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De-Hypnotize a Chicken & Break Free

How to De-Hypnotize a Chicken and Break Free of Cabal Control

Maurice Turmel PhD - "Dr Moe"

Here I am at 7am in the morning, wide awake, waiting for the other shoe to drop. I've opened myself up to everything and a part of me is definitely scared. I have to trust now. I have to trust that the world out there is a reflection of the new world I now hold inside.

I have surrendered! I have let go! I know I can’t control anymore so I've let go of everything I once believed was important. I trust my Self now, and I’m going with the flow, surrendering, letting go.

It’s all I can do. I've rooted out the core of that pain cycle I was in for over 60 years, that primal wound I suffered in childhood and all those defenses that came later as I tried to survive with that open rift that took root inside of me and that I worked so hard to try and deny.

I've asked for help, from Source, from family, from my Higher Self, from every Galactic in the neighborhood so I can deal with all immediate problems that have queued up for consideration since I let myself know that I’m open for business- the God business – the business of rectifying my Heart Center as the True North of my being.

My earliest wound gave birth to a “deficit” mentality, which I promptly tried to fill by performing, by seeking approval, by trying to figure out what “they” wanted. I pursued accumulation, of money, degrees, prominence, not for their inherent value, but as insulation against the pain that was now my constant companion. At the root of it all I had come to believe I simply wasn't good enough!

I got broken the moment I arrived on the planet. My violent father attacked me physically and mentally, dumping his own inadequacies on a 3 year old son who just had normal needs for attention and wasn't very adept at “not falling” or “breaking things” such as dinner plates, that now seemed way more important than me. "What have I done?" i ask myself, as an unfamiliar tension becomes my new normal.

That began the programming that put me into a very primitive state of survival in order to protect that fragile self within. It also set the stage for 10 years of therapy later in life that subsequently morphed into a career in Psychology. Step by step I began to heal and eventually, last week as a matter of fact, the Spell was finally broken.  The Trance, that once defined my reality and provided some form of refuge, collapsed, mainly at my own doing, but outside forces that I had prayed to had a hand in it as well.

Remember that word Trance. That’s where we've all been living while steeped in the sick soup of 3D life, treading in the Illusion that we lightworkers have all been fighting hard to break free of.

“They”, the powers that were, put us into a Trance. They defined the world as they saw it, with Them in control and We as subjects to their whims. We kowtowed to them and They, the Cabal, used us as fodder for their programs such as war and a World Control Agenda.

We each have to break this Spell ourselves. At one time, they had most of us believing that there was no hope and no escape, only surrender to their will. They made us dependent on them from the very beginning of our lives. We are like “Hypnotized Chickens” following their lead, adopting their definitions of life, including and especially those that define us. That was their plan from the very beginning and that’s how they put us under their spell.

Today, Lightworkers, Starseeds and Spiritual Seekers everywhere are hard at work breaking that spell, waking up from that manufactured dream and taking back their power. We are each obliged to recapture our power by first recognizing that it exists, that this power belongs to us and that it was hijacked by the Cabal to service their Agenda. By Cabal I include Government, Religion and corrupt Business - especially Banking - as the True Axis of Evil.

These cabal entities are predators, no more or less cold-hearted than the most primitive of animals such as crocodiles and alligators. And I mean no offense to these wonderful creatures that simply are what they are. But to be a human predator is another matter. “In order to do so you have to shut down your conscience so you could take at will, abuse at will, and murder at will – yes, I said Murder.” That is the type of psychopathic entity that has to be removed from our consciousness, our belief systems and our physical reality. These are the predators that first defined us as “less than”, gave us false assurances that we could seek redemption by Kowtowing to their mandate (religion most assuredly) and placed us on the perpetual treadmill of “never enough”.

They said this is how the world works and we believed them. What’s a 3 year old to do? A 5 year old? A vulnerable teenager? An adult with a mortgage and credit card bills? Our parents were under their Spell! Our grand-parents were under their Spell! Everyone around us was under that Spell! We, the 99%, were the Working Class designed and programmed to serve the Elites. The game was on. We were born into a Trance that went from generation to generation, infecting us all. “Start running and make that treadmill turn.”

Like Sleeping Beauty, we are finally waking up. And like any mythical character that’s been asleep for so long, we are waking up grumpy, pissed off and irritable, because we are regaining our senses, those we numbed out with defense mechanisms, and with alcohol, drugs and the pursuit of achievements. Now we are regaining feeling again; our senses are returning and it hurts to realize how we've been lied to and abused. It’s like when your leg goes to sleep, (loses circulation and goes numb) when circulation resumes and feeling returns, it hurts, it stings, it pisses you off. A numb leg is not our normal state of feeling nor is a numb consciousness. When feeling returns it comes with some recovery pain until we adapt and own everything that’s coming up for scrutiny. To be fully alive and feel every part of our life is Our Normal State – not the Trance!!!

Driving us inward against ourselves is how the Cabal began shaping and entrenching their agenda. We were conditioned to be feel afraid from the git go, of all the ghosts and goblins they threw at us. “You’re a sinner”! “You’re weak”! “You’re broken and defective”! And only “We” can fix that.” That’s what put us to Sleep – the Sleep of Numbness which was the only escape we had.

Now we’re coming back into our own, regaining feeling, owning our disappointments and losses, questioning their agenda, examining our complicity in the Trance and taking responsibility. We are in effect “Breaking the Spell”. We may have sharp pains shooting through our body and consciousness as we do so, but we are regaining feeling and coming back to life.

Wake up Little Suzy, Wake up – We’re almost Home”

I know now that I put myself in this Trance for the learning part. All of us Lightworkers and Servers of the Light have done so. We wanted to learn the whole process of separation and re-connection by experiencing it from the inside out. We are now seeing how we became infected and how we stayed asleep with the cabal's regularly set programming, which we got at church every Sunday, and which poured over us steadily through all the mainstream media which they controlled. Yelling at us from one angle or another – “this how it is” – “we are the creators of Reality” – “you must obey” “we are in charge.”

Those SOBs have hypnotized us into believing that they are special and we are Not – that they are gods, and we are mere mortals. “We are nothing but slime and worm food and we are lucky to be able to pursue some form of deliverance through their approved methods and illusory goals, which always remain unattainable.”

They've had us by the throat with laws, artificial conditions, wars, fear, and learned helplessness – The Works. Beating us up, driving us into the ground and leaving us there so they could trample all over us until they needed us for some perverted aspect of their sick agenda. That is Elitism at work!

But here’s a kicker. They have controlled us for so long now, they are also hypnotized into believing they are special, and of course it is their right to assume the mantle of authority over our lives. That’s been the Right Wing Pseudo-Christian agenda all along - Control others and turn them into Slaves. We are waking up to these facts at this very moment. But they have yet to realize that they too are slaves to the same system that keeps them from knowing their true worth. Ah Ha!

We who claim to be Lightworkers have come to that place in our hearts where we can see through that obfuscating mist, where we can identify the Trance for the illusion it is and finally, Break the Spell through our Spiritual Health oriented methods and practices. We are realizing and regaining our power, recapturing that sense of self that is inherently God given and our very own, and standing up for ourselves at every available opportunity.
We are saying No to religious barbarism, No to corporate control of our lives, No to polluting energy sources, No to manipulation of our food supply, No to criminal government policies, No to Banksterism and No to the entire Cabal Agenda!

Let’s take Michael Moore and George Carlin as examples. They are under no illusion on how this world works. They are no longer victims of The Spell. They have drunk the Elixir of Truth and for them, the Spell is Broken.BROKEN!!!
They are part of the same chorus we are joining: “We are through serving the Cabal and here’s why” No shortage of reasons follow that claim, but the most important of all is:“We want the Truth to prevail and We, the 99%, demand Equality for All.”

Michael Moore and George Carlin are heroes to me, people who broke the spell of their own psychological imprisonment and have stood up to the Cabal time and time again. Oh I know the critics of Moore will start shouting at this point, but I don’t care. Anyone who feels the need to complain about such an obviously good man has not done their own soul repair work. They have nothing to offer but cynicism, which is simply a cover for fear. Good luck with that. For those of us waking up, the best is yet to come!

George Carlin, another hero of mine, advised us time and time again to “Question everything”. As a lightworker who came here to help out I take that advice to heart. We the People have been lied to, and they, the Illuminati, are the liars, the pornographers of truth and the abusers of mankind. They are the sick ones in our society, not us. They are so infected with the disease of righteousness that they can’t see the world in any other way except as divided between Controllers and Slaves. We have been the controlled, the abused and those entrenched into servitude. But No More! The gloves are off and we are reclaiming our lives.

The Cabal are now trapped by circumstances of their own making. Because they are also entrenched into a form of servitude, one that sees them believing the trance idea that “they are superior, more worthy and more deserving”, which makes them victims of the very same Spell they wove around us. By being special they don’t feel compelled to self-examine, and without that mechanism they never get to find out who they really are. “Hoisted by their own Petard,” one could say.

We lightworkers self-examine all the time. It’s a matter of psychological and spiritual survival as we heal wounds and recover self-esteem. Bit by bit we accumulate genuine personal value. We start to love unabashedly. We reach out. We ask for help. We surrender to the genuine flow of life which is “godliness" pure and simple. We are the winners here.
As long as we remained Hypnotized Chickens, we belonged to the Cabal and they gladly kept us trapped in that illusion. Do you remember that their trance included a key item - the promise that “they would take care of us and protect us?” Do you recall when “The Decider” made that promise after 9/11? Weren't you reassured by that? I promptly puked.

A big part of The Trance is money – how much do you have – how much is enough – how do I get more. According to the trance, there is never enough money. Buy lottery tickets! Lie, cheat and steal! Do whatever it takes to pile it up. Look at the banks and Libor. Look at the wealthy like Donald Trump and the Bush family. Look at them closely. These people have billions and it’s still not enough. That’s the god of money at work – More is never Enough!!!

Sure we need money to live in our society. Many people are content with their incomes and savings, but most are not. The latter genuinely believe they must have more. “More, please Mr Scrooge, May I have some more?”
Well, all the money in the world will never save you from having to look at your soul and take responsibility for your actions. If you screwed people over for your money, you will pay. Karma is a bitch. The consequences are Biblical. "You will reap what you have sown."

For all of us in the 99%, breaking free of this Master Illusion is tantamount to a major revolution. We have to give up the delusion, that they, the cabal - government, business, religion – will take care of us. Releasing that idea we now realize that we have to face life on Planet Earth alone. Well, not so fast. At this point in our evolution we have already begun to acknowledge and engage our faith in God, the One we now know lives inside, the part of us that has already begun to deliver us from evil by exposing the Trance. We have begun to see ourselves as whole again, as complete and as perfect. That’s how we are breaking free. And "Voila", we begin to fall in love with our true Selves!

At this time we are becoming Whole as we shake off the sleepy nightmare and consequent dilemma we've been cast into. We realize we are not alone. We know we have our God Self to work with. But how do we learn to trust that part of ourselves that we've been so conditioned to avoid, to distrust, to not even realize its existence within our hearts? After all, the Illuminati have successfully used God as a control mechanism, by defining Him/Her as an abstraction, something unknowable and always just out of reach.

Personal power is at stake here. It’s what has been taken away from us from the moment of our arrival on this planet. Who do we believe in? Them, or us? Well with Ascension fully under way and each of us riding that wave, we are on the verge of breaking that spell once and for all. Many of us have already done so, and many more are making that transition from victim to autonomy, like popcorn exploding into full bloom on a hot plate. We put ourselves on the hot plate of Ascension because we wanted to evolve and reclaim our spiritual life. Are we done yet?

Not so fast my fine feathered friends! It is scary coming out of that Trance. What happens to all those protections that they, the cabal, promised us, and that we came to believe existed? Can we live without them? Where do we go now? What do we do?

There’s nothing worse than feeling alone, abandoned and uncared for – unless, you've learned to start liking and loving yourself. That’s the simple lesson that every Hero and Heroine must learn before they can be truly free. Until we realize that and take hold of it the cabal still has us by the short hairs.

We have to rescue our Selves from their lair. We do so by choosing love. And we must learn about true love, not romantic love - but True Love, by first learning to love ourselves – unconditionally. We have to face the Abyss – the absence of their illusory protection – stand naked in the storm of life – and jump. That is the price of Freedom. We Must Choose Our Selves!!! That’s the lesson of myth. Once Heroes and Heroines choose themselves, their quest is at an end - That's All She Wrote!

At our house we are going through personal bankruptcy which, in an odd twist of fate, is actually helping us Break Free of the banksters’ clutches. The cabal always define bankruptcy as a failure – certainly it is by their standards. “You failed to comply with the system! You failed to save your money! You failed to play the Game. You must pay tribute to Caesar, or Caesar will have your head.” But if, as we now realize with the continuing pursuit and arrest of criminal banksters, that the system is corrupt and rigged, then breaking free via whatever method available is my duty to both myself and my family. Too bad Caesar!

Yes, money brings a certain amount of freedom as already stated, and is necessary to our current way of life. But real freedom only comes with healing our wounds, excavating the damage done to us by the cabal agenda, and recovering that lost frightened child within, which is our God Self in waiting. This is our responsibility and choosing to do so costs us nothing. Nothing but Love! Choosing your Self first and foremost, and acknowledging your Self as equally important to all other selves and as lovable as your adoring cat, this will definitely set you Free – whether you have money or not. It is not the other way around. Absolutely Not!

Freedom’s just another word for Nothing left to Lose.”

When you consciously surrender to your God Self, you step into the natural flow of life, and all the abundance you wish for will be forthcoming. You just have to “let go.” In so doing you've found Freedom’s other door, the simple one, the easy one, the truest one of all – the one that says: “I've got your back – I am your Higher Self – and I’ll show you the way through.”

That message is hard to believe at first, but since all else has failed in your attempts to seek redemption, you may as well listen to what your “inner voice” has to say. Give yourself a rest already. Every twelve stepper on the planet knows this one: “Let Go, and Let God”. End of story!

The controllers of the world had us spellbound for the longest time. A total collapse of their system is now necessary to make things right. And each of us has to believe that we deserve it, our freedom that is. We have to give up the cabal’s illusion that in order to be protected by them we must be controlled by them. Let the “Decider” take care of you. Ask the people in New Orleans how that worked out! Ask the families of dead marines and soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq how that has worked out! Ask the families who lost loved ones on 9/11 how that worked out! Ask all the victims of 2008’s economic meltdown and housing collapse how that has worked out. Our daughter was a victim here along with millions of others who lost their homes because of banksterism.

We are not free until we wrestle that control away from them and take back our power. We are not free until we stand up for our rights. We are not free until we take responsibility for everything that happens to us including our unconscious complicity in their agenda. Once we own all of that we are Free. And no one has to die in the process. We do not have to harm one member of the Cabal to do that. But we are certainly entitled to prosecute them for their crimes.

Wake up Sleeping Beauty – The Dark Queen is not your Friend – And you don’t need a Prince to kiss you awake

All you need is your stern determination to know yourself as God. Badda Bing, Badda Boom – It is done.”

We Are the Answer to our Prayers. Get to know your Self and the God within. You are a Servant of the Light engaged in Ascension because something deep inside has called to you and you recognize This Voice as very important. Your heart, your soul, your love of mankind and the truth, All of these compel you to stand up and be counted. You are a Lightworker– Hear yourself Roar!!!

Love to all,
Dr Moe

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