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The Illusion is Losin

The Illusion is Losin 

"Awakening to the Truth Within"

Maurice Turmel PhD

We are on our way back Home, back to where the heart comes from, back to the center of our being. We are regaining the psychological and spiritual ground lost to us so many eons ago.

This is truth as I know it. It comes from my heart, which I have learned to trust implicitly. It comes from deep within, that wellspring of knowledge we all share together, and are now ready to bring forth on this plane of existence.

It’s a happy time indeed, a time we’ve all prayed for and visualized in our varied excursions into meditation with an ultimate aim of self-realization.

This is a grand awakening, a collective experience that spreads across the land and ignites every heart it comes into contact with – hearts that are open to receiving, of course. Some have likened this energy to St. Germaine’s Purple Flame as a reference to this glory we all seek. Others, such as myself, call it God’s Whispers moving across our hearts.

We are opening at a rapid rate these days. Tumultuous explosions of truth are occurring everywhere as lies are being exposed. The big one – 9/11 – is no longer a lie carried by the privileged few. It is a growing truth spreading like wildfire across North America with many of Hollywood’s elites putting in their two cents alongside the growing list of technical experts who have turned the official story into the Titanic of our times.

We here in North America are finally waking up, slowly for certain, but ever so determinedly, and learning for ourselves what Europeans figured out over a decade ago. 9/11 was an inside job from beginning to end, well planned and executed by those who thought they could bring about a New World Order of their making. Those deluded individuals who perpetrated that crime are on the run. Some are very busy trying to clean up the mess they have made by killing off former participants who would become whistle-blowers. It doesn’t matter what they do. The truth will find a way no matter how many voices they attempt to silence.

I am reminded over and over again of John F. Kennedy’s famous words: “You can fool some of the people all the time, and you can fool all of the people some of the time. But, you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.” The piper is calling and will be paid!

This is an end game for them, the powers that were, the lying deceitful horde that perpetrated this misery on the rest of us for their own selfish goal of world domination. How absurd! This is insanity at its fullest peak – to believe that you can so order events as to defy Natural Law. That is the sickest of egotistical attempts at manipulation, squared to a factor of 10 and beyond – insanity to an unimaginable degree.

It’s over for them, the powers that were, even though we still see them scrambling about trying to disrupt and delay the inevitable. And it’s the new beginning for us, we who are waking up in these times of trial and tribulation, by seeing through their incessant machinations in Europe, the Ukraine and again, the Middle East. We are on our way to that heart-centered consciousness that they so readily despise, because in that realm we can no longer be manipulated and that’s the story in a nutshell. We are on our way to full consciousness and nothing they do can stop this God-ordered and inevitable result.

We’ve got new and previously lost technologies ready to unpack and put back into service. The truth about 9/11 is bursting through the doors along with so many other cabal misdeeds now clamoring for attention. We look forward to a long awaited reunion with our brothers and sisters of Inner Earth – Agartha. And we will soon be witness to the landings of brothers and sisters from all over this Universe that are standing by to greet us once we finish shaking off the cobwebs of our extended sleep.

We are ready to be boys and girls again, exploring with glee this natural world that surrounds us, recovering that magic of discovery we so enjoyed in childhood – and seeing once and for all the Earth’s secrets that have been denied to us for so many eons. We are ready and willing to cooperate with each other on a scale unprecedented for the last few millennia since the dark held sway. We are ready to say goodbye to that experiment and the folly it delivered us to through their mantra of “separation” from Source and each other.

Source is coming home through our hearts, showing how well connected we are and how ready we now are to say goodbye to this travesty called Top-Down Management. We are recovering our personal power through our conscious re-connection with Source. We are undertaking an upheaval of major proportions where all that does not serve the Light is to be thrown into the trash bin of darkness.

We are now finished with that part of the experiment. And we are witness to our own rebirth into the glory that only prophets, at one time, could identify and speak to us about. Today it is ours for the taking since we are no longer that passive audience anymore. We are ready to receive that goodness that is ours, that rich store of abundance so long ago promised. We are ready to be born again into the full glory of the Light that Source has cast upon us.

We finally realize that we are the answer to our prayers and God, the Great Creator, has graced us with the wisdom to see it for ourselves. “The illusion is losin,” and we know in our hearts that this is in fact the Truth.

We have been Gods and Goddesses wandering around this plane wearing sheep’s clothing. As we shake off those brainwashed ideas of powerlessness and victim hood that until now kept us submissive, we can raise the curtain and see ourselves unveiled as Gods once again. Without a doubt - Now Is the Time!

Let this realization be our prayer and affirmation for the next millennium as we celebrate each others achievements and personal awakenings in the full glory of the Light Everlasting. We are Home again, inside our Hearts and we have won this knowledge for ourselves.

To all of you awakening now I say: “Let it be so and Know that this is indeed the Truth.”

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