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A Lesson on Money

A Lesson on Money

Greetings friends! Greetings to you all! Here we are again, assembled for another lesson. Or is it a task? You decide! Today’s lesson is about money. Money, money, money. As your friend Scrooge might say: “money is everything.” Or so many of you believe.

In our view, up here in the ethereal realms, money has a different function. It is not the great liberator most of you perceive it to be. It can, in fact, be an enslaver. Yes, yes, I know, most of you would be willing to try this form of enslavement. But what I am referring to here is that it’s easy for money to overwhelm you with its promises. For example, money offers promises of love, comfort and freedom; it may even promise to set you free from the very constraints of your life. If this were so, then all wealthy persons, monetarily speaking, would be happy. Is that the case? Absolutely not!

Proportionally, there are as many sad people with money as there are without. It is not money that sets you free. It is you! You, in that very sense, that how you conceive your life to be determines your results. What you believe is what you get. You produce what you expect. If you expect wealth, then you will produce wealth. If you expect love, then you shall draw love to you. If you expect pain, well dear one, you will find that as well.

Now many of you already know this, about manifesting your own reality. What you don’t know is what actually happens in the process. First, an idea sets into your mind that you in turn energize, simply by visualizing it and imbuing it with desire, or some other expectation like being victimized. The idea takes on a life and seeks completion in the material world. If the idea is about love, a love object or circumstance will appear. If it is about material wealth, that will also seek completion.

All thoughts are alive and they seek form in the world of matter. So when you’re angry at the world, that anger may return to you in the form of a bump on the head, an irritable cashier perhaps, or a police officer issuing you a ticket. The idea, belief or emotion seeks form. If you want wealth, then think about wealth, visualize wealth, and that idea will seek form as well.

There is one caveat here about manifesting specific results. You have to believe that you “deserve” them, especially the positive ones like love or money. For example, you may imagine love, money, or some other desire but never receive it. And that’s because at a deeper level you don’t believe you are deserving of good things, as much as you believe you are deserving of criticism or abuse.

Why do you want money is the question we’d like to address now. What is it that money can do for you that you cannot? If it is a large purchase, that is understandable. But what if it is just comfort, or peace or happiness that you are looking for? Can these not be obtained through other means? Most of you are still so concerned about basic survival.

For some of you that concern boils down to “will there be enough to eat?” And we say to you “no one ever starves if their life is filled with love.” “But love doesn’t butter the bread,” you might counter. And we say “Oh yes, it does.” Because it is love that brings everything to you, be that good, bad or indifferent. Love will deliver all of your lessons. These essentially come to you “on wings of love.” However, love doesn’t care whether you want money so much as “will you learn your lesson today?” And believe us when we say “love will deliver the lesson, even when the lesson is about money.”

You see, the energy that surrounds you is vibrant and interrelated. It communicates. When it receives an order, it delivers. This person wants love – send love. This person wants money – send money. But “oh” you say, “I think about these things. I ask for all of these things and I don’t always get what I want.” And that is true. The missing part once again is “do you feel you deserve it?” Because no matter what you ask for, you must feel deserving, otherwise it cannot arrive. If you feel you deserve anger, it will arrive. If you feel you deserve wealth, it will arrive also.

Now the wealth you want is usually about money. The wealth we have to offer is about everything from love to socks, and all possibilities in between. For us, residing in the ethereal reams, wealth is abundance, and abundance includes money of course, but is not by any means restricted to that. Wealth is about everything – everything you can imagine. With your imagination do you create; and if wealth is what you want, and the feeling of deservingness is there, then that is what you will manifest. Do you want wealth, or money? You decide!

Let us review. Money is related to wealth, but only a portion of that realm. Wealth relates to all forms of abundance and that includes money. Some individuals feel very wealthy with a crust of bread and a beautiful sunset. The abundance in life is measure in the broadest of terms. One person’s wealth may be another’s empty cupboard. Choose your terms well, and then match them to your visualizations. Because in the end, that is what you will create.

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