The Oasis

The oasis thrives within us, friend. Filled with possibility, hungry hearts come here to rest, seek comfort and be inspired.

Now Is The Time

Now Is The Time

No use pretending we are here for a purpose. Our neighbors is upon them as is ours. Soon to awaken inside our hearts, those seeds He planted just before we set out. Destined to germinate and flower at just the right time. That time is here friends. The Army of Light is on the move.

Hearts opening everywhere, like fields of summer, spreading like a blanket across the land, covering every square inch of uninterrupted space. God likes it this way, when He’s on the move. A complete takeover is what He’s after. We / they are His flock after all. Time to bring them in.

Bring them Home,” He says. “Come on now, you can do it.” And He’s right, and we know it, because that pulse is strong now, beating louder and stronger every day. “Can’t get enough,” you say. “Can’t get enough of His love. Oh Lord, please fill me and let my cup runneth over.” And He does, and we do enjoy that abundance of gifts, as we knew we would, even when we were scared.

Now we’re coming Home and He’s there showing the way. That’s the way it was written, remember? We do. We helped You to write it. We are your loved ones soaring in your heart, paving the way for the Cosmic Christ who is upon us to reawaken that message of Love that He installed at the beginning.

Here we go now. Wake up friends and neighbors. Wake up and smell the coffee. The Lord has prepared a table and He begs for us to join Him. Shall We?

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