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11 - The Dishonesty of the Catholic Church

Religion Doesn’t Have A Prayer - 11
The Dishonesty of the Catholic Church

The worst thing any religious authority can do to you is teach you not to trust yourself. You're sinful when you arrive on this planet (original sin). You're sinful every day of your life thereafter. Ergo, you are defective!
That is the Roman Catholic Church's mantra given to me on the first day of my arrival on this planet. That message came to me from my parents who had already been indoctrinated by the church into sinfulness. They were too young and too scared at the time to take on that challenge, so they passed that poison on to us, their children.
Before my sisters and I arrived at school we were well imbued with the toxicity of sin. Our teacher nuns began telling us sinful stories from the very beginning of our education. They mixed these teachings with a certain amount of nurturing, so it was something of a confusing salad. We got some of our emotional needs met, but always with the hammer of sin hanging over our heads.
The real psychological damage for me started with catholic school run by nuns. I attended my first catholic school for grade 2 and it was run by English speaking nuns. My grade 2 teacher was a civilian so her influence was largely academic, with reading, writing and arithmetic at the top of her agenda.
The following year I entered grade 3 at the newly established French Catholic school in our community parish. That's where I was introduced to sinfulness by the hard-line French speaking nuns who were brought in to put this new school together. I did meet one very nice teacher / nun who really epitomized "Love" in a way I had never experienced. I'm sure she was an Angel, because she disappeared the following year, according to my mother, for being too nice. Most of our nuns were angry, crabby, and shaming individuals who treated us like felons.
My school mates and I were the little devils that had to be molded to their way of thinking. It was a well woven labyrinth of lies that they spewed upon us, filled with contradictions, and delivered by angry, emotionally unhealthy females, who had not come to terms with their own sexuality, let alone their Soul Nature.
We were scolded, beaten and shamed. Every day was like running a gauntlet. Eventually you succumbed. Whatever self-esteem you may have had was successfully beaten out of you. You were left a crumbling emotional mess that they then set out to save through their catechisms and other patented notions about how to be a good person.
Catholicism is the sickest of all religions in my view. It teaches people not to trust themselves from the very beginning of their fragile existence. Through direct input, and subtle inference, your budding sense of self was nipped in the bud and you were left to rely on their promises of a happy and rewarding life if only you could become good enough (read "perfect").
Psychologically speaking, this was the most damaging thing you could do to a child - teach them not to trust themselves. For the Catholic Church this has been job 1 with a bonus. Once that fledgling sense of self was demolished, they had a ready victim for their programs of indoctrination and control.
And then it began. The very methods the Catholic Church accused the Moonies of exploiting were readily applied to a steady stream of innocent children coming to their doors for education. Everything you can imagine happening in a rabid religious sect was at work here. A regular diet of lies about who and what the Church was, Jesus Christ, and all the ceremonies that were designed to impress and keep you hostage.
The fact that a majority of us children went to church only out of guilt was irrelevant to them. Like any good theatre manager they wanted to fill those seats. And we, poor saps that we were, bought the message, hook, line and sinker.
This catastrophe of childhood initiation still generates some pain for me. But I can see it all more objectively now and my reactions are no longer so emotionally charged. Yes, I have happily rid myself of most of the hurt and pain associated with their forms of abuse - 50 years later. The anger I hold today is the same anger I hold toward any abuser - the man who beats his wife and children, the priest who molests boys and girls, the governments who endorse and make use of child labor.
As a therapist / practitioner, I saw a lot of abuse victims and successfully helped a majority of them with their personal recovery. As a victim of physical, mental, emotional, religious, and yes, sexual abuse, I had plenty of experience to draw upon and align with my professional training. My very entry into the profession of Psychology was driven by those early childhood experiences.
The last on my list of abuse experiences to be overturned was the catholic religion and its continuous shaming and guilting of innocent young minds. That is the kind of damage I strongly take issue with and why I have made public my own efforts to rid myself of their poison once and for all.
For me, the Catholic Church must be dismantled. It simply has to go. Its poisonous activities need to be identified, revealed and stopped. Everyone who has been victimized by this church needs a recovery program not unlike that evolved for deprogramming victims of the Moonies.
The Catholic Church's policies and practices are designed to reduce people to rubble, psychologically, in order to have them easily comply with the church's idea of salvation which is always just out of reach. You can be good for one day, or one hour, but you can never measure up over a week, a month or a lifetime. You will always sin and have to go to confession for forgiveness. It is a never ending cycle of abuse, confession, forgiveness, re-abuse and inevitable failure. There is no way out of this closed system, unless you have a close look at the facts.
Let's look at some of these facts, shall we? How many times have the Scriptural Books been cooked over the past 2,000 years? Who is it that killed millions of Muslims with total disregard for the Christian casualties that were slaughtered along with them? Who is it that condemned Copernicus, and then Galileo, for asserting the scientific reality that the Earth revolved around the Sun? This fact alone was well documented and accepted by the pagan religions for thousands of years before Catholic Christianity came along with its giant leap backwards! 
Whose Italian Archbishop helped Nazi War Criminals escape to South America at the end of WWII? Whose army of priests and bishops are continuously being trotted in and out of courtrooms to face charges of child sexual abuse? Whose propaganda machine did its very best to silence their opponents and pay off victims of priest abusers to keep the matter under wraps? And whose signature can be found at the bottom of a 1960s Vatican document that advised all members of the Catholic Clergy to Not Cooperate with Police on matters where priest abuse of children was being investigated, under penalty of ex-communication? The current Pope, that's who!
How do you describe a religion that is so full of itself it sees no value in any other religion? How can you have faith in a religion that sees no need for accountability of any kind, whose coffers are full while they guilt little children into giving away their nickels and dimes, and whose primary mandate is to protect itself in the face of an onslaught of truth about its criminal activities, past and present? How many victims of clergy sexual abuse have taken their own lives as a result of being re-abused once they made their claims public in order to seek some closure on their pain?
In my profession, if this Catholic religion were a person, we would see them as a genuine case of Classic Pathology, a Borderline Personality, completely dysfunctional, harmful and out of touch with reality. Would we befriend such a person? - A person who tears us down at every opportunity? - Who makes us feel bad about ourselves for having normal sexual thoughts? - A person who condemns all others except those who agree with them? - A person who lives in fear and negativity, and wants you to cower with them? - A person who pays tribute to some foreign authority living in a Castle in Italy? - A person who looks the other way when one of their priest friends rapes and abuses children? - A person who takes no responsibility for their abusive behavior, unless forced to by the courts? - A person who claims the mystical as their forte and then lies through their teeth about what salvation and happiness truly are?
We would say goodbye to such a person, early on, wouldn't we? Of course we would.
Well, how about a person who not only lies about what their religion means, but colludes with other authorities such as governments and business entities to keep us all repressed and in the dark about who and what we truly are? These are the greatest of lies we have yet to confront. Remember, anything that takes you away from your True Center is a lie and a slap in the face to the God that created you.
Try to imagine the audacity it would take to collude with other authorities in order to perpetuate the abusive lie that we are all deficient and can never find God except by their means. This Church actually strips your God Self away by lying to you about who and what you are. They lie to you about your own God Nature. They teach you to distrust the Divine you hold within. Can you imagine the gall it takes to manufacture something like that?
By pretending to be God's representatives the Catholic Clergy strips away God from your very being, dips you in sin, condemns you, and then offers up a god of their own creation to keep you compliant. They have done so with impunity so far, and with total disregard for the truth.
That's why they are liars, through and through and they will be called to account for their miscarriages of the holy truth before the God who created us In His Image. Already, they are paying via the same negative and abusive measures they used to employ to demoralize their flock and condemn those of other religions they are in competition with.
It is over Catholic Church. Your unending slate of lies is coming to light. Your callous disregard for truth has already been shown to the world at large. The planet is waking up to your falsehoods and shaking you off like fleas off a dog.
It is time for all of us to see the greatest lie of all, one that has been supported and recycled by every authoritarian organization since the dawn of time. That lie can be stated this way: "You cannot trust yourselves. Only we know the way."
Well Catholic Church, have we got news for you! You, dear church, are neck deep in the cesspool of lies that you've been manufacturing over the past 20 centuries to keep us under control and we see these exposed by the news media every day. You are doomed to extinction, just as so many rigid authority structures are at this time.
There's a new wave coming, a Tsunami of Truth that you cannot hold back any longer. And it is rising within each and every one of us who have taken on the task of healing ourselves by ridding our bodies, minds, hearts and souls of your poison.
We have taken courses; we have studied Psychology; we have immersed ourselves in programs to reveal the truth about who and what we really are; we have made contact with our God Self; and we know the truth of ourselves at a soul level. We had to set you aside first, in order to do so. But now that we've freed our minds from your tyranny, we are ready to drop you once and for all.
Ascension is in the air, a bold new adventure for all of us. And guess what? The Catholic Church is not welcome. You belong to our dark past as a piece of untruth which we have all overcome. We are moving into the New Age, cleansed of your putrid influence. We have washed away our sins as you once advised. Except, you were the sin we most needed to be rid of.
How does that sound, Catholic Church?
How does that sound to you now? Still need to dismiss me as a crank? You can't even sell that idea anymore. Your new Pope is trying desperately to be relevant by commenting on world politics, against a backdrop of trial after trial of his pedophile middle managers. Too many people know the truth, and like past revolutions, this one will be monumental and, in the end, fatal to everything you represent.
You truly are the dinosaur in the room of our advancing spirituality, doomed to extinction while being revealed as the liar that you are. You are one of the biggest scams ever perpetrated on Mankind. It was a clever deal as long as the masses remained uneducated. Your friends in business bemoan this fact and have already started blaming you while you and your elites turn on each other with each foray into the world's courtrooms.
You see, Catholic Church, I trust myself now. I love my self. And because I do, I feel my God Self rising in me every day. I can safely say you had a lot to do with this, but not in any positive sense that you could claim. I found my way back to God by first working through the psychological damage conferred on me by my parents, and then I took you on as the primary source of my neurotic dysfunction. The further I moved away from you, the healthier I became.
Now I am with God, and in my Heart of all places, the very first thing you taught me not to trust. I finally came back to my Heart because all healing roads lead here. And the Heart shall be set Free! I am Free to Love, to Appreciate, and to Encourage others to come to their senses and retrieve the lost part of them that you were in such a hurry to condemn.
Well now, those of us who have recovered from your abuses, and those of us still recovering, we condemn you! You, Catholic Church, are the source of sinfulness and misrepresentations of the truth. You are one of the major sources of Global Disharmony and Dishonest behavior. You and your cronies have been revealed as a most disgusting collection of fakes whose days of controlling others are at an end.
You taught us not to trust ourselves and drove us to the therapeutic couch. Through our therapy and healing work, we have come to realize that trusting ourselves and our personal connection with God is the only road to salvation, while your road is an out and out prefabricated lie.
You, Catholic Church, are the fraudulent enterprise that has perpetrated centuries of misery on an unsuspecting and vulnerable population. Now the truth is out and We Are Done With You!
How does that feel, Catholic Church? How does our total rejection of your authority and falsely acquired power feel now? Wallow in that for a while and know that We, I, All of us - -wakening at this time, are through with you.

Let it be so!

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