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The oasis thrives within us, friend. Filled with possibility, hungry hearts come here to rest, seek comfort and be inspired.

Another Coincidence?

Another Coincidence?

Serendipity” you say when coincidences collide. Is it true they are all about you when you finally open up and shine? “Apparently so” would be the answer. The Universe answers your calls in just that way. You need something and it appears. You shout for some response and it happens. You wish for love and it is there.

What to wish for now, when the Army of Light is on its way, marching to that distant tempo, one that will see many coincidences collide. “We are all one,” you say. “That is why.” But what does that mean? “We are all one,” literally means we are all One and we live inside His body, which is ours too. We live there as part of Him. This has always been the case.

Good thing we were listening when the coincidences began to fly. Now we can corner them and use them to our best advantage. We are here to grow. Let’s grow as best we can, with all the help we can muster. “Coincidences, be there!” you must command and He will bring them to you, as always. Hope you are ready this time.

That’s how it goes this dance of ours, by remote possibility which we all share in because we contribute our portion in the first place. We are each someone else’s coincidence, as they are to us. What they learn is what we’ve taught them. They, in turn repeat the demonstration to those in their vicinity and pass it on.

We wait patiently while the messages flow back in. Each transmission brings with it a response, in kind, or larger. Let’s not forget that when we sign up for our new coincidences. Oh my, here we go again. Hope you enjoy the ride!

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