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Life Purpose

Life Purpose

Maurice Turmel PhD

Life purpose is what you access when you finally connect with your Source. Clearing away the rubble and debris of your personal life and developmental history are the necessary prelude to making that connection successfully.

It is fine to dream about life purpose and how you can make a contribution to life on earth. But you cannot skip over the therapeutic and self-discovery steps that are necessary to get you there. presents detailed listings and descriptions of typical life challenges one has to deal with. In my experience, too many people want to leap ahead to the good part, the service part of life purpose rather than deal with their psychological and personal development issues.

This ‘cart before the horse’ approach is like trying to enjoy a breathtaking mountain vista while looking through a cracked and dirty window. You’re never going to appreciate the full majesty of what lies before you until you’ve made the necessary repairs and then cleaned the glass as a final stroke.

Life purpose is born in the ethers. It encompasses the deal you made with the Creator and your Higher Self before incarnating this time around. From this collaboration came an imprint, based on that contract and then embedded into your DNA.

Hints in the form of visible talents, abilities and interests have been coming at you all your life. Now you’ve arrived at this Life Purpose threshold and you’re looking to the future, wondering what to do next.

“Clean up your room” a parent might say to a teenager who has misplaced something important. “Clean up your personality quirks and your developmental history” we would say if you ever want to find that gold called Life Purpose.

Your life purpose is right there where you left it when you set out on this journey into earth life. But to get there you must practice your due diligence. Attend growth groups, see a therapist, read all you can about your particular set of problems and the hang-ups resulting from your personal history. Get a handle on all of this and your Life Purpose will be just around the corner.

In our Lightworker novel, “The Voice – A Mythological Guide to Lightworker Service”, our cast of characters are going through the process described above in order to connect with The Voice. While doing so, they have to deal with fear, self-esteem issues and defensive strategies that are blocking access to their imprint. Cleaning House is part 1 of identifying Life Purpose, after which the way is clear for our specific contributions.

As our characters go through this process of cleansing and self-discovery, they find themselves opening doors that were unconsciously closed during their entry years into earth experience. Now they realize they must return to these developmental key points to undo survival decisions that were made during difficult times.

You cannot become fully realized, nor connect with your Life Purpose, until these personal growth counter-measures have been reversed. By observing the book’s characters do we see what it takes to connect with Source, activate our imprint and unfold into the beautiful butterfly we are all meant to be. This, in my view, is Life purpose, pure and simple.

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