us to move into the Flow. That's it, no more complicated than that.
To get this started on a massive scale, we need a wholesale revolution against the churches and their religious masters. These have imprisoned us for centuries through their cleverly conceived brand of poisonous pedagogy that has steadily contaminated the world's populations and kept so many locked into their force fed pollution. It is time for all of us to rise up and reject them outright. I invite you to join me in this Revolution. I challenge you to stand up for yourself right now.
Groups need to be formed around the world, in every nation, in every state and province, where people can gather together online or in person to share their stories, expose their wounds and heal the effects of their personal experiences of religious abuse. Stories, statistics, testimonials, healing methods, all need to be shared so that victims everywhere can now stand up and declare: NO MORE!
"I will suffer No More at the hands of my religious abusers and I will heal myself of their polluting effects."
We have seen recovery movements born for Alcoholics, Child Abuse victims and Sexual Abuse victims. We have seen every kind of support group imaginable come to the fore in response to the needs of one or more disadvantaged groups of abused and victimized individuals. As mentioned, people come together to share their stories, their strategies for recovery and methods of renewal, then they develop models to assist others who are ready to come out from the dark and release their shame-filled selves.
Religious Abuse victims everywhere need to rise up now, to claim their place in wider society and to declare unequivocally that they will no longer be silent about what religion has done to them. There will be no place left for religion to hide. Lawsuits, media exposure, whatever it takes, I call on you to deliver your piece of the message so we can bring these hoodlums to account for their miss-application of God's message and for their perverted use of physical, sexual, emotional and mental abuse practices to exert control over us starting in childhood.
The shame that the world's religions cast onto us has to be returned to them. They are the abusers and the shame that we all suffered belongs to them. This is no different than when a sexual abuse victim, now an adult, comes to the door of their abuser's home and declares "I know what you did to me and I will tell everyone about it." No more secrets people. It's their shame, not ours. Let's declare an end to that part of our suffering.
This global religious shame belongs to the religious abusers that had their way with victims and to their leadership which constantly looked the other way as children around the world were being affected with this insanity. By doing nothing, except trying to hide these blatant abuses, religions everywhere have sanctioned Santeria, Child Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Pedophilia and many more unnamed perversions.
A majority of the world's religions are guilty of Crimes Against Humanity. These are the persons and religious authorities that need to be called to account for these crimes. These are the organizations that corrupted the Word of God for their own ends, to control populations and collect money for doing so.
These are the very Money Changers that Jesus Christ kicked out of the temple. These are the same organizations that looked the other way when Hitler's Nazis were murdering 6 million Jews in the last century. And prior to that, these were the religious organizations that were themselves murdering people around the world for being "heathens." These individuals and their respective organizations are the worst of the worst. They are pretenders to the throne of religious authority when they in fact have no such mandate.
It's time to call them to account. And the first step is personal liberation. We heal ourselves, and in so doing, we make them responsible for the abuse, not the innocent child we once were. If it's my destiny to open this door and get the ball rolling, then so be it. Come one, come all, and we'll do this together.
Now Is The Time!

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