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You Are Enough

You Are Enough

What is it that prompts us at times to appear grander than we really are? Is it to save face, or some other non important goal that we pursue this? Are all the contortions required to change oneself, quite dramatically at times, really worth it? Is it not sad that, while having been blessed with such a humble and yet glorious beginning, we then go out and change it for something less, just to please others?

Would God change Himself into something He wasn’t to impress others? Highly unlikely! So why do we do it? God is already impressed with who we are. After all, He created us. With such fine creatures resulting from His handiwork why wouldn’t He be pleased?

God says to us, “Know this, and know this for certain – You Are Enough! Do not change what you are for anyone’s sake. There is no legitimate reason to do so.” For those who feel they are not enough He says: “Get to know yourself, your inner core, your Being. I placed that there. Since when do I make mistakes? You have no idea how great you already are. Most of you have only caught a glimpse of your totality. There remains much to be uncovered.”

Let’s explore then, shall we? Let’s find out who we really are, from the inside out, and show that to the world. Won’t we all be impressed by this discovery, and that: “ We Are Enough!”

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