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Personal Transformation

Personal Transformation
Shattered, Broken and Bleeding

When I feel emotionally crushed, I feel squashed all over. Every part of me feels shattered, broken and bleeding in every sense except the physical.

My body remains intact, but the psychological structures that support it are in taters. This is the essence of emotional disintegration at the cellular level. I have been through this on a number of occasions during the course of my growth journey. And each time, I come back at a healthier and stronger place.

It’s hard going through a process such as this. It is literally a shattering experience. Everything you’ve relied on feels broken and strewn across the floor of your life. Your ideas, your dreams, your hopes, all shattered and lying in a heap which can never be put back together again. Just like Humpty Dumpty!

There is a temptation to pick up those pieces and attempt a reintegration, but the damage is beyond repair. Only a new structure can replace this mess. When you feel shattered, broken and bleeding, there’s nothing much to do but wait. Because you will come back together in short order.

Don’t worry about that. It’s just part of the reconstruction process. The old has to come down before the new can fully develop. Your body, mind and spirit will come back together as they are very capable of doing. Journal about the anxiety and it will pass.

Remember, Journaling is Your Main Tool for Cleansing and Reconstruction. Use it regularly!

At some level you are letting go of something you don’t need anymore, like a snake shedding its old skin. The snake doesn’t need the old skin because a new one has been growing underneath. Your spiritual and emotional growth practices have also been taking shape underneath and, now, they are ready to be viewed. A newer, fresher version of YOU has come to the fore.

Your Old Self won’t like this. So get your Journal out and let those reactions pour out on the page. Cry if you need to, but keep moving!

You will be feeling vulnerable for a while. That old skin kept you cozy with its familiarity and predictability. But, as with all things in nature, a new order wants to be established and the old has to come down to make room for it.

So we crawl into the deep grass with our anxiety and fear and wait for that old skin to come off. Once that is accomplished we may need to stay for a while because we will feel naked and vulnerable for some time. That’s Okay. Take all the time you need. You will be ready to move forward soon enough.

Such is the nature of a transformation.

A certain point is reached where the old order has to crumble to make room for the new. Psychologists call it Positive Disintegration. It is the hope for our future as human beings. Too many people want to hang on at this point, fearing the disappearance of the familiar. But nature has her own agenda and will only wait so long before pushing you through to the next level. You are better not to fight it once you’re aware of what’s going on.

Where we go after the transformation depends on what we’ve been building underneath. Positive affirmations, creative endeavors, spiritual writing and growth workshops, whatever you’ve pursued to help you open up have done their job. There’s something new knocking at the door.

There is no going back no matter how much you may want, or how hard you try. The genie is out of the bottle. You cannot unlearn what you’ve been learning. If you’re willing to be honest, you’ll realize that a part of you is very excited about this.

What lies just ahead is beautiful and will be even more than you expect in terms of new forms of being.

It’s the excitement children feel with every growth step they take. Each step changes the way we relate to ourselves and the world around us. This new self order will be all of those things you’ve been working for and a few surprises, as well. We never fully know what we’re building underneath until it comes out to greet us. That’s the surprise and the joy of creation.

So where do we go from here with this emerging Self, this new being arising from within?

We’ve been building this for a long time. Taking courses, reading books, doing exercises, changing our rhythm and vibration, exploring new worlds and opening ourselves to ever expanding possibilities.

The Creative Force has been at work here with our active participation. This force has been behind the scenes all along, pushing and prodding, urging you to take chances. “Try something different, you know you want to!” Slowly but surely you open to that center where that energy lives and guides you.

This is no mere fancy. This is not about faith. This is simple yet palpable experience that you recognize as your own. The Great Creator is your Director, after all, and you recognize Him because He is you. You and I are simply an incarnate version of The Creator’s curiosity, love and joy.

We are born to this purpose. Our personhood requires us to grow. Only growth matters in the grand scheme. The Great Creator wants to grow, mature and thrive, and wants us to join with Him.

This order for us to shed our old skin arrives in a timely fashion. It is the correct course for this moment in our evolution. Such events are rarely convenient, but necessary, nevertheless. So let yourself shed that old skin. Transformation is upon you. You will feel shattered, broken and bleeding for a little while, but that will pass because a new you is set to emerge. Let that be your gift to yourself and to the Great Creator. Time to come out now and see your new Self today.


  1. Dr. Moe, I liked this article on "Personal Transformation". I recognize the various passages we must navigate on our life journey going forward. One "body", as it were, spiritually speaking, must replace another in the reconstruction process. What happens, though, when we die a physical death? That's when the physical body is completely discarded.That must be the ultimate regeneration.

  2. Thank you Jim - appreciate your comments and feedback.