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Hitting The Wall

Hitting The Wall

Once upon a time there was a sad man who threw away his life to have more control over his world.” Makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? Throwing away your life to have more control! Shows you what can be done with a bizarre set of operating values.

We take ourselves out there to learn some lessons. Sometimes we are poorly informed and come back from our ventures more messed up that when we left. It’s this kind of application, based on false premises, that leads us astray, right down the garden path to our own destruction.

Ever wonder why there are so many “burnouts” today? Same reasoning as above. Apply your voluminous intellect to a situation requiring emotional intelligence and then watch out for that wall! Here it comes again, straight at you.

The Self knows better than this. And when ego is set aside, the Self can do wondrous things. Lead you right back on to your proper path for starters. Have you call upon your emotional intelligence along the way. Let you know that challenges on this road are there to wake you up from that docile sleep imposed on you by ego and forces around you.

The Universe has marvelous ways of reminding us to make a course correction when we’ve strayed onto the beaten path rather than sticking to our own. Smacking into walls is one of them. There are numerous others. Maybe you could name a few? Maybe you could rise to this challenge and get back on your own path?

Give it a try. Look out for yourself. Learn to identify what is uniquely your own. Choose for yourself, based on your emerging values and creative desires. Yes, there are dangers out there and walls can be counted among them. But maybe there’s a path around that wall? If you don’t see one, make your own. Find out what You are made of. It’s worth it.

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